Social>>an 86 Homage, Pt.3

The AE86 celebration continues.

Here's one more post of your voices telling us why the 86 is so much more than a mere automobile.

It's so lovable because it can really define the "underdog" status as
being the best example from this class. It has huge potential for many
different types of motorsport that it just really has to be loved! –

It's fun to drive, easy to work on, there's loads of aftermarket (if you
know where to look) , and it's just an all around good car.-
Daniel Hill

A lot of people give you funny looks when you tell them your project car
is a 1985 Corolla. Yes, the car is old. No, the car is not fast.
However, I promise if I take you for a ride, you will love it.
- Jumbo Dragon

You don't go out and buy an AE86 with your head, you buy it with your heart.Danny B.

When the 4ag hi-comp is screamin', whatever the hell was bothering me
that day is all but forgotten. can't be mad when you've got a humungous
grin on your face, ya dig?-

Corners was what the AE86 was about. If anyone cared to ask, I still say it was one of the best car I ever owned.- Faisal Asri

It's one of the last bits of steel in a plastic fantastic world we live
in. There's no way I could sell mine without losing a piece of motoring
contentment. Even though it's a pig with no carpet, half a dash, no
interior except for 2 seats and cable tied together I cant fault the
smile I get from getting it sideways and exceeding the limitations of
the tyres.

In a Corolla, you give it EVERYTHING, EVERY transfer. I love how exaggerated and physical it is.- Geoff Pitts

I can't explain the feeling…everytime i get into it i get a special bond with it that makes me feel like i can fly! – Stevenson Tsurumaki

Race-inspired genetics, FR layout for pure driving pleasure mixed with classic 80's lines… Makes me smile every time I get in. - Chris Emery

'Cause a car isn't just hp. It's heart, it's passion, it's history! – Marco Natoli

I think the 'fans' did it.. its the modifying, club goers, meet
organisers and people who love a particular car that give it that kind
of special 'adoration, pastiche.. legendary status –

It's an NA/FR and is just raw. It provides the fundamentals you need to enjoy such a nostalgic car.- ClassiczMS

Driving it makes me hate it and love at the same time.- Michal Pavel

It's the first Japanese car that I ever laid eyes on. That boxy shape literally influenced a whole generation of car nuts. – Jonathon Murphy-Lee

I think what sets the car apart is that,
in it's niche, it's an icon. As much of an icon as a Mini Cooper is
for the british/rally fanatics. There's just nothing out there quite
like it.
- Eric Jean

The answer to the question is obvious isn't it? Initial D. - nanashi-no-gombei

Drive one! REALLY..go drive one!  - Chris Gray

As someone who's had the pleasure of driving a few of these cars over the years, I couldn't have said it better myself.

We didn't have the room to post all of the 200+ responses we've received, but you can go back to the original post for more discussion on this topic.

Big thanks to all who participated!

-Mike Garrett



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8-6-10...must be at least part 6 or part 8 right! love it! digging this site; by remembering the past you will know and admire the future!


thanks very much Mike for using my comments for this blog you've made my year! by the way i stand by my original post comment....


i see the silver AE 86 nº 86 on classic gran turismo 2 on ps1


I drove a Corolla once. 5 minutes after being behind the wheel I did a Powerslide on a roundabout!

It's so simple and yet so well balanced and user friendly - you just have to love it.


I wanna comment but after reading these I just want to go and take my 86 for a nice midnight cruise at 85 mph.


I so want to blow this topic up with desktop requests... but PLEASE is there one for the flying 86 with 1 tire on the ground!?! pic 10



Great articles, glad to read them. Oh, and desktop the last pic, yeah?