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Today was the last day out on the salt flats for Linhbergh and I. At dawn tomorrow, we leave our Wendover, Nevada hotel for a six-hour drive to Las Vegas to attend round 6 of the Formula Drift Championship.

And we'll go straight to the track to start our coverage. It's going be intense… we hear it's unbelievably hot at the Las Vegas Speedway. But before we start up our drift coverage, Linhbergh has another Bonneville post to release and I'm going to leave you with four more desktops, including a shot of the Bonneville Enzo.

I really wanted to see this car fly down the salt, but running was sporadic today due to high winds, and unfortunately, we had to leave the flats before the Ferrari ran.

I know Linhbergh also posted a version of this setup, but I had a few requests for this shot to be released as a desktop. It's one of my best photos of the year!

We hope these photos inspire some of you to come out to Bonneville Speed Week in 2011. It really is worth the trip!


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Straight from the Salt Flats and into another Formula D event? I want your job! Hahaha


please try get the speed of the enzo??!!


Hey the pic of the Model A Sedan is Beautiful! It's my Dad's, he built and and drove it to Bonneville!


I wished someone would stay back and cover the last day lol. You guys seriously need to get more staff for this, hahaha...


Please try to get a full feature including video of the Enzo, Its gorgeous


That's my sedan out on the salt, was great to meet you. Also I love your X M. How could I get a picture for my desktop?


Every car has a story. The story of that Enzo must be fantastic and I want to hear it. Make it happen please Speedhunters.


Is that enzo a replica or is it just an enzo with 6-point harneses, nose cover, and custom salt flats rims?


i was there til wednesday and took a bunch of pictures. our car burned a piston on tuesday so i had all of wednesday to shoot.

i talked to the owner of the enzo. older guy with a lot of money obvious. the car has "twin T4 precision turbos" according to the mechanic and the fabricator. i cant tell you what class they were but they said they were going for 273+mph. the car was never driven before bonneville either. it was finished and put on the dyno to make sure it runs and shifts properly. no shake down and no hp numbers. hope they did well.

also go to meet the fastest woman in the world Leslie Porterfield. I'm not 100% sure but she may be the daughter of Andy Porterfield that use to race VW super-vee for my boss. she was riding a 1000cc honda sponsored bike going for 253+mph

if anyone is interested in more pictures i have them on my photobucket under user name : 4sfed180sx

if you want HQ pix let me know.

btw we were running a J-PRO class with a 1966 Saab 850 Monte Carlo with a 750cc, 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine.

btw that enzo was a first time car and tech is brutal. they had about 6 inspector at one point trying to get things sorted out. didnt see it run all day. usually first time cars dont run til second or third day they're there.


Richard Losee has asked me to post a general statement concerning the MM Enzo project.

That specific information concerning the rebuild of the MM Enzo includes:

Tom Sorenson of S&S Exotics oversaw the repairs to the damaged carbon fiber tub. The repairs were thoroughly tested to assure OEM strength and stability.

After the completion of carbon repairs, the major reconstruction was performed at Steve Harris Imports , an Authorized Ferrari Dealer in Salt Lake City, the reconstruction required 2 ½ years.

Built to original Factory specs with original Ferrari parts, with the addition of a Twin Turbo set-up by Shane Tecklenburg (telemetry, Garmin, Motec). The MoTeC system controls ignition, fuel delivery and related, and boost is fully controllable by the ECU’s.

Air to air and liquid to air intercoolers, with integral housings, intake and charge air tubes with high performance fuel delivery system designed and fabricated by Kevin Marsh, with welding and assembly by Jason Marsh and Mark Lockhart. Custom exhaust headers to power twin Precision turbos, with waste gates and exhaust pipes engineered and fabricated by Mark Lockhart and Jason Marsh.

All modifications were painted in the Ferrari tradition, wrinkle black, silver and medium grey were used on charge tubes, mounting brackets and ECU boxes. The right side ECU box is a new construction, enlarged to allow for additional wiring from the MoTeC system.

The F-1 transmission was modified with a tall 6th gear to reach speeds required at Bonneville. Pat Weismann of Weismann Transmission designed and created the gear set.

The objective of the built is twofold, first to prepare the car for speed trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats, with the goal of setting records in both the fuel and gas categories of Blown Modified Sports. Second, to return the vehicle to street use after its Bonneville experience. With the exception of the Bonneville wheels and tires and the poly carbonate windshield the vehicle remains street legal. The hood and rear deck in use for race purposes, are the original MM Enzo pieces, and have been carefully repaired. The Glickenhaus panels will be installed when the car is converted back to street use. Extensive heat shielding has been added to protect the carbon tub.

To conform to SCTA rules a chrome-moly roll cage, meeting their specifications was constructed and installed at Lockhart Enterprises (local Salt flat experts). Front bumper modification and modifiable front splitter, are removable, and can be analyzed during test runs via spring data monitored by the MoTeC system. The MoTeC also records g-data and GPS to determine the characteristics of the car during each run.

Team RSL Racing includes:

Richard Losee, owner and driver, Richard is the 1997 SCCA Group 2 National Pro Rally Champion.

Kevin Marsh, project manager, and crew chief. 40 years experience in automotive restoration, fabrication and design.

Lead technician: Randy Felice, 25 years as Authorized Ferrari Technician with Steve Harris Imports, Salt Lake City, Utah

Engine management design, tuning and data acquisition: Shane Tecklenburg (Tuned by Shane T ) MoTeC system expert.

Additional Crew Members:

Jason Marsh, Mark Lockhart, Paul Manukian, Elizabeth Marsh

Specialty Machine work, performed by Steve Stevens of Eagle Machine in Midvale, Utah

Additional Carbon fiber repairs and body and paint work performed by Dale Jolley and Robert Steggell

Main Sponsors: Steve Harris Imports, authorized Ferrari Dealer, Salt Lake City, Utah

Miller Motor Sports Park, Tooele, Utah


That Enzo is nuts. It had been wrecked at 206 MPH and then put back together.

Richard is a good family friend and has a great car colection.