Car Spotlight>> Hugo’s Ae86

Once again it is 86 day and it is hard to imagine this day without a brief mention of a magical custom brown Corolla from New Zealand owned and driven by Hugo Maclean.

Hugo took an AE85 sprinkled some automotive fairy dust (hard work, sweat, a few drops of blood, and a whole lot of passion) and the end result is a fantastic looking Corolla that looks as good sitting as it does sliding. 

The original engine was swapped out for a stock F20c motor with turbo bolted on. An S2000 gearbox and Toyota Hilux diff completes the setup. 

The end result of that is 230kw of tire smoking fury!

Like I mentioned earlier, it looks amazing going sideways. 

Full feature to come as the car is currently undergoing some big changes; including new wheels, new bodykit and a whole new level of style for Corollas! So keep a look out for that in the coming days. 




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Hahaha, you guys censored the hood,

But, seriously really cool car.


wow only 18 with a car that sick, a seriously determined individual


Tough toyota! Repping it up for nz on ae86 day


Holy christ rad.

I'm interested in seeing the rear end. I've got a Supra rear in mine and I can't go even close to that low. He must have removed some body for clearance.

Looks so good. Minus the ugly ass D-Max skirts.


2nd photo.....dicktation...!!!!! haha, Summer Heights High FTW!!!


awesome car, I love the drift pig style and this car has it down to an art.

(but using a scanned pic from an NZPC article? all due respect but it's a bit low quality for a speedhunter feature isn't it?)


Pity the driver is such a showpony and an average driver. And Honda power from another 86 which never went too great so owner ditched the setup. 18yr old with this setup, should have Mum n Dad racing stickers!! Big changes coming......daddy must of written another few chqs


how do you afford to swap in a a turbo f20 at 18. kids these days.


shit since when was SH such a magnet for jealous haters... if all these hater spent less time on here hating they have more time on their hands to actually make some money to build something like this, for all you non NZ'ers shit is cheap here in NZ, cool car hugo


wow pretty original looks nasty


i love this car and setup...

i wish i knew the stuff he would @ 18yo!

cant wait to see the updates!!

well done!


Average 18yr old earns 27-30k?? And in 2 years of work (guessing) has saved enough for this car, mods, and all these future big plans? And u want us to believe no money from mummy? And lol at shit in nz being cheap. Saving 1/3 of income every week?

As for hating, saw the car in person at puke this year, driving was average!! Just saying wat I saw


yeap cheap as and in nz we get bank loans lol its easy to get 1 and cars are cheap parts are cheap!



hahah this car now has more props from me just for the dicktation tag.


Thanks for the nice words guys.


Please do let me know who you are by sending me an email on

Its quite funny how people think that because i am only 18 that my parents must have been handing out the money to me for my car, this is NOT the case. Yes they do help me out with letting me use there truck to tow it with and a barn to store/work on it in. I have been working my arse off for the past 2.5years(working full time) to pay for this thing and getting to as many track days as i can. No im not the best driver in the world, but i enjoy it and do it because its fun. As for the engine, i know jonno personaly and he didnt "ditch" the setup he sold me his turbo setup and was going to go back to NA because he couldnt afford tyres, it just happed that my motor died at the same time so he offered his to me cheep.



Loving the daddy + mummy funded AE86. NOT!


AE85sr20det, WRONG. I also live in NZ, and parts here are no cheaper than any other country. F20C = $8k NZD.


Hugo has come a long way in the past 2-3 years in drifting, building cars, and working to afford it. I remember the 15 year old kid giving us $200 for a busted ass at140, then 4aging it, drifting it, learning the art etc. For someone having only skidded for 2 years and asking lots of good questions, its no wonder some people are gonna be jealous. So be it. A car like this would cost about 15g-20g to build in NZ if you were as skilled as hugo or most of the other up and coming young drifters in NZ. When I left school at 18 I had 12g in my bank from working nights and weekends then spent it on uni. Hugo has been out of school for 3 years.....

Respect to Hugo and MOST of the other East/south auckland drifters.



why did you blur the hood, what a Pussy haha! lol


car looks nice.. nuff said!!


LOL at JB HIFI - must be a techie? (go back to gaming) I guess he's talking about Puke June 26? I'm sure you were driving well that day. Go Hugo, you're far from an 'average' driver!


Im the director of performance parts company and I ship parts world wide (Asia, Europe, Usa, Africa) and have multiple clients inform me daily that we have it lucky here in NZ, we do international product comparison analysis quarterly on multiple items , So Johnathon what "factual" info are you basing you claim on? ... what "you" can buy "one" item for from "one" shop??


Well done Hugo, Keep up the hard work.

I know for a fact this guy works super hard and pulls long nights in a cold shed to get stuff completed on time.

His motivation is for the right reasons and passion in the right direction. Its people like this we need more of.

@JB HIFI - You just opened a store in Palmerston North right? The student city - where a population wants stuff cheap???

Congratulations on associating your nation-wide brand with a tosser, whoever you may be.

From now on every time I hear the name in a lecture/conversation I will not hesitate to tell as many people as I can to avoid your store on that chance that you are there.


Seems to be some real jealousy in here.

I don't know Hugo, or his circumstances, but if you worked fulltime in a minimum wage job, whilst living at home you'd easily be able to save half of that - if you didn't waste huge amounts on the normal stuff teenagers do (tv, consoles, stereo, games, drinking, concerts, etc) you could quite easily save more than that.

No reason you couldn't save $30k + in a few years if you were COMMITTED to something.

People who hate, whether on the internet or not, are really hating themselves for not having the determination to make their dreams come true (I know because I do it too - I wasted huge amounts of money when I was young)


haha most young males in nz leave school at fairly early age so im not suprised he ownes a car like this and if you look at it its no show car is it! its awesome and purposeful. i left school at 16 gota full time job and built me a fairly clean gtir pulsar 220kws with cage etc cost all up 16g not including buying the car for 2g lol this car is sik!


Hugo's a good dude. Car's cool, works hard for what he has.

It's just what happens in NZ if you love cars and drifting.

Remember he hasn't even done a drift competition yet. He will improve heaps when he mixes it up with other better drivers.


haters gonna hate, watch me do my kiwi strut


The NZ section of JB HIFI today announced a $4.4 million dollar loss... no wonder he's full of hate and anger...


Nice car bro. I look forward to seeing it at the track when im there with my r32


@JB HIFI - You said in a private email to Hugo that you will see him at Taupo? I guess you mean our track day on Aug 20?

Please come and introduce yourself to me at the starters box, I could do with your oh so 'expert' opinion on all our other drivers too. Especially given that you "dont drift and dont have a car".



it cost about $20knz to build, before the turbo, and before the paint retouch, and before the wheels and the slammage


And Ian James built this car, not Hugo, would be nice if he owned up and gave Ian credit..all Hugo did is change wheels and add the turbo kit..faggot