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Some of you may have spotted this GZ10 Soarer lurking in the background of some shots in the GX70 MarkII spotlight. It's now time to take a closer look at it as I've been meaning to give it more space ever since seeing it, actually scratch that, HEARING it at last year's Spring Drift Matsuri. Everyone that attends the seasonal Matsuris will know this GZ10 very well, not only due to its curious livery but probably because its one of the loudest cars at the events!

I find the modesty of most of the owners of cars I walk up to and take an interest in so strange, most just can't comprehend why this big gaijin could ever be interested in an old Japanese relic like this. But once I explain just how loved these oldschool rides are around the world, they begin to feel a bit more pride.

Apart from aftermarket suspension and that eardrum-piercing exhaust system the car is all stock. Up front the owner runs SSR Longchamps in 15-inch size fitted with 195/50R15 Good Year Eagle Rev Sport.

This car looks sensational out in action. Its underpowered engine might not provide enough power but the driver skill more than makes up for it.

The naturally aspirated 1G-GE was good for about 160 HP when new. Now, after all the abuse, a little less I imagine but the owner reckons there are a few horses to be gained by removing the stock airbox and letting the engine breathe without any form of filtering.

Boxy was the way to go in the interior too. Just look at that design, it all reminds me of the first ghetto blaster I ever had as a kid. The Nardi steering wheel is joined by a curious shift knob with dry flowers set inside the clear plastic. 

The dream of anyone growing up in the eighties, a digital dashboard. KITT, engage turbo boost!

As I was shooting it, the owner had just fitted a spare set of rear wheels…

…some SSR MKIs with obligatory stretched tires!

And finally the culprit of all the noise when this thing goes out on track, a full dual and very straight custom exhaust. 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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post a video pleaseeeee!!!!


Thank you ! That is so cool... mild bosozoku FTW !


love this sweet example - why the hell didn''t we get these car in the UK?? not a big fan of those pipes tho', but i love those alloys...


Dont care what style the owner was going for, its still ugly


Rad. I'm feelin this.


This is like this are the inspiration for my Cressida build.


i'm also a sucker for longchamps.. thanks for covering the more obscure side of our sport/hobby


What Nardi wheel is that? The spokes design are the same as Torino, but radius between the spokes aren't the same like in Torino


thanks for yet another AWESOME spotlight. Awesome car, cant get it here in northern europe, so I appriciate the car alot!


I just fell in love!


U just gota love that exhaust . Yumm yumm


Amazing stuff Dino

About time someone did an article on these beautiful oldschool soarers .

And what an example! any idea what suspension he was running in this ???




Loving the Italya racing influenced colours on this thing(like you used to get on the Porsche 962s and Japanese Formula cars like here in this pic ), very classy!


My goodness, I love GZ10's.



gotta love the japanese for things like these


I love 1st generation Soarers. Even though they aren't the easiest car to slide they look damn good doing it.

If you like the digital dash, wait until you see the one in the 3.0 GT-Limited- it has a huge CRT TV in there complete with 8 bit Nintedo style readout.


Be it Bosozoku, Cranchan, Yanky, Shakotan, etc. I absolutely LOVE it. :D


Love it!! i wonder how it sounds and btw the valve cover is just an extended version of the 4age!


is that a factory paint scheme? holy moly! i love the 80s!


I really don't understand the whole stretched tire thing. Would someone care to explain it to me? Does it help with drifting performance? And how the devil do you even get a tire to do that?


I love 1Gs and old Toyotas. They don't make cars like these anymore.


Dino Dalle Carbonare did it again, this time he spotted a Toyota Soarer GZ10 on the Drift Matsuri with a very very nice set of mild exhaust pipes: Exhaust of the week: Soarer GZ10
Even though most people just like MOAR exhaust pipes (the bigger the bette


Very nice car. Trully a grassrouter :)