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An example of cross-breeding at its finest. The VW community is full of cars that have been created with pieces from other manufacturers and models, but this MKIV takes the bull by its horns.I had seen this car before in some magazines and on a couple of blogs, but this was the first time I had seen it in the metal.

Can you imagine this started out as an ordinary MKIV? Greg Howell, one of the top painters in the UK built the car originally. Afterwards he sold it to a lady called Janet who started work to perfect the car.

Greg already painted the car in Verde Draco, a Lamborghini color, so Janet went ahead and injected even more Lambo parts into the car. The most obvious parts are of course the wheels but there is more.

Parts that didn't come from a Lamborghini are the door and trunk handles which came from a Fiat Barchetta. There is also the fuel filler cap from an Audi TT.

Again the fitment is just perfect.

Inside are these Reventon seats. Not sure how you would get your hands on a set of these but I'm sure they will set you back a lot of money !

These are real Lamborghini Gallardo SE split rims. The owner needed to buy two sets so she had four front wheels. That is pretty extreme to say the least to make your car stand out from the crowd. But you can be sure there won't be anything else like it on the planet.

I also wanted to introduce this new term ‘Stella Flush'. I'm sure that Nakai-San from Rauh Welt would approve !

-Jeroen Willemsen 



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verry nice "stella flush"


why would you spend the money on all those genuine lambo parts......for a lame fwd golf???


I've been waiting for more details on this car for a while..

Whats under the hood thou?


I don't understand too much about this type of cars :/

We love Lambo's because they are rude and fast.


Reventon seats !!! fuck some people are nuts !!

Now its just missing a lambo engine !


very nice! Remember you got a speedhunters whip, and the haters don't.


I want that stella flush sticker.


not nice. Remember that you spent 100k on your car, and the haters spent 5k and have faster and better looking cars


i <3 oem fitment on other cars. that must not be a daily driver coz it has so much potential to get lifted and jacked from its wheels to seats lol


MR2_FTW, while i agree that it may be slightly insane to spend more money on the car than you paid for the car itself, who are you to judge? There's no accounting for taste. Clearly you aren't a VW fan, so why waste the neurons? Just ignore it, because it isn't going away.


Oh god its that chicks car again, like the other thread that only had ONE photo, this will easily become the most commented post.


Why would you spend money on an MR2? Why would someone pay $$$$ for a JDM piece for their car? We can say the same about everyone's cars. I give this girl props and I really dig the's all in the details. dedication...that's what this is.


OMG! This is awesome.


The lack of taste of Golf owners is just beyond our wildest imagination...


It's a stunning build even though I'm not wild about it, Revanton seats?! Come on, more money than sense springs to mind, even though it's obviously one of a kind. I'm probably just jealous


No Lambo doors?


Damn, the brakes look realy tiny behind those wheels



Hey, the owner's just building what he loves. When you get attached to a car, you do stupid things to spruce it up, make it faster, even if it's not worth it. I would never do this to a Golf, but do I think it's pretty good looking? Hell yes.

P.S. I love my lame FWD Integra and my RWD 325i


Wheels worth more then the car?


awesome car. those rims look surprisingly good on it.

and stella flush is awesome! i wonder where you can get those stickers.


what a tease. More details Jeroen!! suspension, engine, interior, kit, body mods, etc etc


Here, Here BlueSlug!


Very well executed. VW/Audi owners seem to like to pull parts from other VW/Audi/Subsidiary models, and this one is one of the farthest-reaching.


considering those seats are from 1 of 20 cars, each valued when sold at...1.1million Euro's...I'd really be interested on how insane the owner had to be to sell the seats, and how insane the price was..


@MR2_FTW - Why would anyone wanna spend money on a LAME MR2? Better why would anyone want to buy a LAME MR2? How's that sucka... Keep your Dumbass comments to yourself idiot.


Those are not Reventon seats. They're regular Gallardo seats. The Reventon seats come only in suede.

Anyway, not that it matters.....if I were the owner, I would try to get my hands on a set of Gallardo brakes.


Where's my comment?


if you dont' get it, you never will. awesome car, awesome pics, ... awesome.


like those seats.. Stella Flush!! v.funny.. - rims actually suit the car.. keep on Dubbin'


Stop posting these crappy Golfs Jeroen, we don't want to see pimped up Golfs.

We want to see japanese track (ready) cars and not much more else.

I know as you live in NL you can not contribute much in another way.

Therefore try to concentrate on quality and not quantity of your posts.


sweet after a pic of that stella flush sticker everyone and their mom will have it on the rear window of their car next to some other lame/corny stickers


When I read "Golf Gallardo," I assumed that I would be looking at a Golf with a Gallardo powertrain. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was a pretty much stock Golf with expensive rims and seats. Why the heck would you purchase TWO SETS of Lamborghini rims to put 4 front wheels on a lame VW whose value is most likely less than that of ONE wheel? This is the very definition of a poseur.


I think the majority of you have your heads on wrong. So...having a 91 240sx that's worth 2k at the most with 3k spent on a set of wheels from a popular quality rim company like Volks/Rays/Works/CCW isn't worth it? Oh ok i get it...this owner should have bought knock off wheels and fake bride seats instead.


I broke into a Ferrari dealership last night, siphoned all the gasoline out of a 430, and poured it into my Kia Rio. When you gonna to do a story on my Rio Scuderia?


The small brake disc in the rear tells me alot about this cars perfomance, but I guess this one is all about the looks (like many Golf out there). I find it quite amusing to see parts used on perfomance cars on this daily driver.

Good work though, looks very clean. I for myself would have spent the money on a decent basis, but that's just me,


AdoboBro said: @MR2_FTW - Why would anyone wanna spend money on a LAME MR2? Better why would anyone want to buy a LAME MR2? How's that sucka... Keep your Dumbass comments to yourself idiot.


He probably said that because, unlike VW's which are gay as hell, the MR2 has real potential on the track and looks 10,000 times better than ANY VW ever made. Oh yeah, and they're not wrong-wheel drive German turd-boxes. That's why.


How about keeping your mouth shut, bro? Next time you have a thought...just let it go.


Hahah really... Since a bunch of people don't get it...

It's not about having the best car!

It's about the dedication! Wake up haters! If you actually were dedicated to a car the way Janet or Nakai-San are, you would have a speedhunters post about your cars.

But you don't, and you won't. Because you lack dedication, plain and simple.




does it have an engine? does it move? Or does it just stand there so people could see the stance, flush and whatever else you go for if you don't have speed?


if this were a R32 i think this would've even more badass and worthwhile wit all wheel drive and audi lambo vw porsche family shit goin on i respect the work put into it though


I want that stella flush sticker too!


its got a chromed out 400bhp 20vt and lambo calipers up front...




hmmmmmm, I think I need some lambo wheels


Has anyone ever noticed that every Golf owner sounds like Chris Crocker? "Stop hating, leave me alone, don't say those mean things, you don't understand...."



The MR2 is a mid engine sport car, thats why!

This retard put rims on that cost more than his econobox golf!!!!


Who would have thought that mixing such expensive ingredients would have resulted in a complete bucket of tripe.


Thank you for totally disproving the old saying: "The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts". Those parts are very expensive, but as a whole it is worth absolutely nothing.


Not my particular cup of tea but to each is own. I'm surprised the owner didn't just use the back wheels from the first Gallardo because I've seen Gulf/VW owners run RWD staggered wheels before. Not saying I get the whole staggered thing on a FWD car but just mentioning I've seen it.

I like the seats but not enough to lay down the cash he/she probably did, lol I'd be happy with the stock Gulf seats.

No offense intended.


Vince, are you going to try to make a case that the value of this VW has been increased by modifying it? When shopping for a used car, the first and most important thing to look at is to make sure that the previous owner has not screwed it up. Any modification in any way, shape, or form is a red flag. No one in their right mind would touch this or any other modified car with a ten foot pole. You buy an unmolested car, then modify it yourself, because then you know what was done, how it was done, and that it wasn't screwed up. Value comparisons between this and any other modified car are completely irrelevant. The fact that this particular VW has been butchered and thoroughly ruined IS relevant. Don't beleive it? Take that monstrosity over to the corner used car lot, add up all the money wasted on it, and try to sell it for what's in it. It won't sell for half blue book, and probably closer to scrap value.


ermi think she bought 2 sets of lambo wheels dusty duster because lambo rear wheels wouldnt fit in the rear arches on that golf once its been lowered !! god do some people not use their brains lol BTW loving the car :D


This is just stupid. The modifications imply that the owner is a wanna-be Lamborghini owner. This car reminds me of the people that put Type R stickers on their Toyota Tercel. It seems to me that the Volkswagen Show & Shine crowd are the ricers of today... reminds me of the Fast and Furious style scene of the early 2000s.


MR2_FTW said: why would you spend the money on all those genuine lambo parts......for a lame fwd golf???


My god, it's like my thoughts shot across the world for you to post first. I don't get VW people. I mean, why waste (clearly) a LOT of money on Lambo parts when YOU DON'T HAVE A REAL LAMBO TO PUT THEM ON??? I'm going to venture a guess at the value of parts being about $10,000 and with that, they could have put VW parts on it and probably made it REALLY nice. People just laugh when they see crap like this. Like people that buy V6 Mustangs and put Cobra parts and badges on them. Does that make them a Cobra? No. Is this Golf cool in any way? Not at all.


Massive. Epic. FAIL.


tnip said: if you dont' get it, you never will.


Thank god I don't get it and I hope that I never do if it means rolling a piece of sh*t like


Dusty Duster said: When I read "Golf Gallardo," I assumed that I would be looking at a Golf with a Gallardo powertrain. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was a pretty much stock Golf with expensive rims and seats.


Everybody thought the exact same thing, I guarantee it. Just like the W12 powered Golf, I thought this was an all-wheel drive, Lambo-powered beast...but it's not. VW's motto : "It's better to fake it than to make it!"


If you drive a Lamborghini, you _get_ vag.

If you put Lamborghini parts on a VW, you _are_ a vag.


@Ryoga81 - That's why you put Type-R badges on your Lame Ass Ricer Honda right? EURO > RiceBurners all day.


Haters everywhere...

I go on BAT, whenever a old Japanese classic car shows up, all the haters that have no clue what they are talking about came out in full force saying crap.

I go on Speedhunters, and the people that would drool over the said car would start hating on other cars.

Why can't we just love all kind of cars? It's not your cup of tea, so what? No need to hate, right?

Why be a hater?


All show and no go.

I wish I had the dedication to purchase some expensive bolt-ons. They're tough to install y'know. It's all about hard work. Work on an engine? Why would I bother! These wheels and body kit makes the car look nicer! If i can't afford a real lambo, having its wheels and seats is just as close. Just like having $5 is almost being a millionaire.


This what happens when DADDY has to much MONEY!!!! =) Nice seats.


cool golf I liekey the....wha? lambro wheels? the body work is appreciated but the all that lambo stuff is trying too hard. Any descent combo of wheels and seats under the currently estimated price of $17k usd, would have been just as fresh.


Ha ha she spent that much money on the rims and then didn't put a lock nut on them. Anyone know where she lives?


this happans everytime there is something posted on here that is not japanese or old... i'm so glad that this site has become "popular" but it bugs the hell out of me when i read all these closed minded comments. if you dont like it, don't look at it. if you think it could be better, make it yourself.

if nothing else, look past the brand names and what model it came on stock and appreciate the fit and finish and the quality of the work.

i'd bet, that if this person took the perfectly fitting wheels and the awesome interior and the spotless exterior and really put a sick ass awd drivetrain with that rediculous lambo engine in it you'd all still complain that they did it to a golf. or that they shoulda put a twin turbo kit on it. or they shoulda put a bigger wing on it cause it wouldn't get any downforce at 362 mph. or a million other nit picking things that don't matter.

am i the only one thats interested in more detail about those door handles?


That car is insane, I want to know the future plans.

With that being said, Whats the defining element of a car enthusiast? It's that cars get them so excited and they just can't spend enough time working on them and loving them. It's what we are. It's why we are all on this site.

HATE all you want but you still have to acknowledge the time, money and other resources that were put into that VW. You don't have to understand why. Appreciate another vehicle for what it is instead of being closed minded and hating it because it doesn't have the right logo on it.

We all put unnecessary amounts or money that could be better spent elsewhere into our cars, Yeah that VW has alot of money in Lambo parts, but I bet we all wish we had the money to dump into our cars.

Ich bin aus Hasser


Flush - The sound made when waste is sent down the toilet. Ho appropriate.


Car looks great, the paint color and wheel

Just a shame there is not a better side shot. to really get people talking on how tiny the back brakes are... ona FWD car. Make me think my car needs 500mm carbon rotors on the back just to have people look at it.


Where's the V10? What a rip! Change the title, that's deceptive advertising!


golf mk4 is just ugly car, no matter what wheels are on more golfs plz, period


OK contestants, you all have 50,000 pounds in cash. Your task is to spend all of the money as quickly as possible, and have nothing left after the money is gone. Now go spend that money.

And the winner is Janet, who immediately spent all the money on Italian bits, and immediately rendered them worthless by attaching those bits to an economy car, resulting in a horrendous four wheel mess which has been appraised to have absolutely no value at all, and will cost an additional 300 quid to tow off to the junk yard for disposal.


RS4_FTMFW said: @Ryoga81 - That's why you put Type-R badges on your Lame Ass Ricer Honda right? EURO > RiceBurners all day.


First, you're an idiot. Second, you're an assumptive idiot. I don't drive some riceburner trash or eurotrash. No, I drove a Muatang GT that would stomp the f*ck out of this imitation Lambo and I've trashed my share of R32 Golfs, Jettas, Sciroccos and every other P.O.S. VW that's crossed my path. So yeah, you stay in that little world where Euro > riceburners, because I agree. However, you're equation has s few faults in it : my Mustang > riceburners > eurotrash. There, now it's correct. Have fun getting laughed at in your Nazi-mobile, douche.


all it takes is money period.


looks good but what is under the houd. still i do not get why you wold wast alll that chash on lambo parts???


stoopid car


This comments section is starting to sound like elementary school! Everyone needs to stop hating! At the end of the day, Speedhunters exists for the cars - any sort of car, any style. It's for people who love cars and are obsessed to the bone with cars!

Sure, everyone has different tastes and preferences, but to slag this awesome car to shreds is a joke. I admit that i'm not into the slammed Golf look, but this doesn't stop me from admiring the rest of the car! Lambo wheels and seats!?!? come on! that's downright AWESOME

Open your eyes - the world isn't just about Toyota Sprinters and Silvias with uprated engines and non-matching wheels! Keep up the good work Speedhunters!

Also, this reminds me of something i saw on Speedhunters a while ago - a Honda EG (??) Hatchback where the owner painted the car a bright blue (i think?) colour, painted the engine bay orange (i think?) and then slammed it on wire wheels. Bloody awesome car!


omg so many people not haveing a clue.....

ive seen this car at pretty much every UK show its not my cup of tea but i respect it still. who ever said this is what happens when daddy has to much money ...... janet paid for all this her self!

the engine is a 20valve turbo lump and rated at 400+ so wheres the all show no go? id say its got plenty of go,

i realy dont understand peoples problems. just sit and look at the work gone into it not sit and fucking abuse it man =/


"Can I imagine that it started out as a standard car? "

Yes. This is very recognizable as a debadged golf with a bodykit and different door handles. Fitting different seats and wheels? Yeh. great achievement.

Sure. it looks good, but then again. So does a few other golfs with similar modifications. Nothing special apart from the lambo parts.


ryoga81: You drive a mustang, your opinion is invalid.


Someone's actually selling the stellaflush stickers on ebay!


Sick car, we needed more stances like that at Hellaflush in Miami this year IMO. Love the color, the wheels look great, ridiculous balling interior, sits awesome, but by far it's the door handles that are capturing me!


Now we all know what Brit Rice looks like.


The seats are actually out of a Gallardo also, a friend of mine knows Jane pretty well. They were retrimmed by a company called Premier Car Trim in Warrington. There's a 1.8 turbo engine under the hood bored out to 1.9, running around 350bhp.


let's see the rio scuderia, can't be any worse than that shite.


Might not be my kind of thing but I respect the bravery, time, and bucks applied to this vehicle and I think it looks somewhat cool. That being said... I do recognize and understand some of the biased remarks featured on this hateful comment board. Spending all that money and doing all that work on a regular fwd Golf doesn't make too much sence, to be honest. I agree with some that say that if you were going to do a Golf then you should've used the R32. Even though its a VW, people with other automotive likings still find some slight respect for the R32, especially if it had 400bhp. So I think the only way to counter the hate would be to spend the $11-12k ( on the Gallardo motor and cram it inside the vehicle. The bias should turn around within a snap of the fingers. haha!

Also, everybody, those are Superleggera seats. First used in the first edition Gallardo Superleggera, later placed in the Murcielago LP640, then into the Reventon, Murcielago LP670-4 SV, and now into the latest Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera.


What you do after taking a dump - FLUSH.

What you do after three people take dumps and don't flush for themselves - HELLA FLUSH.

What you call it when the dump won;t go down, plugs the drain, the toilet overflows, and you are standing ankle deep in human waste - STELLA FLUSH.


My understanding is that what makes a Lamborghini a Lamborghini is not the leather buckets or the rims. It takes a lot of gall to apply the Gallardo name to that thing.


This is more of a Golf Gallardo than that is:


This reminds me of the body kits they sold in in the 80's, with the Testarossa side strakes for Honda Accords and Nissan 200SX. Those were just as tasteless then as this is now.


Consider the time and money people. It's about crafting something unique. No?

As for the stella flush stickers - Hit the blog ;)


Stella Flush stickers available on


HATERS!!!! Just because you dont have the imagination or the balls to build something like this you have to criticise the people who do! Grow up! Your meant to be petrol heads, it maybe 'just a golf' but its deserves more respect than most supercars! At the end of the day if you work hard enough anyone can go out and buy a supercar, but not everyone can go and create such an individual car and pull it off!

And as for the 'Jap stuff is far better than any VW' what a load of sh*t! Both can last hundreds of thousands of miles without a complaint, both can be tuned to run stupid amount of power, both can be tuned to an inch of there life. Look at motorsport... BTCC is being dominated by a Chevy which is a korean car in desguise, with european cars following while the Honda's struggle, Le-mans has been dominated by Audi's and in F1 when was the last time Toyota or Honda won a championship.

This isnt just me being a biased VAG owner, as iv owned Jap previously. I respect all car scenes, what i cant respect is people who try to put people down just because its not there thing. Like some of the comment...

"this is what happens when DADDY has to much MONEY" - What a stupid comment!

"Flush - The sound made when waste is sent down the toilet. Ho appropriate" - obviously knows f*ck all about the 'stance' concept, do some research before your stupid comment.

"let's see the rio scuderia, can't be any worse than that shite" - why dont you post a pic of little eco hatchback, keyboard warrior!

"Now we all know what Brit Rice looks like" - How wrong is that phrase, Rice cars are Japanese you plank!


What's it called when you keep flushing and it won't go down?


It's hard to comprehend just how unbelievably tasteless that car is. You wonder if some of these people need 24 hour supervision or if they have escaped from some sort of managed care facility to unleash their poor judgment on such a poor automobile. And to top it off, it's from England. You expect something so ugly and poorly conceived to come out of Belarus, or another former eastern block country. But England? The English have better sense than this. No doubt Feri and Ferruccio are both spinning in their graves.


Do they make stella flush brand toilet plungers?