Builds>>rtr-x Progress: Part Five

Well… here it is as promised! The first picture of the RTR-X off of the chassis plate on the ground and rolling (with the help of a little man-power). As per my last update, most everything had been fabbed up and there were just a few things that needed to be buttoned up, reinforced, and final welds applied.

As you can see the crew at Steen Chassis once again pulled through as promised with exceptional quality. Here you can see the Wilwood hubs are on and allowing our mockup wheels to roll. The engine\transmission mounts and the adjustable swaybar have been installed.

The final metal work was completed and it soon would be on its way to Twins Turbo for a few days of test-fitting parts, measuring, and making lists before heading to StichCraft Interiors for interior mockup! 

Since our wheels are currently being custom-built by Work in Japan, we desperately needed a set of mock-up wheels the same size and offsett so we could confirm clearances before leaving Steen. Lucky for me, my man Justin Pawlak had pretty much exactly what we needed and made up for the difference in a few small spacers. Seriously… who has 18×12 – 20 and 18×10.5 – 20 wheels just laying around? JTP does!!!

Here is the rear-end housing getting all the brackets reinforced.

This is where the Watts link pivots on the backside of the rear-end housing, so it obviously needs to be very strong.

The Dynacorn dash pad was cut and fitted around the cage and gussets.

Last, but surely not least, this piece of art was bolted down. Like our shocks? Performance!!! Just as Gary Steen promised, the RTR-X was ready to leave and head to Twins Turbo the week of X Games. Which was perfect since I was in town that week and it was a perfect time to confirm the schedule and assess everything moving forward with the Twins, as well as have have our final meetings regarding interior and paint.

Once I got word the "eagle had landed", I rushed over to Twins Turbo to be greated by Gary Steen, the Twins, and this beautiful view.

I immediately took a walk around the RTR-X. I just could not believe it was on the ground rolling on all four wheels. You could not have gotten the smile off my face with an electric grinder if you tried.

Just a little poke!

Here is the west coast chassis wizard, Mr. Gary Steen himself, giving me some details. It is so awesome to work with someone like Gary that is so passionate about his work.

This is me finishing up my "walk around" telling Gary how happy I am and that I really appreciated him and his son Jayson for the incredible and timely chassis work. I look forward to taking them both for a ride in the near future!

Fuel Safe makes this sweet fuel cell that replaces the factory cell. They customized a bladder based on our request to make sure our Bosch 044 fuel pump would never have fuel starvation during track sessions.

Here I am banging gears in my head while Gary looks on… I would say he is most likely thinking "If you crash this thing, I will murder you." He was very proud to deliver the car and it was really cool to see him smiling almost as hard as I was.

Like clockwork, Revo and Monster from StitchCraft Interiors stopped through so that we could go over the interior needs.

These guys are some of the best in the business and are going to help our vision for the interior come alive.

The Twins even printed out our renderings for reference, just in case I didn't come prepared… HA! Me? Not prepared?

I brought my paper saver and we went over every single element of the interior and came up with a plan.

You know you have chosen the right people to work with when they don't agree with everything you say and "yes" you to death. The feedback, corrections, and suggestions I received from Revo and Monster confirmed everything I had heard about these guys and I am very glad they will be handling our interior needs. This picture gives you a good idea how low the RTR-X really is. I am 6'2" and not even standing straight up!

Once the meeting with StitchCraft was done, it was play time for me and Eric. We could not wait to play with the parts we have compiled over the last couple of months. Fender blisters first!

Maier Racing made us these custom over-fenders. They will be modified slightly but look great!

Maier also made us this chin which we will also be modifying to fit the vision, but it's a very good start.

Have you ever seen a '69 Mustang with this much steering angle?

We had to put play time on hold when my man Jim from Sam's Auto Land in Gardena stopped by to discuss the plans for paint. Due to the schedule, it is essential to plan everything way in advance so that we can make sure the car comes to him exactly how he is expecting it. He will be the last man to have the car before final assembly and his on-time delivery is detrimental to making it to SEMA!

When Jim left I took the Twins to dinner and we downloaded our post-meeting brains and filled in the blanks. The plan was they they were to have the car for a few days to mock-up some parts that Koz is fabbing up and confirming fit for other parts. It then had to go to StitchCraft for a three day mock-up, then down to San Diego for the metal work on the body to begin!

I will leave you with this shot of the team behind the madness! From left to right: Monster (StitchCraft), Me, Revo (StitchCraft), Eric (Twins Turbo), Gary (Steen Chassis), Marc (Twins Turbo) and unfortunately Jayson from Steen couldn't make it. Without these dudes, this dream would not be turning into reality any time soon! More to follow!!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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Oh maaaannn, you must be happier than a pig in shit right now. That thing is so damn impressive.

Props to you and thos guys for doing some sick work thus far.

Can't wait!


NIce ;)

Can't wait o see it completed. Would it be possible to get a wallpaper of the steering angle and the shot from the rear of the car in the shadows.


this is gonna look sick


Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss! So rad! Gonna be one of the cars of 2010 for me no doubt. Nice update Vaughn!


You are bringing sexy back more than Timberlake did.


Wow! That's beautiful!


You are so lucky!

This an astonishing piece of engineering!

The overfenders look great!

I can't wait for new updates that will include photos of the final paintjob!


echt een super bruut ding


He should be driving a fox body Mustand.


Way to use "detrimental" incorrectly.


Look at the motor!!!

This is one sick 'Tang!


Just sick. Killer work, I can´t wait for the final car.


Just leave it black...seriously


that motor looks insane cant wait to see it in action.


totally awsome!


I have never wanted to see a car so finished ever before. I thank you for that.


This looks SOOOO sharp!!!

Man look at that steering angle!!!!!

What are you going to use for paint?? Just wondering as there are several flat and simi gloss colors out there.

Nothing better than a 69 Fastback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Vaughn!


Well Holy Sh*t-in-a-bucket!!!! I'm loving this car. It's gotta be one of the coolest rides on the planet. Easy!!

I've been following the build and I can't wait to see this thing finished!!!

Not a big Mustangs fan but I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!

I can't express myself without swearing so I'll just say @&$*@#(%&%)#&&%)@(*#@&*$#!!!!!!!!!!


Nice that thing will rock!


Nice tig welding,(I want to be just as good) Good to see such high quality in this project.


deeeeeemmmmm!!!!, i' m from el salvador men, this car is so cool men........... i hoop see the final result soom aaiigghhtt


OMG, i cant wait til this thing is done.


I don't like how that rear fender flare is tucking tire but I expected that from a pretty car that goes fast. Im loving pretty much everything else... keep up the good work guys, can't wait for the next update.


Car is looking SICK JR! Lovin' it so far.




Thought I would let you know the link is the wrong spelling making a non existant website for


Congratulations to JR and the whole team TURBO TWINS, I had never seen such a professional job like this, should be proud to be so good at his job, and JR good luck for the round five I hope you can take the first place.

greetings to all speed hunters from Irapuato Guanajuato Mexico


S-W-E-E-E-E-E-T-! *Gives Standing Ovation*

Can't wait to see more!


Rad. I'm feelin this. Can't wait to see it in person.


FoMoCo 5.0... Variable Valve Timing... & ITB's...

!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


yummy engine :)


Everytime I see an update for this BUILD...I click away in excitement like a kid on christmas. Seeing this thing with the wheels is amazing man. N and it's friggin low!! Put the steering wheel on the Right ;p


Does anyone else think the roof looks a little low?


Does anyone else think the roof looks a little low?


i'm getting a real buzz with emails from JR and twins almost every day as the build comes to life. How does this look, how does this fit...... everything on the build is so high quality. Great to be associated with this in a small way. roll on SEMA!!!!!!!!!!


wow ugly seats :/


Looks sick! Really really impressed guys!


This is my favorite blog on speedhunters thus far. Great work, extremely excited to see the finished product. Please don't crash it Vaughn..


what an awesome car the engineering is incredible. kee to see it finished.

but those seats are shit, they look like cheap shit. crappy side bolstering chunky flat headrest with what look like harness hole that are put there to look like a sick boy racer and arent actually there for a purpose.

find some better ones.


holy crap thats awsome


Your grammar is detrimental to this website.


another wow


looks incredible!


with that piece of art at the back, how i wish it has IRS below it. MADNESS.


Can't wait for this project to be done!!

It'll be the coolest mustang to roll on the streets! Kudos to all the man behind this!

I'm somehow reluctant to race this piece of art though..XD


Man that car is coming together so effing nicely. Cant wait to see the final product!


this is going to be THE sh*t!!!


dam sick sick sick look at those wheels!!! fattttttttttttt!!!

this stang is going to be the shizzznitzzzz!!! hahaha lol



A project of the year ) Fabulously sexy ))))


For those of you saying that the seats are ugly i really dont think those are the seats he will be using in the end.

I believe they are in the car just for mock up just as well as the wheels are on just for mock up.


This thing is going to be pure rawness!


I'm speechless this thing is so freaking cool!


WOW!!!! one question, are planing on drifting this fastback jr?


Damn tough car!


GORGEOUS!!!! Cant wait to see this thing at SEMA. Would have been excellent if you had some sort of video documentary on the build. Sort of like a "Rides" type thing. But I love it, its phucking excellent!!


this car is insane with the jap wheels and tube chassis but i think you guys should consider molding the flare or custom make yourself out of metal i think would look meaner then the flares you have only my opinion you might cHange my mind once its done. sick ass mustang otherwise


This really is one tuff 'tang. Some times its a real shame that these all out big budget cars have to get paint when they look so staunch in black primer. Oh well i guess its made it this far I'm sure it'll get a mean colour. Good work!!!!


+1 for keeping it black primer!!


8.3.1 Basic Chassis Design

The vehicle chassis, frame and / or unibody must remain unmodified

between the vertical planes created by the original forward most and

rearward most suspension mounting points unless otherwise specified

in these rules. Uni-body or chassis may be seam welded.

So, they said f@%&it, do whatever for 2011?


Dmcc, I may be worng but I think this is JR's personal car not his new Formula D car..........