As the 28th of August gets closer (quite literally each day in fact) Josh Allen has released this ten minute video from the third round of the JDM Allstars series which took place earlier this month at the Nissan UK factory in Sunderland. The Wembley event will surely be the high point of the European drifting calendar for 2010. For further information on the event, check out the JDM Allstars website.


JDM Allstars



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JDM Allstars is so much cooler than FD !!


Gr8 Video! Wud luv 2 see martin french bak home in Prodrift!


I preffer FD anyday william..

JDM Allstar is just a bunch of UK guys going at each other. .. FD has a whole mixture of culture and style like no other. And also how is it JDM if its in the UK with no Japanese drivers?? very JDM huh?


just a bunch of guys in the uk? no shit dicktits. everyone of us pushes as hard as we can, the same as any other series. I'd say the car in JDM are pretty "JDM"

Bang on video Josh. You keep filming, we'll keep smashing stuff.


THANKS SPEEDHUNTERS!! and William haha @ Drifter, what is formula about formula d? JDM Allstars is just a name don't hate. My company is called will shoot for food doesn't mean i kill to survive, well actually...haha don't worry mitto I love making these films =D


i had no idea about jdm allstars till i stumbled across the donnington park video you put out...since then i've been HOOKED. another great film and in my opinion a GREAT drift series. keep it up fellas!!!!


What is the music at the begining? thanks!


mitto stfu, you can't even get past the top 16 in JDM and all you are is a loud mouthed idiot.

and the event sucked, there wasn't even 16 cars there ffs.