Guest Blog: Allen Lorenzo>> Tomei @ Jcca Classic Car Race

Hi all! My name is Allen Lorenzo and I work for Tomei Powered Inc in Tokyo Japan, or most people know me as, the Aussie working for Tomei! I've always had an interest in cars, motorsports and performance.  Photography was something I did in high school for a short time back in 1993 and had been out of it up till recently. Japan has a lot of amazing things to shoot, aside from cars. I don't even own a DSLR since I am focused on other things, so I shot these photos with the work camera. I was honored when Dino asked me to do a guest blog on my all time favorite website, Speedhunters! This past Sunday I attended to the JCCA Summer Meet Classic car race event that was held at Tsukuba Circuit. This event has a wide variety of classic cars with a good range of classes.

The race classes were:

- S65 Race

- Historic Formula

- S68/75 Race

- TS Cup

- Ginetta Cup

- P68/75 Race

- F Race

- Japan Run 1

- Overseas Run

- Japan Run 2

Let's take a run down of some of the best cars that were present at this event.

This is the Hirota Tomei Sunny heading out for the practice run, driven by the owner, Hirota-san. Tomei was there to support this Datsun Sunny race car which Hirota-san built as an exact replica of the original Tomei race car that we had back in the 70's. So that is why we refer to it as the "Hirota Tomei Sunny".

This B110 is powered by the Tomei A12 Race Engine (F Race Class).

The Hirota Tomei Sunny's dash. Just the bare essentials since the car is only tipping the scales at around 720kg! (approx 1,588lbs)

Rista-do Pitroad Datsun Sunny B310 – A12 Engine 1,298cc (TS Cup Class).

Ginetta G12 1997 – Powered by a Cosworth engine 1,994cc (Ginetta Cup Class)…

…and another Ginetta in black, I didn’t even know these cars existed prior to this day!

Triumph TR-3A 1957 model with a 2,186cc engine (Overseas Run Class).

Ginetta G4 1996 model – Powered by a Zetec 1,796cc engine (Ginetta Cup Class).

Lancia Beta Montecarlo Sr.1 137AS, 1975 year model – with a 1,990cc engine (Overseas Run Class)…

…and a shot of it from the front.

Speed Master Komine Toyota Celica TA22 – with a 1,919cc engine (F Race Class).

City Auto Fairlady 240ZG, 1972 year model – with a 3L engine (F Race Class).

Brabham BT21B, 1968 year model – powered by a 998cc engine (Historic Formula).

Triumph TR-4A CTC, 1965 year model – powered by a 2,186cc engine (S65 Race Class).

There were so many cars at the event that a lot had to gather on the grass lawn behind the track.

The ever popular Skyline "Ken Mary" 2000GT KGC110 , 1972 year model – with a 3,100cc engine (Japan Run 1 Class).

Laurel 2000 KHC130, 1976 year model – powered by a 1,998cc engine (Japan Run 2 Class).

Here we have a Toyota Starlet KP61 1300, 1983 year model – powered by a 1,430cc engine (Japan Run 1 Class). This was one of my favorite cars on the day. I just love the front end look of these things.

A pair of Datsun B310 Sunnys running in the TS Cup class. This was one of the most exciting classes to watch.

An Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior 10531, 1969 year model – with a 1,962cc engine (P68/75 Race Class).

A beautiful Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV, 1968 year model – with a 1,962cc engine (P68/75 Race Class). This car brings back memories! One of my classmates in high school (the Albertini's) had one as his daily driver in Australia. But it didn't move as fast as this one did. But that didn't stop them from trying! I love the pastel light blue on matte black wheels.

Here is my No.1 favorite car from the event. Super-wide body with the just the right ride height. Such an ageless design in sexy white. This 240ZG is built by Spirit Garage and dates back to 1972. It competed in the F Race Class.

These hard to find rare TRD Tosco wheels are popular with race cars here in Japan. These black examples were fitted to the Toyota Starlet.

Tomei has been around since 1968, one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

Of course, even the Hirota Tomei Sunny B110 runs the TOSCO wheels.

Hirota-san on the grid ready for the big race. That's one of his daughters who just checked all the wheel nuts with a torque wrench. How cool is it to have your daughters there to support you with the car. Now that's passion!

Another B110 Datsun Sunny on the Grid ready to go in this F Race class. I love these little lightweight cars.

Hirota-san did his best considering it has been a year since he last raced in this car. The usual driver, Masami-san, was busy racing a Porsche at another event on the same day, so he couldn't make it. Hirota-san finished in 4th place.

At last years Tsukuba race in December Masami-san got the fastest time ever for this class with a 1:02.594 and took the win! Both 2nd and 3rd placed cars were 240Zs running 3L engines. At the Fuji Jamboree race this year, again a new record lap time was achieved for the class with a 1:58.278. When you consider the little Sunny only runs an N/A 1,303cc engine and Webber carbs, it certainly puts its performance capabilities into perspective!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post and the event coverage. I want to thank all the fans and enthusiasts worldwide for keeping the industry alive. I’d like to thank Rod Chong, Dino and the Speedhunters team on a great website and for allowing me to do a guest blog!

See you soon at the track!

Tomei Blog



-Allen Lorenzo



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Great work Allen!


Wow great cars, and in an amazing state! Lots of passion going on there.

Also, this Sunny is flying! 1.02 around Tsukuba is insane for such a small n.a engine!


Awesome pictures Allen and pretty sweet event!!

Can I ask what are the DOT tires some of those cars are running? I mean they look like Advan A048 or Toyo R888.. but there not. Like the ones on the Ginetta G4 (1996).


can't believe how popular those Datsun B310 Sunnys are!! i remember them as a youngster.. nice to see a Lancia MonteCarlo still alive and kicking too.. i have a new found respect for the Sunny.. lovely Alfa GTV by the way..

5 much beauty in one spot!


Any more pics of the City Auto Fairlady 240ZG?



It went to a ZG front, I liked it more when it was the normal Z front end but still badass non the less.

You guys should try to get permission to post the video of it from Best Motoring... absolutely masterfully hooned at Suzuka I believe. I have not seen it since they took it off Youtube for copyright, yet I cannot find the DVD for sale anywhere...

I sure wish I had that video...


Nice!! TRD Tosco's on a Sunny is a bit strange to me though..... Thanks for the write up, must be a sweet job.


Stunning Nostalgia!


desktop please


I sooo want a widebody 240Z. great pics.


the 240z's are KILLIN IT!!!! so damned sexy!!

1:02 round tsukuba is pretty insane but so is <1600lbs for a car that is production based! practically f1 car light, with like 1/4 the power!


oh yeah, the green triumph RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just a quick question. why do they put the tape over the lights?


pictures of daughter plz.


Thanks Allen! nothing like a little bit of Classic Japanese Racing to get my morning started, i am head over heels for that Spirit Garage ZG -DROOL- although this post does make me want to go out and find a B110 that needs a good home, and throw some Deep RS Wats on it, the matte black ones look awesome on the B310





This is what it's all about.

So much soul.


Nice pics! I used to have a Sentra (USDM Sunny) that looked alot like the Rista-do Pitroad Datsun Sunny, minus the stickers, and I'm guessing that Sunny is RWD. Mine was FWD, maybe a year younger (1985) and was very lightweight and tossable for a FWD. The only car I've ever owned with a stick. I still miss it, despite the leaky doors.


love the ZG and TA22!


nice coverage - lovely cars, all of them


Um the tomie sunnies directional tires are on the wrong way around :p

Nice write up and event!


Car Porn! love it!

I'm envious of your job.

P.s. if Tomei's daughter is looking for someone else's nuts to work on, put me in touch :)


The Yellow and White Zed's look awesome!




Damn the rims on the City Auto Fairlady are so sweet....


Can we have a Feature on the Hirota Tomei Sunny Please....Please...Please


Need more pictures on that 240z!


i love the look and stance of that Lancia


What is the Car with the Advan Paintjob in the ....17th picture? Love to see a closer pic


Allen you have the best job...that yellow 240z was def my favorite car


Allen thats have a very cool job...I especially loved the 240z


Thank you for all the comments guys. Glad you liked the post. To answer your questions,

Monk3y & floodo1: Yes 1.02 on Tsukuba is insane, looked like a hairy ride on the in car video cam sitting on the limits of everything.

787-GD3: thank you for the compliments. The Tomei car and some others are on ADVAN Slicks TS Spec. Advans are popular and A048 was on a few Ginettas from memory. Depending on the class some were on radials.

NuggetG60YorkshireUK: When you see the action and videos here, it's a whole new world in Sunny performance. These fans are hardcore, so into it that a lot of money goes into these cars.

ryoga81: I do have more pics of the City Auto Fairlady 240ZG.

Brandon Chappell: which DVD are you after?

gnx: The tape is required by the circuit, if there is an accident it helps reduce the risk of more glass debris on the track which can lead to other cars tires getting punctured etc.

ReisZ: Glad you liked the post. I too feel like getting a B110 now. But that white Spirit Garage Z really has been on my mind since that day.

Bryce: These B110 Sunnys are RWD

Neil: The tires are purposely put on that way, only the fronts are like that. It suits the car setup and the driver, and thank you.

BJ: What are the torque specs on those nuts?

raj2t: I'll see what I can do about the feature on the Hirota Tomei Sunny.

Mark: Did you mean that Skyline "Ken Mary" KGC110?


Sorry not best motoring, its Hot Version;

Hot Version Volume 59 (December 2002) H08

This car is surreal in regards to character in a car... you just have to see the video to understand..

still wish it was on youtube for the world to appreciate.

Hopefully you guys at SH can work some magic and somehow get it put online or do a feature on this car.

Nothing beats old cars in driving spirit and trust me in the past few months I have driven my dream cars and still find myself longing to get in something like the spirit garage car (or something similar) and really testing my driving ability.