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Now the action continues as we take a look at the second half of tandem competition from Formula Drift Rd.4 at Evergreen Speedway.

The Top 32 was filled with close battles and big crashes, and the remainder of the event brought more of the same.

Kicking off the Top 16 were Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Fredric Aasbo. A close set of first runs brought things to an OMT.

During the OMT run, Vaughn over-rotated through the power alley, spun the Mustang and took a solid hit from Fredric's Supra.

He did a good job of sticking with Aasbo on the next run, but it wasn't enough to overcome the spin. Fredric defeats the points leader and moves to the Top 8.

The next two drivers to face off were Sam Hubinette and Tanner Foust. Here you can see how close Tanner got to Sam along the banking.

This was enough to give him and the NASCAR-powered Scion the win.

Darren McNamara and Rhys Millen met in the next battle, with DMac earning the win.

Here we have Dai Yoshihara and Chris Forsberg getting extremely close during the next match.

Dai would end up spinning here, giving the win to Chris and eliminating his hopes for three straight victories.

Next out of the gate, Justin Pawlak and Ken Gushi.

Their lines would end up getting crossed near the end of the track, with the judges putting the fault on JTP and giving Gushi the win.

The next victim of Evergreen's unforgiving course layout would be Tyler McQuarrie during his match against Michihiro Takatori.

Once again, a following driver is thrown off by the lead car coming off the bank.

Definitely not the way Tyler wanted to end the event. Takatori moves on.

Ryan Tuerck faced Joon Maeng in the next battle, but mechanical problems on Joon's RX8 made it a non-match. Tuerck moves on.

Finishing the Top 16 were Nikolay konstantinov and Charles Ng.

It took an OMT before one of these guys could gain the advantage, and that was Charles Ng. Charles continues his quest for 2010 Rookie of the Year, moving to the Great Eight.

The Great Eight started with Fredric Aasbo going against Tanner Foust.

I quite literally have no idea how one goes about following Tanner. There's a Supra in there somewhere.

Tanner would pick up the win, but it was another outstanding event for Aasbo the giant killer.

Next up, Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara – two drivers that seem to meet often.

This time it would be DMac advancing from the open-top battle.

The next spot in the Final Four would go to Michiro Takatori, who defeated the Scion of Ken Gushi.

Rounding out the Great Eight were Ryan Tuerck and Charles Ng, with Tuerck coming out on top.

The Final Four saw DMac and Tanner Foust facing off once again. This heated match would take two OMT's before a winner could be found.

After three nail-biting battles, Tanner finally built a big enough advantage to take the win and move to the final.

Ryan Tuerck would also advance to the final after defeating Takatori in the next match.

Before Foust and Tuerck squared off, McNamara and Takatori battled for third, with DMac claiming the final podium spot.

Then it was time for Tuerck and Foust to finish things off, with Tanner sticking right on Tuerck's door during the first run.

During the next run, Tuerck got into the wall on the bank, sealing his fate.

It was a fitting end to an insane Formula Drift event. One car sitting on the track heavily damaged…

…and another smoking off into the sunset.

With his win at Evergreen, Tanner has pulled into second place in the season standings, tightening the gap between him and Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Can't wait until Vegas!

-Mike Garrett



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wow loads of real action.. thats what i love about these types of blogs!!by the way... - Go Vaughn!! -thanks for the super coverage..


Great coverage Mike, sad to see so many cars hit the wall in the last two day


Aasbo needs to get a radar in case of local fog.


Seriously the best weekend of my life. i've been to seattle the past three years and evergreen constantly gets better!


Decent event, but the judging really needs to come clean. Aasbo vs Foust should have gone OMT or had Aasbo winning. Tanner was looking sloppier than I have ever seen him and Aasbo's runs were smoother, faster, and more gangster. Also, the way the top 32 was laid out, one side was too heavy with superstars and the other had hardly any. Teurck had an easy time getting to the finals. I know that crying about someone getting robbed will not turn back time and hand the win to him, but c'mon judges...we have eyes too.


I'm hoping more people noticed the judging. Aasbo vs Foust smelt fishy, politics and drama at it's best.


there was probably more crashes there than the rest of the fd rounds put together


Pic 17 of charles Ng as a desktop please please please. hes so close to the wall.


background props! lol (second from last pic w/orange and white shirt)


This was without a doubt the coolest event I've ever been to. First time at FD Seattle and it was amazing. But like so many before me have mentioned, the judging was a little wack. Aasbo definitely should not have lost to Foust. At the very least a OMT.


Great event! alot of bumping and hurting. Love it!!

is it just me, or should Aasbo have moved on over Faust?

Thanks for a great coverage!


Seeing JR spin was like seeing Ichiro bunt- it bummed me out. Aasbo was awesome! How is he not sponsored?!?! Also, is it my imagination or is Jarod Deanda a complete D-bag? He came off like a jerk all day. I've thought this at other events also.... Replace that guy!!!



Tyler McQ asked for a pace against Dean K, knowing that his car has DOUBLE the horsepower of Dean, and were within .3 mph on their entry speed according to the qualifying speeds (69.4 for T McQ, 69.7 for Dean K). Then, when Dean has a slight lead when initiating, he's penalized.

Petty and Tyler McQ both had problems following Takatori, Petty qualified 1 mph slower than Takatori, and Takatori was 1 mph slower than McQ. But remember, McQ asked for a pace from Dean K, maybe he didn't REALLY need that pace since he came in too hot?!

Eric O'Sullivan and Dai Yoshihara both spun out following Forsberg. Then Eric posts this video on Youtube - which clearly shows Forsberg yanking the ebrake and changing his speed by roughly 10 mph instantly, forcing Eric to spin.

FD is becoming more and more about tactics, instead of drifting. The front and rear brakelights are a good idea, but if people are pulling the ebrake, it doesn't show up. Also, as the cars exited the bank, the judges couldn't see either front or rear brakelight from the stands.

FD needs to put a stop to this petty crap. Make the drivers drive!!!


Hey can anyone tell me, in pic that.....a skateboard car!!!!!!lol


aasbo! aasbo! aasbo!


great coverage! aasbo is sick!!! he deserves more attention from sponsors...

and to Henry: j-rod is a cool dude, i have met him several times and never came off as a d-bag, not much of a filter on his humor but owell, probably one of the best motorsports announcers your gonna find IMHO.

all of TEAm FALKEN and DA FTW!!


Tuerck all the way this year, i have a good feeling.


Ed- Thanks for posting that video link- but dude- clearly Eric's own fault there. Remember that this is drifting- the handbrake is there for a reason.


Nice pictures ! Awesome !!!


hey in number three, is that a... SKATEBOARD CAR hahah


Followed the whole thing from Norway. I really think Aasbo should have gotten the win over Tanner because of his way more gangster angles.


I only got to watch the top 32 battle on Driftstream, but as usual there was amazing driving and not-so-amazing judging. Most of the calls i saw were legit but there is always some battles where I think the judges are obviously playing favorites (or even punishing someone) for whatever reason. FD organizers should realize that while their questionable judging might please the sponsors/advertisers in the short-term, in the end if we -the fans- can't trust the judging we will not care to keep watching and all those precious sponsorship and advertising dollars will dry up. Jus' sayin'.


D1RGE.EXE . That was great to hear. I have been wondering if there is something wrong with judging since Aasbo isnt placing really that high. Aasbo is amazing driver but there seems to be so much more money behind these factory drivers so Aasbo doesnt have a chance. Eventhough they drive worse than this little Norwegian guy.


Takatori's brake checks whee off the charts. judges failed to see that 3 times in a row!


Good pic of Nikolay representing U.P. Garage USA and the Pacific NW. Any pics of the One of One show?




good driving as usual, same fishy judging. definatly an agenda that has nothing to do with who had the best run. i like ryan tuerck but ignorning the pace cone and pulling 4 or more car lengths every time he was the lead car is BS! the judges should have penalized him for it, the pace cone was intoduced for a reason. and takatori who btw has been to my house and drank my beer was way out of hand with the brake checking WTF! Aasbo all the way, my new favorite driver.


Its time that there came some new judges, i think! there's toooooo much of those battles that are in favour of politics and sponsors!! and im not olny talking about Asboo!! (there a lot of "e-braking" going on like Rhys, Takatori, Foust and more)

AND a drift alliance member as an judge.............. sorry. thats like Martin whitmarch or Christiaan Horner deciding what penalty's should be given in forumla one!

I dont say they dont do a good job.................... but it toooooooo easy to cheat that way! IMO.


Decent event, but the judging really needs to come clean. Aasbo vs Foust should have gone OMT or had Aasbo winning. Tanner was looking sloppier than I have ever seen him and Aasbo's runs were smoother, faster, and more gangster.

I'm hoping more people noticed the judging. Aasbo vs Foust smelt fishy, politics and drama at it's best.


Pic 2 and 4 would be damn good for desktop! ;D


is it me or does everybody notice that almost every or all of the drift fd compititions the winners are always the really famous big name sponsored teams. if you ask me Aasbo was the sh** and definitly beat tanner foust.


Anyone knows what cameras are mounted on drift cars externally?


Again, Fredric showed how its done. Aggressive entries and huuuuuge angles.

That guy is a beast! Don't really care about the lame judging. Aasbo is keepin it alive, doin it from his heart, and that's the real deal. Keep it gangster, mate!


if anone was on the live feed and watching the chat, they would know, Rich Gardella called those runs the way he saw them, and he was right on point everytime. Live feed was great, and quite comical at times.