Event>> Rx-7 Annual Gathering – Daikoku Pt.2

As darkness fell on Daikoku the other night the rotary presence had no intention of dying down, much like the rain. It was obvious people were there to enjoy themselves, and the crappy weather nor the lack of space, was going to stop them. 

Along with the RE-Amemiya crew was this itasha, one of many I spotted on the night. Talking to people it seems this trend of covering cars in anime characters and graphics is loosing popularity but I seem to see more than ever these days so I don't think that is the case quite yet.

Another Super GReddy from RE Amemiya. Those are of course Porsche 997 HID lights, which make this a very expensive conversion.

Sweaty FC! 

Remember the SA with the bolted-on fenders, well this is what it looks like from the rear. Not often you see these cars with such massive GT-wings!

Super GReddy 3. Amemiya always has the most colorful cars!

We saw this FD already in Part 1 but I just had to post another picture showing its very unique profile. I first saw this car at last year's 7-7 meet and thought it was one of the most unique looking RX-7s out there.  I especially like the combination of the front wide Burnout fenders, the R-Magic side skirts and Fujita Engineering rear fenders.  

More wet cars.

Ok so I'm not sure what to make of this, I thought it looked pretty cool but not sure if it classifies as an itasha.

Of course there were plenty of other cars other than rotaries present like this tuned Honda CR-Z running on some pretty bright orange wheels, fluorescent yellow on the opposite side of the car!

When in doubt, sticking to the stock look is not such a bad idea. To me this looks absolutely perfect.

This is what the far side of the parking area was looking like at around 8 pm. Cars sporadically parked everywhere and a big line of trucks, busses and regular motorists waiting to leave.

With no movement whatsoever happening in over 15 min the Police were called out to help find owners of illegally parked cars, trying to get them to move so the bigger trucks could make the last corner that gives access to the exit.

At one point one elderly gentleman from this bus stormed down and went to shout at the Policeman directing traffic asking him why on earth they allowed this massive overcrowding to happen. He was obvious anxious to get home!

More Police were sent out and the entrance to the parking area was closed. I have never been to any meeting at Daikoku where the gate got closed at 8 pm! 

You can see the line of cars trying to get out as the participants of the meet continue to enjoy the party.

Bomber managed to get in before all the commotion and was let loose with a microphone interviewing people at the meeting. I'm sure we will see some footage of all this in an upcoming Video Option DVD!

Abflug were also there showing off their recently renewed Pink Spider demo car…

…the FD with possibly the shiniest engine-bay around!

You can always expect the guys from Tamon Design to make an appearance and for this year they came up all the way from Mie-ken with this cabriolet version of their FD-based show car.

At the rear the Cedric taillights remain and if you look closely enough you can spot the carbon fiber hard top.  

Too right!

What would a gathering of this nature be without a nice little group picture! Amemiya-san and Suenaga-san can be seen in the center while the guy in the yellow t-shirt is none other than Koseki-san of Scoot, the guy that created that mental 4-rotor FD with the full Tamon kit.

With the gates closed and no more cars allowed to enter people decided it was about time to leave and go and gather somewhere else….

To find out where we all headed to check back soon for the next installment from the 7-7 meet!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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god damn this is the coolest shit ever


Insane, indeed the picture of the stock Rx7 looks stunning, but the first yellow one is perfect to me :D .

Keep up the good work, this footage is a dream !


awsome meeting, wish was there


maybe next year........need new place,for new comer


can you do a repo on the Scoot/Tamon cars? That would be awesome


abfulg mid night club..................snake come up at mid nite,is very dangerous with the vodka n bazooka


Those are 993 headlights, the new 997 kit can be seen on the green rx7 in the sixth picture.


Good write up Dino and some sweet snaps. Were were at daikoku at the start of the year at the gathering before the auto salon, it was deffo an experience


You speedhunter's photographers are truly amazing! haha. may i suggest that your next blog entry should give some photography tips :D


Nice coverage!!


Grande Dino! Awesome! May I ask if the white mask on the plates are putted by the owners or by you in post? Thanks!


Daikoku is too cool!

Love the first shot and the Tamon Designs FD!


Man, where I live sucks!

Wish I could have been there.

Excellent coverage!!!!

After the next part can you give us a link to the rest of your pics?

Sick stuff DINO!!!!!


Great stuff. Long live the rotary powered machines.


That was an awesome meeting!I dream to be there oneday!


can we please have a desktop of the last pic!!!!


All Japanises happy that nite..All is 7..


@STJ, They are 997, google is your friend

Dino!, here in chile we have aprox 10 RX7, 3 in the streets :(




last pic dtop


this is the bestshoot of every year!!! i will be there one day!


Good thing Koseki was at least there, it just wouldn't be an RX meet at Daikoku w/o the 4 rotor madness!!!


someone knows what are the wheels on the white fd??


Awesome meet. Would love a wallpaper of the FD in pic #7


When are you going to visit RE Amemiya? Amemiya-san is a pioneer in JDM tuning, Smokey even looked up to him when he was coming up.


I'M happy part.2


I want so badly to see an RX7 with the full A Spec kit. I've only seen like one or two that had the front, side AND rear pieces. The A Spec rear bumper is sechs.


I want so badly to see an RX7 with the full A Spec kit. I've only seen like one or two that had the front, side AND rear pieces. The A Spec rear bumper is sechs.


damn dino, i hope you thank the heavens everyday cuz you got like the best job in the entire f****** planet...


Keep it comin Dino! specially those SA22Cs!


Daikoku is the best place in the world! Every one would be there!


i think rx7 must be test with mazda Astina and then you may said that Rx7 is the best.ha..haa.haha.haha


I like the tamon design FD3S, that thing is soo awesome!

Carbon fiber hard top, carbon fiber hood etc..

The thing totally has it's own body lines, nothing like the RX7, except for the roof maybe. Nice pics.

I don't blame the old man for getting PO'ed I would too when there's traffic


The Abflug kit is too ridiculous. I want that rear bumper and rear fender set up soooo bad for my 7.Wouldn't know what to pair them with in terms of side-skirt and front bumper though...



There is no such thing as an "A-Spec".

The A-Spec Touring kit included a set of dampers and other suspension mods.

Mazdaspeed's parts list includes the type 1 lip, the Type II Nose and side skirts.

Later the GT-Concept Kit appeared to complete the kit with GT-C front and rear fenders.

All wore the A-Spec sticker on the side, thus giving misunderstanding of the A-Spec influence.

Koseki-san wasn't in the 4 rotor. It's currently in the rebuild stage.



Dino, I don't want to sound like those whiny guys that say "Desktop plz!" in every post they make, but I have to say it... I have always admired your photography, and of course the diversity of the events you cover in Japan. I check SpeedHunters mainly for your stuff!

It would be a crime not to release a few desktops, this meeting is a dream for many of us gearheads! And the rainy weather gives opportunities for some incredible pictures.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, I'm anxious for Part 3!


I have enough of italy... I want to live in JAPAN!!!!! take me away from here!!! I have enough of stupid plastic bodykit and idiot interior! I have enough of stupid people that call " tuning car" those stupid peugeot 207 and fiat punto filled by sub woofer and other rubbish! i can't stand this country anymore


With the Police pretty much bringing the party over at Daikoku to a rather abrupt end, understandably


Looks like 1 of the biggest meet ups ever.


Towards 10 pm on Wednesday night Umihotaru PA had officially been declared a rotary-only zone with the


japan knows how to do it big. if this had happen in cali most of the cars would have been taken away.


Say, would you do an itasha event since you took a picture on the Nanoha StrikerS RX-7.