Event>>all Star Bash X Pt.1

A little over a month ago the East Coast boys had their fun at ECB, last weekend the Midwest did the same at their own drifting bash, and finally this weekend the West Coast did their thing at All Star Bash X, hosted by the good folks at Just Drift.

As usual, there was camping, tomfoolery, and lots of drifting as I joined Linhbergh "short shorts" Nguyen to capture the excitement at Willow Springs. Here are some of my shots from Saturday's action at ASB X.

After waking up in LA to a foggy 65 degree morning, Willow Springs can seem like a different planet. Yes It was hot out there, but it could have been much worse considering the time of year. When I arrived the cars were already on track for the first of two non-stop days of drifting.

Since we are celebrating the art of automotive photography this month, I tried to take a slightly more artistic approach with my shots. With endless drifting and the dramatic desert backdrop, it was a good environment for trying on the art pants.

While on the subject of photography, All Star Bash will always hold a special place in my heart. It was events like these where I first attempted drift photography at a somewhat serious level…

A lot has changed in those few years since I started doing this, but a lot hasn't. There are still tons of awesome people with cool cars down to spend a hot weekend in the desert destroying tires.

I can't say that when I saw hand-me-down Toyota Cressidas in the high school parking lot that I ever imagined them doing this.

Trashed body panels and stacks of spare tires. I'm at home.

Pro drifting in the USA has cars of every type, but the grassroots level is still dominated by the Nissan S-chassis. Doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon either…

Equips in the front, RPF1's in the rear, both frozen at the moment of entry.

A few Formula Drift drivers came out for some care-free driving before FD Rd. 4 next weekend in Seattle. There's JTP in his FC.

Team NFS superstar Matt Powers was also out, showing how it's done in the unofficial "cool entry" contest.

Droppin' that top.

This little Corolla sedan was being thrown around with reckless abandon out there. Awesome.

By far the most unique car of the event was this FR-converted Subaru Legacy out of British Columbia.

It's pretty much a given that cars are going to break stuff at All Star Bash. Luckily there's plenty of time to fix them and get back out on the track.

Just make sure you bring enough extra tires!

I like the rough and simple looks of this zenki S14.

This screaming S2000-powered AE86 belongs to Mr. John Rusakoff. Yes those are new Volk TE37V's up front.

One more for the S13 fans, perhaps inspired by a certain Mr. Powers?

Stay tuned for more action from All Star bash, as presented by both myself and Linhbergh.

-Mike Garrett



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this was the dopest weekend of my ameature drifting life!!!

meet alot of cool folks, hung out with some of socal's elite. i learned alot, and definitely will put this experience to good use.


Man, love these kinds of events, nothing but drifting no points to worry about just hanging with friends and sliding...can't wait to get my car done and get out to this event and shred some tires.

P.S. the pics look great, the 3rd pic w/the red s14 and the pic of jtp are both desktop worthy(hint,hint)


More info on the purple subie please! I want to see that rear spoiler up close.


mike, what happened! you slowed down- i thought you were going to post on THE DAY of the event :p it was nice meeting you.


@Dennis, that purple legacy is my buddy logan from kelowna bc. Check out http://www.driftunion.com for more info on it. also got a handful of photos of it on my flickr:



Were is the Midwest Bash coverage?


Looks like a great time......I hate that I had to miss it! thanks for sharing!




That red Coupe looks crazy sexy!


Please, PLEASE make the opening shot a wallpaper!




Pakula !!


first time at a real track! show some love to the only miata out there!!! fingers crossed


Still no Midwest All-Star Bash coverage? I call shenanigans.


Rusakoff's hachi is so sweet...


Could I get a wallpaper of that red 180?


first time driving at ASB and it felt great, everyone have to do this event at least once.

team tandem was the best part/show of the day, awesome weekend.


Subaru is Logan Noel from DriftUnion, good friend of mine!


More on the FR subaru legacy. I own one myself and would love to see more or even a feature on this car. great work covering the bash, i'm looking forward to more.


Had so much fun. Running counter clock wise on Streets was so much fun. And had a chance to hang out with nocal's and Canadian's A!!!!!


Ramon's car may look Matt Powers inspired, cause those are actually Matts old rims ;)


Piss me off!


Looks like a fun event, I love the days that are purely social. What are the rims on that red S13? Looks like a new take on an old rim.

FR Legacys have been floating around for a while, just now someone is drifting them ;) That cressie has got some serious angle!


i love the purple subaru! also your action shots are on FIRE good stuff1


this is seriously making me consider moving to cali for a few years of my life...the cars are so EPIC over there. And if Matt Powers had an S13, it would def look just like that guy's. The driftunion guys are sick, too. The dude in the S13 very cleaned up nice, too! i remember seeing that thing with no body panels, just the rims and the cage. Love the final result. and that red S13 next to that white S13 hatch on work emitz (matej blahut??) looks jaw-dropping. I cant wait till i get my car so I can hit up a Bash event. EPIC.


Thanks Mike for using a picture of my car for the main image! If I had known you were there, I would have come to say hello! Awesome pictures, man! My favorite has to be the picture of Hiro's ass first entry!


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME coverage and photographs from day 1. Really looking forward to part 2.

I absolutely love the shot of the frozen wheels on the 240's entry!


I couldn't tell but is that an s13 vert I spotted with a rocket bunny kit?if so,more pictures


Haha, I made Speedhunters! That's me with the broken foot fixing Kyle's slammed red S13. Facebook.com/JordanInnovations


The two red S13's are mint


I love that I can see that its me riding with matt powers :) i look hella little

thanks again matt


i've been out of the scene for 6 years. realized its still as fun as it used to. i just didnt know that short shorts are back. i could've sported my neon green ones.


Well done photos