Car Spotlight>> Tayno’s Street S14

Last weeks morning drift session brought a solid line up of cars. One car that really stood out to me was Tayno's S14. So I thought, why not do a Car Spotlight?

Shortly after the drifting had finished, I approached Tayno and mentioned to him I was interested taking a closer look at the car. We both decided on taking the car out the back of the raceway to a wide open area and shoot some individual shots.

For the time we had, the location was great, with all the attention focused on this beautiful street car.

The S14 Series 2 still is accompanied by all its stock aero, even the front lip. With a good low stance, well fitted wheels you can simply not go wrong with factory items.

 The Volk TE37 are the wheel to have these days, but I don't think they will never make a car look boring. Tayno is also running the staggered wheel setup with 17's on the front filling the guards with a snug fit…

…The black 18's are a little tighter on the rear.

With nothing but a subtle roof lip, small items such as this are whatcomplete cars in such a nice, refined manner.

With a near 100% stock interior, just a few minor gauges to keep everything under control. This may help Tayno keep out of trouble with the police!

The exterior is just as stock, just lowered on wheels. Perfect stance.

…The car is by far too low for Australian laws, but Tayno is yet to get defected by the Police, I really hope he doesn't any time soon. The car is far to clean to be taken off the streets!

What more could you ask for with a daily car like this?

Here is the man himself chatting amongst a few fellow drifters.

The S14 in action!

Running the TE37's on the front, and CST's on the rear, the car looks just as good as it does when it's driving on the road.

Clean, consistent driving every lap; Tayno had nothing to complain about. The standard SR20DET had no dramas all day.

Driving from start till finish, lap after lap.

Like everyone on track days, as a photographer I really like to see people improving, especially over a 4 hour period of track time. From my point of view, Tayno seemed to gain more and more confidence after every lap, and by the afternoon he was pulling off some sick entries into Turn 3.

Rolling into the pits to conclude a fun day!

I'd like to thank Tayno for his time and efforts. It was a pleasure taking photos of such a refined S14 street car.

- Casey Dhnaram



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why can't more cars be like this? so plain and simple, yet looks 100x better than all these busted/kitted cars posted


Kouki s14 FTW


midnight purple, good sheyt


Live it!is that the OEM purple?

Can't believe the Aussy police would take this car of the rod simply because its to low.......not cool.


lovely just lovely !


Not an OEM front lip or roof spoiler either BTW

But car looks mad!!!

Engine and suspension mods?


Taynos car is one of the hottest cars I've ever had the privilege of seeing slide and just look at constantly appearing at drift events. Down to earth guy in an awesome car. Keep up the good work Tayno.


It's actually Starfire not Midnight Purple.


Nice ride. Some decent shots too


correct me if im wrong, but is that a s15 Steeering wheel?


very nice S14 indeed

this would be outstanding everywhere on the street

is there any more information about the 17's and 18's TE37 please

width? offset?




top knoch photography, hot ride, keep it up!


Great looking S14. SImple but so stylish, well done.

BTW it's not Midnight Purple, it's Shiraz.


Sweet, Speedhunters put up a car with real Volks! This car is amazing!


does anybody know who make this front lip? looks better than USDM lip.


Stock SR20det, stock side mount.

Silkroad coilovers, 9k 7k,

Rear toe arms,

camber arms,

Solid cradle bushes,

Tein rack ends and tie rod ends.

TE37 17 x 9.5" +12

TE37 18 x 9.5" +12


Desktop PUHHLEASE! Always love a clean and subtle street car.


What front lip is that? I know for sure that isn't factory.


nice s14

what front lip is that where can i get one?? deff not oem. more info plzzzzz!!!


Yes! It's been a long time since you featured such a clean car...

It lacks of info, but the car looks dope :)

Also, ain't that a Top Stage front lip?


I'd rather all wheels are bronze, or black, bronze seems to be more visible, however very nice


i love the lip front, its def not stock, but i have seen a few OZ s14s with it... anyone know who it is made by?


all these drifter hipsters and their ray bans :)


That's how it's done down under.

Superb photos Casey.


Damn this looks awesome!

Love the ride height and wheels of course!

Just shows that there is no need for wide body kits and keeping every thing pretty much OEM can looks nice as it is all in the stance and wheel fitting.


You guys really don't understand how bad the police are down here... anything but standard cars get reemed... :(


i need to hurry up and get to QR a.s.a.p!!


how the hell is that a s15 steering wheel noob


17, 18 x 9.5 +12

Runs silkroad coilovers, solid cradle bushes, Toe/camber arms, Tein rack ends and tie rod ends, Stock engine etc.


The best "Stock Look" Silvia !!!!!

CJ, no coments! beautiful pics!


To Vince and turbo2nr.

Yeah its factory, Australian Hi-Spec S14 lip...


Thanks for the comments, and props to Casey for the rad photos!

The lip is TopStage, colour is Shiraz and Marv got most of the other specs - thanks.


Very nice man! very very nice! 1st pic of it drifting is so good.


^^ sounds like cali with their laws on tuned cars...

sux for you guys!! hahaa


In quebec here in canada they pull you overif your two low then look for two other infractions to send you to inspection or worst toe you its quite ridiculous


hahaha on the 4th picture from the top i could swear the fence seems to look like a spoiler?


Awesome pix and so nice to see a clean and simple but very effective S14 on here, love the kouki face, never should have sold mine, dammit!!! Cool pics, would like to see a few desktops, cant go wrong with an S14 dropped on TE37 and just the lip and roof spoiler, F&^% YEAH!


The car as a whole is perfect...but two things stand out for some reason....the steering wheel and the front lip....loveeee those


just awesome, just the look i am going for. have the same car, same color, im removing the spoiler and waitung für coilovers at the moment! btw the laws in germany are similar. with that ride height youre not allowed to drive and you get fines and what not...


purely one of the best guys to hang out with out at the track. funny to see my ass hanging out of my pants whilst have a "debrief" after the mornings shreddings. tayno rock it hard and september i cant wait to unleash with you for some much awaited tandems that we have prepared for.



I was wondering what lip he has on it. You said OEM but I haven't seen many other cars with them. Just wondering so I can figure out where to get one lol


WyattHettle I'm in the same boat. this definitely isn't OEM in the US...