Car Spotlight>> Dutch Skyline 430gt

How do you explain the hellaflush scene to somebody that has function on his mind? I found myself in this very position during my recent visit to DBM Engineering. We Speedhunters have been talking a lot about flushness, the car in this spotlight proves that it's not all about the stretch, poke, stance or sitting flush.

This imported Nissan Skyline V35 is a very unusual car on the Dutch roads. Officially it shouldn't be here, so the owner imported it from Japan and brought it to DBM for some fiddling.

The owner opted for a full Greddy Gracer bodykit that includes the rear skirt with room for two exhaust tips. The exhaust is also an item from the Greddy parts catalog called the EVO II.

The logo on the rear of the car just above the rear light says 430GT, it's already a small hint at its engine capacity because it originally came as a 350GT.

The Greddy front bumper really makes this car stand out and leaves more than enough room for the intercooler.

The wheels in 19" and the matte black finish works perfect with the silver exterior of the car. And they prove you don't need to be hellaflush to make a lasting impression.

Behind the wheels we see the Greddy 6 pot caliper with a 360mm rotor. In the rear, they've used the same rotors but with a 4 pot caliper. The rest of the suspension system consist of Ikeya Formula parts, so you know this car handles perfectly.

When I approached the car for the first time, they told I had to take a look in the back and open the trunk. At first I saw nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal trunk with room for your golf clubs. But when the owner lifted the carpet I saw this impressive fuel system.

I was very impressed by the build quality and attention to detail. I also loved the fact that the trunk was still very practical with enough room for your groceries. Especially because it is still the owner's daily driver.

The engine has been fully rebuild and balanced and its capacity has been increased from 3.5 liter to 4.3 liter. To really push to power output to insane levels DBM also used a Greddy twin turbo kit. Now with 600bhp on tap, it really deserves to be called a Skyline.

Inside the interior, we can find some meters to keep track on the engine vitals. The rest of the interior has been kept stock

This car is really a testament of the build qualities that DBM has, so this car can wear the company's logo on its hood with pride.

-Jeroen Willemsen

DBM Engineering



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This car is so awesome i hope to see it driving around on the streets here in Holland <3


I had heard of 3.5 to 4.2l, I wonder if 4.3l is the max you can get from this engine.


If the wheels are fake, who knows what else is fake. The car loses credibility instantly.

Stop faking the funk!


It's an auto?


too bad its got an automatic trans



1. Why waste all that money to put knock-off Volks on..?

2. Why put all that work into an automatic. And don't say because it was built for drag racing because then you wouldn't have a BBK on front!


I dont see why all you guys bitch and moan about 'knockoff' wheels. Volks aren't cheap, and to have these that look the exact same to somebody 10 feet away for probably a quarter of the price, sounds like a deal to me.

Not everybody has a huge budget. And you never know where they come from.


I totally agree with Beach money is money keep in mind this is a daily driver and not a show car.


agreed with beach..

when its ur car u can do what u want where u want... thts y we all r in this to build our cars how we see fit..

my buddy's dad is driving a g35 stillen supercharged had stillen re-gear tht tranny since its auto with the triptonic at first i hated the fact its auto but once ur in a car tht sits jus under 400hp it really doesnt matter anymore.

u gotta think some of us grow old and wanna cruise but hv the power when we want ....

but u gotta love the haters out there... its what keeps me goin lol


the car is clean nonetheless. glad to see money dumped into building up the engine rather than dumped into impressing people with a name on the wheel. do you people even know why you like volks wheels so much besides the fact that they are incredibly hyped up? did you know you can get lighter, stronger, three piece wheels custom made for less than the price of a set a works?


How about those who work hard,have built motors, AND volk wheels?


No Volks, No Care.


why can't we have this car in th UK?? love the fuel pipework.. awesome.. DBM seem to set the bar quite high.. i love it!


in fact, i've never really seen a Skyline like this before when i come to think of it


I can't believe some of you people.

Money does NOT equal credibility. Who in their right mind thinks that dumping gobs of money into something that isn't needed equals credibility?

This guy obviously knew what was most important to HIM. The engine.

What is important to YOU, is important to you only.

Kudos on a great build. Love the car. Don't listen to any of these idiots that think bling = credibility.


autotragic :'(


Looks like a nice build. Punching the motor out to almost an additional full liter is incredible. I'm wondering, if he put so much work into the suspension, motor and fuel system, why skimp out and get the replica wheels? Seeing this car with an auto tranny is also a disappointment.


The rear skirt design/fit is awful. Otherwise, rad.


The V35 is my favorite skyline model, and this one is tuned to perfection. Only to bad that is a auto.


Clean ride, I'd like to set up a car like that for my girl.


and after all of that... the car is... an auto...? WHAT THE FVCK?


Do these Skylines in Japan come AWD or are they RWD?


Fake wheels.. that's hellaflush yo... That piece of varstoen crap dosent belong on that epic car.. it belong on VRT squad cars. And other Silly Silvia..


NOOOOO!!! AUTOMATIC TRANS?!!? almost perfect....


Knock off TE37s and a 600whp car thats automatic.


Uhhh it makes 600 hp and they even tore down the motor and rebuilt it bringing it to 4.3L. I dont see too much thats fake about that...quit being an internet fan boy. The "fake" wheels on the car look amazing so who cares if they put money elsewhere instead of paying too much for a set of name brand wheels.


the car is pretty sexy but if your going to have a car with over 500 horsepower you should know how to pick your own gears.


Fake wheels.. that's hellaflush yo... That piece of varstoen crap dosent belong on that epic car.. it belong on VRT squad cars. And other Silly Silvia..


I laugh at the ignorance of "Neh".


again with the 'only let thru the "kiss-ass" comments/posts'... never mind my man Nugget.. by the way the car looks 'hot' 'awesome' and your pics are 'oh so wonderful'


Fake wheels. Fail


Stop hating on the wheels, they could be much worse xD Volks are fine!


how the hell does the V35 even qualify to be called a skyline who cares about the motor and what not its not a tradtional SKYLINE


Who cares what he spends his money on! It's his car and his money. People these days seem to have some kind of obligation to dictate what other people do with their cars.


Totally awesome!

And then i look and see its a freakin automatic?!?!?!?!

Like it except for that,



Why would you even bring up budget in this discussion? Anyone who takes their stock car to a tuning place like DBM and lets them do this kind of stuff to it obviously has zero money issues. He had enough money to get 600BHP out of the car I am sure he can afford $4500 for wheels.


I'm so tired of the "fake wheels suck, get the real things" argument. The real things are expensive, Why? Because they are forged. the "knockoffs" are not forged, they are cast, and therefore cheaper. because of their difference in manufacturing techniques, the knock-offs are not really even the same thing as the real wheels with their higher strength/weight ratio. the real wheels manufacturer (in this case RAYS) doesn't really care about all the fakes and copies out there because they are dealing with two different customers. Brands like Rota and Vorstein(sp) are not taking from RAYS pie as is so often argued, because people buying the cast knock-offs were never in the $600/forged-racing-wheel market anyway! RAYS knows this, Enkei, Wedsport, Desmond, etc. know this. They know that for people to whom weight savings is highly important, they will get those customers. If Work, BBS, Etc. wanted the typical knock-off customer to buy their brand, they would make affordable cast versions of their popular styles. Seeing as how they don't, I'd say it's safe to assume that they don't care.


while everybody else is wasting several thousand on wheels this guy put his budget towards 600 hp. im sure hes got a lot more power than any little hellaflush lowrider wannabe. who cares what brand anything is as long as its functional.


Have you ever driven a V35 auto? Usually I hate autos with a passion, but after driving my friends, I can see there is a big difference between this and the usual slushboxes. The shifting is split-second. I can't say that it's as fast as a Ferrari, because I've never driven one. But in any case, the shift is nearly instantaneous, whether you use the shifter in sports mode, the buttons on the steering wheel or just leave it in granny mode.


If you have enough money to relocate your fuel system and stroke your engine, why wouldn't you spring for real Volks.... or something with a clutch.... Sure the knockoffs are less expensive but come on.



Prove it.



Knock-Off Wheels - Seriously?

Automagic Transmission - Nothing says "performance" like a slushbox.

Stickers - Adding horsepower since The Fast & The Furious.


If this car had 4 steel rims on it I'd still love it. Also it's not right to assume that every Speedhunter is flush/stance crazy cause I'm not. I can appreciate the looks of a slammed car but for me all you have to do is remove the excess fender gap from a car and I'm sold.


About the wheels the only reason I dont like replica/knock off wheels is because someone else put all their effort into designing them...then some opportunist just copies them and capitalises on someone elses work. (like using someone elses photo in an ad without giving credit to or paying the original photographer)


some people have other priorities. maybe the owner has kids or something. spending 2k+ to have a name brand wheel is like a girl who has to have a designer purse, even though a plastic bag holds things just as well. if you could take your kids disneyland or something, or have fancy wheels; you would have to be either selfish or immature to go with fancy wheels that roll just as well as stockers.



ell oh ell


To all the bitches moaning about the wheels .

SO what if it does not have a name stamped on them.

Give your misses back the hand bag and stop brand bashing you industry Whores .

Not everything as about show and how big your wallet is .

P.s THose wheels are Neil Patrick Harris GAY anyway .


I love cars that make sense. The flush scene, I believe, is a fad that will fade over time. Functionality forever.


Why even support fake wheels on a nice blog site suc h as this one?

It could be compared to stealing or pirating.


Nice car but the interior not too gorgeous...


i don't see what the issue is with the fake volks.

i mean, 4k+ for rims is a waste if you can get replica,

and then pump th other 3k into the engine.

i'd pick a ncice engine before expensive rims anyday


like sciclone pointed out, the auto trans in those cars are great. shifts faster and more accurate than a standard stick shift would. granted it's probably not as much fun as a stick shifts, but it is quicker.



Do you have proof that he can dump another $4500 on wheels? Sounds like an awful lot of money to me. People have budgets, and a set of RAYS might not be in order.


What the........

If you have kids and need to worry about money, then go buy your kids some food and stop wasting your hard earned little wad of money on an automatic G35 with knock off wheels.

Its like showing up to a fashion show with payless shoes on.

(Or running in sandals because they look like shoes, but you saved 30 dollars)

Also, just because you roll on Volks doesnt mean your hellaflush.

This car couldve been win, but it is fail.


LOL at all the people laughing at this car because it rides of fake wheels and is auto... how many of you actually have the coin or the knowledge to accomplish the same? How many of you are actually in a position to 'compare' to something you have in real life?

Can I compare? Can I relate? Yes... my 500hp Skyline rides on fake wheels, and it's an automatic - doesn't make it any less of a 'performance' vehicle. Moreover, the work involved with getting a automatic car set up to hold these levels of power far surpasses any level of work required to do it to one with a manual transmission.

And for the record; if I was to do it again - yes it would still be in automatic format for the sake of being unique.


P.S. There are many benefits of having an automatic turbo car. Look at how many auto high horsepower supras there are....


@roy and look how many of them are actually automatic


if this guy cann afford:

a 350gt skyline (import)

a fully rebuilt engine with 600hp and 4,3liter

an aero like that

he do can afford some real wheels and a manual tranny


Nice to see that people in Holland are finally stepping up their game. This is easily one of the sickest cars that's on the roads in Holland. Much respect to the owner, can't wait till the day i see it rolling by. Where is DBM engineering located anyways?


transmission is upgraded @IPT transmion stall is converted to 3000 rpm and is upgraded with Paddleshift

Awesome car


@roy and look how many of them are actually automatic


if this guy cann afford:

a 350gt skyline (import)

a fully rebuilt engine with 600hp and 4,3liter

an aero like that

he do can afford some real wheels and a manual tranny


Thank you Dalton. A good majority of the posters here are clueless to the topic, and really don't seem like "real" car people. (actually own some form of enthusiast car, work on THEMSELVES, and drive properly) I am proud of my Work wheels on my car. If they can't get it from your simple explanation then what can you do? I don't even feel bad for them. Ignorance is bliss....


wow 63 comments!

@peter (in case you come back) kodiak makes light weight three piece wheels for around 700 a wheel. heck even CCW's are less than works.


Wow. Never thought I would see such narrow minded comments on this site. People have different visions and purposes for their builds. Did anyone who is disbanning and picking apart this car notice the section that says "daily driver" or just did you all just look at pictures? Why put volks on a daily driver? Save that for a track car. Why waste the money on wheels to be driven on everyday, banged up, wore out, pot hole infested srreets. Grow up. Sound like a bunch off spoiled brat teenagers that got a $30000 car from mommy and daddy and then pick on everyone else that works with what they have. Bottom line, no one cares what you think! If its not a compliment or a crotique, then don't put in all this junk, negative comments.

And I rarely see anyone saying all the r35's are junk with their auto trans...


Can everyone shut up about the auto? Why do you think there are so many high horsepower luxury cars? It's not all about time attack and drifting. Maybe it's just a grand tourer?


Sad to see that the car scene has come down to what brand wheels you own and if your car is either auto or manual.

Really, why care so much about what someone else did to their car.


Haters everywhere. I don't like the car because to me it looks like a street cruiser built by somebody who has seen one to many wangan movies. I would be worried about the wheels cracking or bending if put under and real amounts of pressure. As for the automatic tranny, thats a good 300lbs over the manual version right here. But hey, if the owner likes it....


I actually love the fact the car is a auto, with a turbo you are always on boost with no need to lift to shift.


to all the haters, lets see YOUR car, then we'll judge