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I’m still a pretty big newbie when it comes to the VW scene, and while my knowledge of these cars might not be great, I do know that TUK Customs knows how to put together a Vee Dub.

TUK built the ridiculously slammed Mk5 we featured last year, and the guys from Northampton are also behind the Mk4 Golf you see here.

Very little on this ’03 Golf remains stock. Equal attention has been given to all parts of the build, resulting in one of the most well-rounded VW street cars I’ve seen yet.

While a lot of the customized VW’s we see are as stock as a rock under the hood, that’s not the case here.

The engine is a 3.2L VR6 sourced from an R32, then hopped up a bit.

Engine work includes a stainless exhaust manifold, short runner intake, and a remapped ECU from a Mk5 R32. The gearbox is a 6-speed unit from a Bora, with an upgraded clutch.

The bay has also been gone over with a full shave and lots of chrome.

It’s pretty tough to build a VW without bangin’ stance, and this car has plenty of the low and the wide. The drop comes from a TUK Customs air ride setup.

Setting off the exterior are a set of two-piece Porsche wheels, 18×9 in the front and 18×10 out back. Tires are Falken FK452’s 215/35 front and 225/35 in the rear. As you can see, the brakes have also been sourced from a Porsche.

Inside the cockpit, everything has been recovered in a mix of cream leather and alcantara. A black-painted roll bar has also been added to the rear.

The seats are fixed-back Recaros from a New Beetle RSI.

Finally, setting things off inside is a custom 300mm OMP steering wheel. Generally I haven’t been big on customized interiors like this, but I think it works here.

Exterior modifications include an R32 front bumper and sideskirts and a modified R-Line rear bumper. The headlights also come from an R32. Finally, the fenders have been worked a bit to fit those big Porsche wheels.

So once again TUK Customs comes through with a well-balanced street build that helps noobs like me appreciate the “dub life”.

-Mike Garrrett

Photos by Kevve

TUK Customs



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WOW!!!!!!!! She's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


Is that thing AWD?


I'm a Honda Lover.. but I must say DAM!!! that is one nice VW


Can someone in the VW culture explains why they didnt just build an R32 up? I like this build, but am confused...


Nice R32


Very nice! The interior looks awesome!


NEED that first or last one in dekstop size


ruined a super cool steering wheel, insides too creeaamy but the car looks awesome!


need that first or last one in wallpapersize


i could make my first child in that car


"Generally I haven't been big on customized interiors like this, but I think it works here." HELL YEAH IT WORKS!!!!



Probably didn't build an R32 because the rear clip is a little harder to slam. That, and because they're more expensive and difficult to find. Especially in the states. Only 5000 made it to the US.


Its not a street car its trailered everywhere.


Five-Star tuning.

absolutely highest level. my eyes really enjoyed ride through these pictures;)


so nicely put together - gotta love the artecs


beautiful.. i love the work under the bonnet.. i wonder what this car started life as?? pity its a "trailer queen".. just imagine if it was a daily driver?? i don't mean pity in a negative way but.. you know what i mean..


I appreciate the work done to VW but sometimes I just dont agree with them. I mean this is a show car, yet they have a roll bar in it, and i dont get the RWD stance and setup on a FWD car.


That's a sick build!


this car aint shit. i have a cadillac deville that would blow it off the road without even going into passing gear.


This car is just SICK!


awesome car. check out, trying to get a group going. you can add your car on the site