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When you want something done to your Skyline who do you trust? This is always a hard question to answer when you live in the Netherlands. When I still had my  Blitz Skyline I always made the trip to the UK for any tuning work. But after visiting DBM Engineering in Maarssen, Holland I now know where to bring my next car.

The shop is located in a dead end road with lots of burnout marks on the adjacent street. It was already a small hint at what kind of cars are being built here.

The shop itself isn't very big but it has all the characteristics of a powerhouse. Big powered cars lurk about on the facility, including this imported Toyota Estima with a 3 liter V6 engine.

One very familiar car, at least to me, was this Nissan Skyline. The car had seen better days in the past but I'm sure DBM will restore it to the R34's former glory.

What makes this car rather special is the engine…

…the RB26 was the first Nismo built R-tune as can been seen on this plaque that adorns the engine.

This 180SX is another project that belongs to one of the customers at DBM. The car was halfway done with parts scattered throughout the interior. I'd love to see this car again when it's finished.

I have driven shotgun in other GT-R's before but nothing could prepare me for the ride in this particular R33 GT-R. When you drive yourself you can hold on to the steering wheel and you know what is coming next, so I had a hard time staying in the seat when the owner of DBM showed me the true potential of this machine.

I have never experienced a more thrilling ride in my life and it only lasted half an hour. The way this car accelerates, stops and turns is insane. I brought my camera with me and I tried to convey the speed through my lens but this was the only shot I managed to take.

The owner of DBM really knew what the true capabilites of this car were but I really want to know what it can do on the circuit.

The main reason this car is so powerfull is this fully rebuilt RB26 featuring a full catalog of Greddy goodies. The Tein suspension system with adjustable dampers are responsible for the handling of the car. You can adjust the suspension from inside the car; from super-stiff to very soft.

The R34 in the opening shot is actually a R33. In Japan you need to see Bee*R for your transformation. But DBM did it in a different way… They used a real R34 nose instead of a bodykit. The transformation is a far from complete but already it looks very promising.

I'll have to return and see the finished product.

When I opened the hood I saw this increcible looking RB26 that is still under construction. A lot of quality parts are being used in the building process.

This is the first Full Race exhaust manifold in the Netherlands. When viewed up close it's a real piece of art.

In the afternoon a customer came by to show his rather unique ride. I'll have a closer look in a spotlight. You would almost forget that a car can look good without a hellaflush stance. 

I also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this BMW E36 that gets its power from a very special engine. Some of you might have seen this car before but this time I had the opportunity to get a closer look inside and underneath the car.

More to follow.

-Jeroen Willemsen 

Special thanks to Maarten and Jeroen from DBM Engineering



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The 200SX (since this is a garage in Netherland) looks just right. Those rear lights + no wing = awesome.


It's really fascinating how global the car culture is becoming. I have been to Full Race several times (here in Phoenix, Arizona) and to see their manifold all the way over there is so cool! more on the e36, please. I have one too ^_^


R34 GTR R-Tune is very nice!

I want more!


Nice write up! But the white Skyline has a rb25 in it. (note vtc solenoid and vtc cam gear sticking out of front cover)


E36 = Fucking AZOM!


WOW. This is an amazing shop and it looks like they do some really high end jobs very well... can't wait till the next post!!!


quote This is the first Full Race exhaust manifold in the Netherlands.

depends on when they bought it would ya think?


More on the E36! Very similar looking to the Judd KV675 powered hillclimb racer that always runs at the Berg Cup. Turbo jap motor though?


Isnt that the e36 with a RB26 engine ?


more on the E36 I bet it has a wild ass turbo setup


the white skyline has the 26. only the 26's came with those valve covers


Lol, that R34 front is from Lennard Wanders old R34 :P


that e36 runs on bio-fuel


i wanna know what they are doing with that ZZW30 MR-S in there


actually, it's URAS that makes the r34 front end kit for r33's.

Bee*R ,makes the r32 to r34 conversion kit.


E36, outside, skyline gtr spec nür inside (L) Competed in Time Attack NL series.


@EvolutionVII: It could be an import. ;) Can't really tell what side the steeringwheel is on, and the backpanel is hard to read from that angle.

But great looking cars!!!!


"When I opened the hood I saw this increcible looking RB26 that is still under construction. A lot of quality parts are being used in the building process."

That's an RB25, check the intake manifold. No individual throttle bodies.


The BMW/GT-R is a one of a kind indeed, some more info on it is available in this vid too


you are correct.. but that is a 25 with rb26 covers on it. 26s dont have vtc solenoids and vtc cam gears stick out the front cover :)


Isn't that S13 build by Albin from [frontrow... Ive seen that thing in his workshop. Crazy build. Love the e36 too!


love the look (and delivery of power) of the RB26 engine.. love the Beemer, thats tough..


nice and unique project the blue n black skyline with the nismo R1 engine


The E36 has a RB26 :)


The so called "RB26" in the unpainted white engine bay is really a RB25 ehh, who would of thought?


it is a rb25 with stroker kit and internals have been upgraded and they put rb26 covers over it.... ive seen in real, very nice engine....