Random Snap>>repping In Sweden

Speedhunters reader and drifter Mikael Svensson sent us this picture of his BMW E36 competing a Swedish drift event over the weekend. Mikael and his four-door Bimmer would end up finishing second in the event.

Nice work Mikael!

-Mike Garrett



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Notice the fact that the car's got plates! It's street-legal!

You can get plates on everything in Sweden :-o

I've seen a 1400 whp M3 that do the 1/2 mile in 7,5 seconds on plates!


deFlon: But the most of the cars is not legal. Swapping enginges or doing some changing on the enginge before the inspection is how they can run with plates. And if you got some connections :)


You might be right, man

I'm just having time understanding why this seem to happen way more often in Sweden, compared to Norway!


Norway has extremely high import & roadtaxes on road registred cars. So if you build a monster for the road/drag/track its way cheaper to just leave it unregistred and run it on track events.

I cant confirm the truth in this but what i can understand performance cars are very expensive in norway. When you buy a brand new m3 back in -96 the taxes was ~15k USD + retail price. So if you want to own a m3 from nintysix and you live in Norway you import one from sweden/denmark or germany, then you got the importtax thats the same as back in -96. Therefore you dont registrer it for the road. you just leave it without plates and use it on the tracks...


great photo, id love to see a feature on this car


it`s mutch easier to do upgrades on your car in Sweden compared to Norway, and get it roadlegal. The laws in Norway are a pain in the ass, and you won`t get anything approved unless you got TÛV documents. But in Sweden you have a special group cold SFRO thats approve eatch car individully if its up to the standards. So you can get alost everything approved in Sweden if you do thing correctly.

Sorry for my bad english, I`m from Norway.. ;)