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Well Speedhunters, as everybody knows, parking lots at high-end events such as the Ferrari Festival – particularly in Japan, bring out some unbelievable machinery. And the car I automatically hunted for at this event was, without doubt, the F40.

Despite the very dull weather, Ferrari owners came out to the Ferrari Festival in droves. The A paddock was reserved entirely for the marque, and the number of cars present did not disappoint.

Row upon row of fabulous examples of Ferrari from over the decades – from the '80s to the present time, that is.

The only "classic" Ferrari I saw was this 330 from the '60s.

Back to my hunt for F40s and this example, sitting behind a fantastic 599.

A late arrival. But seriously, who cares if you pitch up in one of these!

I'm debating whether this is a real LM – but being Japan, it probably is.

Here's yet another F40, this one all the way from Matsumoto. And yes, that's a black Enzo in the background (the only one I saw)..to the left and in the foreground from that yellow F50. In all, there were five of the iconic beauties in this one parking lot. 

To give you a better idea of the number of Ferraris in the parking lot, take a look at this view from the 2nd storey of the pit building.

And this one facing the other way. If you look very closely, there are 9 examples of California in this shot alone – 25 or 30 of them in the entire lot. Another surprise was the number of 599 – probably close to 25 examples.

Back at ground level, another angle across the lot…

Some good opportunities for close-ups

And contrasts

Or freakish things like this 1,000-hp Koenig Specials Testarossa from the early '90s.

Unmistakable beauty

Never ones to miss an opportunity, the Ferrari Approved Cars area saw a lot of foot traffic.

As a side show to the main attraction, this was a superb distraction. I can only imagine how many more cars would have shown up had it been sunny.

 – Len Clarke 



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The new 599 is such a beautiful car. Every time I see it in that Pennzoil (?) commercial, It always gets me goin.


Gosh! Please give us some wallpaper on those F40 and F40LM...what a bunch of gorgeous beasts!


-I'm debating whether this is a real LM - but being Japan, it probably is-

It is not an LM because LM's don't have glass doorwindows, like this one.


what? no pitctures of the sucderia spiders?


The most badass guy there is in the F430 that is adjacent to the F40 LM *wink* in the rear shot. Big ass ricer status wing and I bet all of his Ferrari buddies make fun of it but you know what that thing probably corners better than a Scuderia now.


Personally I don't like sound of most ferraris. Of course every Ferrari is a technical masterpiece and a beauty,but.... If i were to choose between f.e F430 and a Mustang RTR or GT500,without doubt i'd pick up Mustang,becouse it's just a car for man not a pussy,everyone can drive a Ferrari,even an old lady or a gay. ( I don't offense'em!!)


I'm sure I won't be the only one to say "WOW"

But I am the first!


good cars


that phantom dude brought ne wrong ride.


More of the 1,000-hp Koenig Specials Testarossa please!


the F40 sure were built ahead if it's time i love them


Hey look, in the picture of the Koenig Testarossa there is a black 458 Italia!!

those were real nice at the autoshow


Any more on the Koenig Competition Evolution? They have always amazed me.


Okay you didn't just take pictures of the 458. Is there any possible way you could do a car spotlight on the Koenig Testarossa you know it being Car Spotlight month and all.


f40, f40, f40, enzo.


i have seen both in person and its a totally different experience, hearing them fire up, the beauty of master craftsmanship and design.



hey got anymore of the Konig testa? those are rare mods and few examples are to be seen on the net...


That koenig testarossa is a beast!


phantom woooooo


Nicko: I see more housewives and women driving mustangs around then I ever see them driving a ferrari. Never even seen a woman driving a ferrari but so many women driving them.

Side note, wondering why all of the F40's seem to have the same license plate, dot dot 40


The photo before the last one and the one before... Desktop material right there...


Ahh, any close up shots of the yellow F50? The only car ever that I would actually consider buying in yellow.


Koenig Special Feature please!


Yum, yum...Thank you for the Ferrari specials.


That HAS to be one of the first 458 Italia's in Japan.

No 599 GTO's?


550 Maranellos get no love...


Please please please PLEASE make that F40 LM a wallpaper!!!


Some more Enzo, Yellow F50 and Koening pics please.


ahhhh i love those 430's

but man there must be more ferrari's in japan then actual maranello!!!! hahahaah lol

image that


I love how there were so many Ferraris in that one picture alone that you forgot to mention the Rolls Royce rolling by.