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The third round of the 2010 Time Attack Series took place at a scorched Brands Hatch circuit, south of London. The loop in use was the Indy Circuit, a 1.2 mile loop that included the famous Paddock Hill Bend, Druids and Clearways. The Time Attack Series record on the Indy Circuit was set in 2009 by Steve Guglielmi in his Lotus Elise with a 48.663s pass. As a comparison, Matt Neal in a BTCC Vauxhall Vectra set a 48.857 during qualifying in April 2009.

After dominating the first two rounds, Gareth Lloyd was looking for his third win in a row. He was looking on course for the win with fastest times in warm up, practice and qualifying.

Robin Duxbury was on flying form, consistently placing in the top five throughout the morning sessions.

A surprise return of Simon Norris in his infamous two door Evo IX SWB who was immediately on the pace, placing third in qualifying.

James Nicholls was another challenging for the win. He would finish the event fourth overall and third in class (P4) with a fastest lap of 50.757 in the final session.

Dave Perry's insane aero'd Nissan Pulsar GTiR would finish the day 11th overall and fifth in class (CP4)

The Club Challenge class was hugely competitive, with just over four seconds seperating the twenty five drivers in the final. Mark Pollard took eighth in Club Challenge in his Metro 6R4, proving the 20+ year old package is still capable of battling the imports today.

Gerry Atkinson in his Audi A3 was impressive all day but was destined for a twentieth place finish in Club Challenge and seventh in class (F4).

Brands Hatch is a circuit that demands a lot of power. Suzanne Duxbury in the ex-BTCC Honda Civic Type R struggled along with some of the other Honda competitors. In fact, only two Hondas made the final.

One of those Hondas was the DC5 of Paul Hughes, who finished 9th in Club Challenge with a respectable time of 53.801

Piloting the unusual choice of an Impreza Wagon was Matthew Clark who completed the Indy Circuit in 56.394

Finishing third in the Club Challenge class at the end of the day was Matthew Webb in the Dragon Performance prepared Mazda RX7 FD3S.

Taking second place in Club was Steve Linton in the phenomenally quick Garage Whifbitz Supra.

Taking the win in Club was Jamie Wilson in his S1 Lotus Exige with a final time of 52.187

Back in Pro Class and counting down to first place, Robin Duxbury in the Cyber Evo UK finished eight place overall in Pro and Club Pro and fifth in P4 with a 52.584

Shane Smith in the TR Racing R34 GT-R finished seventh overall and second in CP4 with a 52.378

Coming in sixth overall and fourth in class was Gavin Renshaw in the GC8 Impreza with a 51.750

In fifth overall and first in class (CP4) was Kevin Horsley in the Scooby Clinic Impreza with a 51.066

Fourth place overall and third in class (P4) belonged to James Nicholls on the CPT Evo VI, with a final time of 50.757

Third place overall and second place in class (P4) and on the podium was Simon Norris in the road registered SWB Evo IX with a 50.063

For the first time this year, Gareth Lloyd was not on the top step of the podium. His 49.648 was only enough for second place overall but he was still first in class (P4).

As reported yesterday, it was the Lotus Exige of Steve Guglielmi who took the overall win. Setting a fastest time of 49.031 on his second lap of the final, Guglielmi has fired a warning shot at Gareth Lloyd. The title race is officialy on.


This post has been edited on June 30th to include a more detailed breakdown of the results.Full timing results for the event can be found at www.tsl-timing.com



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With only 280-300HP those touring cars must be sensationaly quick in the corners.

Is it street tires in time attack?


Nothing about who came where in Club FWD?


Hi ! wow there were some so nice Time Attack Evos out there in the UK...

Wallpapers please =)

hoping for one of Norris Evo IX SWB and the UK Cyber Evo

Thanks in advance !


Great pictures, I love the crazy aero development on Time Attack cars. Also, I believe the Lotus is a Motorsport Elise, not an Exige. I could be wrong though.



Fastest front wheel drive in Club NUF was Paul Hughes in the DC5 Integra and fastest FF was Bo Nielsen in the Vauxhall Astra.


any chance of a spotlight on Simon Norris SWB Evo IX it looks deadly


amazing !!!


I think we need some other angles of that GTi-R!


Not faulting any of the wonderful coverage of the UK time attack events at all. Good work.

But I seem to recall there is a time attack series in the US. SH covered that series up until March of this year. We're a few days short of July, and there hasn't been a peep about the US series. Is there a reason that the US series isn;t getting any of the wonderful coverage that the UK events gets?


that aero kit was recockulous


You have mixed up Club Pro & Pro classes !

At least get someone who knows about Time Attack to report it in future.


Last time I checked, Simon Norris' Evo had 930 HP.. It's quick EVERYWHERE


More shots of the Pulsar GTIR!! It looks absolutely mental!!


At least report the full event,


Guess the $10,000 worth of wheels on the Cyber Evo UK just wasn't helpful enough.... *chuckle* That team has too much money!


Nothing about Club Challenge 4WD either which is one of the toughest classes out there!!!!! Yeah the guys run on street legal treaded tyres as it is a street based Series, to run slicks would spoil it altough lap times would drop a hell of a lot more. What a hot hot day it was as well.


Showcase Dave Perry's insane aero'd Nissan Pulsar GTiR please!!!

That is some serious body work!


What about the MINIs :(


great coverage and excellent photo's... love the SWB Evo and the little 6R4 still packing a punch..


Yep they use street tires hence why btcc cars arent far off pace using full slicks...


Less of the excuse please Mc.Grath and more overall coverage please :-D


Wow...that pulsar is crazy...any more info on that car?


I've just edited the post to give a more detailed breakdown of results. For example the TR Racing GT-R finished seventh overall but second in the CP4 class.

I apologize for the lack of detail in the results, I hope it hasn't caused any bother to the competitors.



Great write up Paddy! Good to see you Sunday! May see you at Wembley!


As for the Cyberevo, its only running a practice engine, which is 460bhp standard FQ400 engine @ 1.4 bar boost. and only the second time of being driven!

Definately a car to watch, once its running its "special" engine, complete with vband GT42 turbo :D


moer pics/info on the GTiR please!! i need to see more!


Nothing at all about Club 4WD apart from who came 7th in it :(


The Time Attack Series payed it's first ever visit to the Cadwell Park circuit for round 4 of the