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The Time Attack Series runs as a part of the Modified Live event. The event in it's entirety includes Time Attack, a static show, trade stands, demonstration runs and the European Drifting Championship. The scale of the static show is quite substanstial, with a wide variety of manufacturers and styles being represented by their respected owners. Because the event runs as a one day event, you literally can spend all day looking around without getting bored. I usually find at this sort of event that I've seen everything after half an hour and leave early. Once inside the gate of Modified Live I knew I was here for the day !

This Datsun 1600 pickup was an unusual sight in the show area. I'd love to see one of these with an SR20 or RB26 !

The actual show and shine area was HUGE. Since I was shooting the Time Attack event primarily, it was impossible to get around all of the static show.

This AE86 from the Netherlands was one of a few cars that travelled over for the event. It was only afterwards I realised how close Brands Hatch is to the Euro tunnel and these guys had less of a drive than I did !

This ABW prepared Impreza looked pretty cool. I think clear indicator lamps and no graphics would definitely improve it but I understand the necessity of graphics on a promo car.

You can never have enough Cosworths on display …

… even this Evo VIII was getting in on the Cosworth name.

Sumo Power were represented with a full lineup of their own car's and cars developed for their customers. Fuujin, the infamous drag R33 GT-R, was the obvious attraction on the stand.

This J's Racing kitted Honda S2000 was full of trick bits. I'm considering an S2000 for my next car so I payed close attention to this one.

This S15 fronted EG Civic will most definitely not be to everyones taste, but you have to respect the work that has gone into it.

This simple third generation Civic was in stark contrast to the show cars that surrounded it.

Whilst this Lexus GS may need more lowering, it was a fine example of VIP style.

This Sierra Cosworth looked menacing sitting on its own.

This Fiat Punto seems to have adopted a Hellaflush stance and I think it suits it. What do you think ?

The EDC paddock was jammed packed as always; Expect a spotlight on this chromed R33 Skyline with LS powers shortly.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the presence of the Sumo Power GT team.

People were free to get up close and personal with these GT1 weapons.

The little details you never consider when the car is in motion is quite fascinating. Check out the ducting in the quarter panel and then at the back of the arch to keep a constant airflow to the brakes.

Liberal amounts of Carbon Fibre were on display. I must remember to ask the Sumo Power team the weight saved compared to a standard GT-R.

On track the two cars diced it out, putting on a great show (and sound) for the spectators.

I'm very excited at the prospect of getting to see these two battle with their GT1 counterparts this weekend. It'll be my first GT1 event and I'll be sure to document my experiences for you guys.

Also on track was this Truck Full of Win.

It was exhilarating watching this drift the Brands Hatch course. He got good angle and was on his clipping points too. Future EDC contender perhaps ?

Another part of the demonstrations on track was a Bike Vs Car challenge. The bike was a factory prepared Triumph and the rider was definitely trying to defend the honour of his fellow power rangers. (I kid, I kid)

He would be up against the Scooby Clinic Impreza. Around the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit it was the car that took the win. The ability to hold higher corner speeds was a definite advantage on the sweeping bends of the Kent based circuit.

The end of my day saw the final of the EDC event. Mark Luney in the SVA Cosworth 350Z would be looking to defend his two wins on the trot at Oulton and Knockhill. Unfortunately, like Gareth Lloyd in the Time Attack Series, a three in a row win would not happen for Mark who spun in the final against Peter Barber.

Brett Castle returned to drifting at the wheel of the BC Racing R33 Skyline. He marked his return with a top four finish being eliminated by eventual winner Peter Barber.

The man who would take his first win of the season and in the new EDC format, Peter Barber in the Swinton / Hayward FD3S RX7. I'll be the first to admit my apprehension of the new format EDC has chosen to run for 2010. But having watched it in action, I really do think the EDC team maybe on the right track to bring drifting to a mainstream audience. Only time will tell if it was a risk worth taking.




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haha barry's corrola :)


lol @ Cilvia!


the 1600 is nice, wish mine was that nice. that is a very clean look on that ae86. and god why do not wanna admit but i love s15/hatchback civic. reminds me of the old school magazine days when i was a kid. takes me back.


that gs300 is a jzs161toyota aristo


In the picture with the ricey Civic, what car is behind it? Is it a Mini?


yes its a mini


More pics of tha J's racing S2000!


now here i am hating myself for liking an eg6 bubble...and its got daytons....i guess i just like clean originality....haters comment now!!


Some great cars and obviously a terrific show! Good stuff!!! I do like the Punto and the EG Civic :-)


i would say less that the punto is 'adopting hellaflush stance' and more that it's done in the traditional belgian style, clean, repainted and slammed to the ground on colour-matched rims


how about a Datsun 620 with SR and S13 front and rear subframes?



Some sic track action here!


cant be hard to make top 4 when there only 8 drivers


That isn't a Lexus GS, its a Toyota Aristo (JZS161) - started with the factory standard twin turbo 2JZ-GTE engine but it now running a single conversion. You should check it out at http://www.clubaristo.net and http://www.streetoptions.co.uk - it has had a lot of work put into it to create its unique wide arch look!


Hey Paddy, thats my 1969 521 Datsun, was thinking of a SR n/a conversion at some stage.


Any pictures of that seriously boosted mini behind the Civic clown car?


That Civic with the S15 front is the chavviest piece of junk I've seen in a long time.

And new EDC format doesn't get my respect until they change the name. Calling that the European Championship is a joke.