Car Spotlight>>anatomy Of A Cal-looker

As I checked the hundreds of VW's that came out to the Classic last weekend, I had the idea to shoot a spotlight on a traditional Cal-Look style Bug. It wasn't a particularly hard task, as this is the Cal-Look capital of
the world.

This light blue '67 Bug is a shining example of what the Cal-Look is all about – being simple, stylish, and fast.

Originally started on the streets of Southern California, the Cal-Look style is known worldwide. The term "Cal-Look" is thrown around quite a bit, but this car is textbook all the way around.

And it should be. It's part of the Der Kleiner Panzers – the original Cal Look club that's been in existence for over 45 years.

I know you guys have been wanting to see some faster cars posted, so here you go. This fully-built 2016cc engine makes 180hp and has powered the lightweight Bug to a best ET of 12.58 @ 105mph. All while being completely streetable.

Real Cal-Look cars are not slammed – they sport mildly lowered front ends and that's about it. The wheels are period correct 15" BRM's.

Another Cal-Look signature, a removed front bumper replaced with push bars.

A very simple cockpit, with the 5-speed shifter and Auto Meter tach being the only things that hint of the car's performance.

As much as I love looking at crazy slammed Bugs, Volksrods, and things like that – If I could have one classic VW in my garage it'd probably be something just like this. Timeless and cool, and fun to drive.

-Mike Garrett



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Thank you for your covering VW Classic event.

I miss this event so much because I have currently come back to Japan.

I shipped my 67' Bug to Japan with me, arriving here next month.

Every sedan from DKP is the most preferable style for me; simple but cool.

Probably you have already known about this, but let me tell you something, Mike.

Most of VWs modified into "Cal-Look" are just called "Cal-Look" like we know, but the style of VWs of DKP is what is called "California Look."

Those styles are similar but different when strictly speaking.

I love the California Look VWs the best!


the blue color on the last bug is perfect, shines like glass. good photography!


12.58? You know this baby pops wheelies then. I've seen a bug run low 13's and yanked the front end off the ground. One of my automotive dreams is to have a daily bug that can pull the fronts off the ground at the drag strip. Long Live DKP!!!


Never seen a beetle that clean...very nice


Any of the Beetles in that row would have made a fine spotlight, but I love the color of the '67 you picked, Mike. That's beautiful.


"Real Cal-look cars are not slammed..."

Exactly. :)

No roof rack, no "flushness", built motor. Beautiful


love it!! Der Kleiner Panzers? they know how to do it... in my opinion they set the standard.. and its very high... fantastic photo's...


desktop picks


Funny thing is in SoCal we call it the Euro look, we are all minimalists on mods, and tend to only perform most mods for speed/performance. This is most of the Euro guys. BMW, Audi, VW. To some extent even the ricers run clean look cars, F&F style is very very rare out here.


I had the luck to get a ride in that car a couple weeks ago... Very, very impressive..!!


Cal look cars also rocked window gaskets with no chrome. Hawaiian look cars had white gaskets also chrome-less.


Great pics, I know the California Look community would be interested in seeing more of them, feel free to share them on !