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After 1500 kilometers and a total of 14 hours driving, I got home yesterday evening after attending the Tuning World Bodensee show. Nothing could prepare me at the sheer size and scale of this event. It was huge. With more than 15 halls that were filled with all sorts of cars and styling cultures it was one of the biggest events I ever attended.

There was so much to look at and shoot. So I made sure that I had enough material to show you guys. Are you ready?

First up is this Volkswagen Golf 4 with a custom Bora front. The color and the graphics were the most striking part of the car, that was until I saw the wheels and the interior. More on that later.

This Celica attracted my attention because of the leather cover over the engine. Not sure how practical this is or if it even drives like this. The owner has even covered the exhaust header with it.

The lambo-style doors are still a big hit in Germany and Switzerland but this Alfa Romeo 147 GTA  got away with it.

Wheels are made by O.Z. Racing and are called the Ultraleggera. These lightweight wheels fit perfect with the performance figures.

The interior on the other hand was not made with performance in mind.

Inside the engine bay I saw this custom carbon cover over the intake.

A classic bug is a car that always appeals to me. I especially loved the white wall tires with the red wheels and of course the stance.

But wait what is that I see on the chrome hubcap…

…a ultra clean 1983 mk1 rolling on some extra wide Schmidt TH wheels. They come in 14″x9 in the front and 14″x10 in the rear. The drop has been achieved thanks to KW suspension bits.

Not sure about the exhaust or the rear lights, but the rest of the car screamed perfection. And no there is not a real person under the car just some legs to grab some extra attention.

This Scirocco was one of the most extreme version I saw at the show. I have seen it before at the Essen Motor Show last year December. Did you also noticed the bucket with the custom graphics on it?

Another cool Scirocco was this version on the stand of Rieger. There is plenty of room inside the wheel wells so 20″ wheels are almost mandatory. These white color coded ones are made Barracuda and are called Voltec.

Rieger also has a solution for your new Opel Corsa with a complete bodykit and Dotz wheels.

Here is that Golf again from the opening picture. I had a hard time photographing this car because of the crowds that surrounded this car. I really liked the fresh teal color. The second thing I really liked where the wheels, can anybody identify them?

The wheels at the front had the same vibe as the rear ones but missed the inserts. Can you screw those pieces onto the rims? I really wanted to know but couldn’t find anybody that could share some light on this matter.

In one of the halls with lots of car clubs I saw this Volkswagen Polo. The red paint job really set it off together with the red wheels. It’s cool to see these cars that are 20 years old or even more still being loved and cherished by their owners.

A new phrase has been invented…

The engine bay has been painted white and features a G-lader and carbon high lights.

One of the few E30’s I saw, I hoped for more but It wasn’t meant to be. This one had cool blue color and chromed engine.

Looks familiar right? That’s because I featured this car not too long ago. The Army style A6 looked even better in the flesh.

The Bentley wheels looked mighty impressive under the massive arches.

This Mercedes 190 scored some major styling points from me. The matte white and blue paint job worked wonders on the exterior.

The extensive drop and the white AMG wheels didn’t had any problem grabbing the attention of the crowd.

Ronal wheels with Porsche logos on a matte silver Audi TT? A perfect combination if you’d asked me.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

That’s it for part one I hope you enjoyed it. I’m already busy with part two where I’ll show you some more Japanese cars.

Jeroen Willemsen

Tuning World Bodensee



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More on the dark blue E30 please!


the wheels on the VW golf could be custom billet jobs as the rear looks to be one whole centre piece and not and insert.

but the rear wheels look identical to MoonEyes Speed Master Wheels.


that Alfa 147 looks SICK


For the Celica, the leather is the intake manifold, not on the exhaust ! Look strange... with engine heat it would do a nice mess.


The wheels on the Golf are custom cut Budnik Wheels. M5's on the front and Muroc II's on the rear!


the tt looks like something from irobot!


The TT and Merc 190 are ...well...lets say maybe our tastes differ. Love the pics tho of all the other cars, wish I could wander that place!


email me at enquiry@mmxpl.com


Arent those AR Salt Flats?


Good show report Jeroen! Nice pics!


Why bother with those lightweight wheels on the Alfa? I mean lambo doors and other heavy stuff's been thrown at the car so i bet they don't make much of a difference. I really like the Beetle and the MkI Golf though.


Is it bad that i still like lambo doors?


O.Z. Ultraleggeras are about $800 apiece.


euro style is so sick...


those look like the wheels used on classic cars. try American Racing Salt Flat Special or Magnum 500 style.. the fronts are a different set, and no, they "centers" don't bolt-in


the rear wheels on the teal vw are billet knock-offs of the original Halibrand wheels. They aer all one-piece, no inserts.


Sorry, Muroc II


Check out Halibrand for the rear wheels on the teal VW.


great show.. good pictures.. couldn't see the G-Lader on the sweet Polo{??}.. love those wheels - what rims has the cool MK1 in orange got on out back?? keep the coverage coming..


I come from Germany and i can not see these tuned cars anymore which are only build up for the looks.

But this is the car culture here...

If you want to see some proper tuned cars in Germany you have to go to Hockenheim or Nürburgring and watch trackdays...


It was a absolute Spectacular show, especially the Drift show of Team Green/Falken and the Lowrider action...

Will be there again next Year:-D


The Wheels of the MK IV Golf are Budnik Tiller(8x19") at the Front and the Rear Wheels are Budnik Muroc.

For more Infos at this Golf write me an Email at Der-Mika@gmx.de.

Nice greetz from Germany


the front rims on the golf are Budnik Tiller and the rear rims are Budnik Muroc. This are two different types of rims and not inserts


Nice cars, but please take pictures of other cars that are not bagged too ;)


Wheels are Billet made by Budnik. Rear wheel is called the Muroc. Front wheel appears to be a modified version of it.


idk not my style of cars


hate to say it, but this sums up everything i hate about European 'tuning'. the old school VWs are cool, the rest is just too much OTT flash.


On the lovely teal Golf:

Front = Budnik M5

Rear = Budnik Murdoc 2

Both come polished silver, but have been obviously painted white in this case.


rename to ricehunters.com...god i hate eurostyle..and im from europe!!


went to this show once a few years ago.. never again! I prefer mods that make a car faster.. not at all to my taste and I completely agree with "crapcarcultureingermany" on that, come to the racetracks to see real cars.. but I guess everyone can do to their car what they want..

(someone said drift show.. come to an IDS Event to see real drifting, the same guys but on proper racetracks.. ;) )

"O.Z. Ultraleggeras are about $800 apiece."

well only if you buy them in (as the alfa and way to big) 20''-format.. 17's are about $350 I think.


The TT is just so smooth.


Thanks for the positive comments


that red and black scirocco looks like its ruuning new audi front head lights!.

also that celica is all show there's no way they drive with leather engine bay and 7ich lcd screen on cover!! forget that man... it'll be an expensive hood popper!! lol


Besides that Flush TT, that old beetle and that orange MK1, is pretty much RICE.

German Rice is almost worser than US-rice. And what the damn is with this little flatscreen in the enginebay of that celica with its leather'd engine?

i know what i am talking about, becuase Rice is almost standard (besides bone stock and fucked up) around here in germany...


The rims on the blue Golf MK4 are from BUDNIK. I don't know the exact modell... You can look it up here: http://www.budnik-germany.de/

Hope I could help you.


Lets quickly start with part two of my coverage of the Tuning World Bodensee . Some of the comments in


It's sad when us Americans do VWs better than the Germans


Walls of the old VW's and the silver TT plz :) Thanks :P


One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from


One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from


Diggin' that Bug. Pretty vintage!


More pictures from Bodensee on www,vwaudistyle.ch