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After 9 hours and 50 laps, the big news is the #1 Manthey Porsche has stopped out on the circuit after being in an accident with a slower car.  As you can see from the Top 10 below, The #76 Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 with Patrick Soderlund and Edward Sandstrom, joined by Marko Hatung and Martin Ohiln is in an excellent 8th overall.

Pos.    Nr.    Marke    Runde    Zeit
1    99    Audi R8 LMS    51    9:10.447
2    9    Porsche GT3 R Hybrid    51    9:01.891
3    25    BMW M3 GT2    51    9:01.592
4    2    ABT Audi R8 LMS    50    9:01.637
5    43    Ferrari F 430 GTC    50    9:31.379
6    8    Porsche GT3 R    50    9:02.443
7    102    Audi R8 LMS    50    9:13.897
8    76    BMW Z4 GT3    49    9:21.312
9    97    Audi R8 LMS    49    9:28.540
10    18    Porsche GT3 Cup S    49    9:06.127

Long way to go though!

UPDATE: Sunday @ 3am EST, 9am CET - Amazingly the #9 Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid leads, from the #2 ABT Audi. Team Need for Speed is now in 5th place overall ! You can follow the leader board HERE

-Andy Blackmore

Audio commentary from Radio Le Mans

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Crazy hour or so there, first the Manthey Porsche crashes then the 100 Audi that had just taken the lead for a few seconds crashes out. Right now the Hybrid Porsche is leading and if this continues I have a feeling they might be in it for the win being able to go 2 laps longer before fuel stops. Should be an interesting night and day.


Also if this attrition rate continues the NFS Z4 will have a chance to be on the podium lol.


Where are these standings reported? I'm having no lucking finding them explicitly listed....


Keep it up guys


6th place so far, 3rd in SP9 GT3. GO TEAM NFS!!!!!!


Grand Am Champ Leh Keen is in the number 43 Farbacher Ferrari


Nice to se an hybrid ine the second place. Have fun in the Nurb'!



Rank 4 after 19 hours.


LIKE IT...Cause I don't like Porsche


Just came home from Nordschleife. It was great, fantastic atmosphere everywhere. I've visited all the bigger spectator locations.. very very crowded. Every petrolhead should visit the 24hr race at least once in their life to experience this :)

Manthey back to box with damage : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0NXxrg5gNo

Live radio with English commentary : http://www.radiolemans.com/


nice one guys.. am kinda rooting for the BMW M3 GT2 & the BMW Z4 GT3.. come on guys - good luck and get the "lead out!!"


the hybrid just stopped.. :(


Keep going for gold, GT3 Hybrid!


The BMW M3 GT2 won!