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On to our second installment from Japfest 2010. By midday everything was in full swing the Drift competitors had been out for the first round of the team challenge and suffered some mechanical failures. Steve Biagioni was out with a very sick RB26 as well as Ben Broke-Smith with drive shaft problems so there was some manic action around the paddock with everybody trying to make it out for the final.

As you can imagine Japfest being the biggest Japanese car show in the UK the place was littered with Subaru Impretzas. Every model conceivable was present..

..The one that caught my eye was this strange looking beast.. I cant remember the last time I saw a Brat but this one was packing a WRX engine and making all the right noises during the public track time.

Not to everyones taste but Severnside imports outrageous Nissan Gloria turned a fair few heads.

You gotta love BBS rims. they suit just about any car out there, they finish off this nice clean Del-sol nicely..

..As they do on this uber cool VIP style four door Accord.

Im more of a Golf fan really but there is something about a tastefully modded Civic that you just cant ignore.


While poking around the Mazda Rotary club stand this caught my eye. And Im fairly embarrassed to say i didn't have a clue what it was.. 

..On farther investigation it turned out to be One of the only Mazda RX4's left in europe. 

It was discovered stored inside a house and and was in such a solid condition it did not even need to be welded. Just a light sympathetic restoration job and the addition of some period Cragar wheels was all that was needed to bring it up to the immaculate example you see here.

Back in the drift paddock the feverish activity was continuing. A spare gearbox had been sourced for Walton smith..

..While Julian proceeded to strip the two damaged boxes to make one good one.. now im not sure what the time given in the Nissan workshop guide is for a gearbox rebuild but Julian had two hours to complete the job to be back out for the final..

..Something that was achieved with minutes to spare! 

Competition wise it was Phil Morrison and Dan Chapman of team Driftworks..

..V's Danny Eyles and Paul Smith from team Japspeed..

V's Anthony Scott and Luke Fink from team Skyline part.

With Team Driftworks taking the win and the £1000 prize money with Japspeed coming in second and Skylinepart 3rd.

Its really nice to see the familiar Cars from the UK competition scene being used on display. I good sign that Drifting in the UK is taking off and people are taking notice.

Quite a rare sight in the UK now. Back when i was 17 i always wanted one of these little pocket rockets..

The little 1 litre 3 cylinder turbo in the Charade GTti was the first production engine to offer over 100bhp per litre.. added to a super light chassis its probably a good thing I never actually got to own one.

Almost stock looking but packing a 400hp turbo punch.

I was a little bit disappointed see only a handful of AE86's, a sure sign that this iconic car is getting rarer and rarer in the UK.

The Sexy Knights D1 street legal FC now owed by Redline magazines Steve 'stavros' Neophytou.

So my first ever Japfest was a enjoyable one! great weather loads of track action and most importantly the best collection of Japanese machinery in the UK all gathered up in one place..Will I be returning? For sure!!

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I spy with my little eye something beginning with Yellow Banana! :D


that "uber cool VIP style four door Civic. " is an Accord :P


wtf happened to the sexy knights FC?? the new owner ruined it with those headlights


Good coverage, love he old RX...but VIP Civic? Not exactly what I would consider VIP-able...sorta like a 4-star McDonalds.


Oops, I meant VIP Accord. So that makes it a 4-star Burger King.


At £5,000 a pop, it's no wonder AE86's are becoming rarer! Great read / pics, as always.


Nice cars


LOL @ "Impretza"


stavros is already going downhill with the sexy knights fc...

lame headlight conversion?? c'mon son! hahaa


Nice RX4, but that Gloria is ugly.

lol Daihatsu Charade.


I'm not really sure why anyone would bother to import a SEXY KNIGHTS car then slowly stat to ruin it....



Nice coverage but the "4dr civic" is a Accord ;)


excellent coverage. that first shot with the s15 churning up some smoke it incredible. the driftworks s13 livery looks super funky.... i think i'm in love :D haha


The silver VIP Civic mentioned at the start actually is a UK-spec Accord.

Great write-up though


Love, love, love the Subaru Brat!


Nice cars! About time someone did a WRX swap in a Brat, I'd do that or even drop in a STi...if I had the resources ;)


The banner on the front windshield of the Sexy Knight FC says "Pussy-Pussy". Ha.


i agree with "NuggetG60YorkshireUK" - people want mega money for old beaters.. - love the Grey Civic..


That RX4 is awesome. I just love those things to death. Not many here in New Zealand either.


Ross - awesome post especially the 400hp MX5 but one thing... it's Impreza not Impretza


The Luke Fink metioned, is that the same luke fink from australia? the one in the Drift Australia series?


Well, there are some RX4s in europe. I have this http://www.siert.nl/forum/RX4/RX4-1.jpg in Finland and there are some in Sweden and Norway.


Good to see the cluboutrun.net sticker on the Severnside Imports Gloria - keep reppin Aus Fink!


Did anybody proofread both write-ups? My first language isn't English, but even I can spot a lot of bad grammar. An otherwise good write-up is ruined by so many writing mistakes, to bad...


finland , sweden and norway = scandanavia not europe .

might be part of he e.u but not actually in europe same as russia .


hmmm a mixed bag of 'treats'.. love the Suburu Brat.. the Honda 'Del-Sol' does look good on those BBS.. as for the Charade GTti, they were quite a desirable car back in the day.. the Toyota Corolla AE86's are most. def. iconic - but sellers are wanting premium money for what is fundamentally an old car.. albeit iconic.. like many cars from 'that' era all it takes is the cars popularity to 'sky-rocket' and everybody wants crazy money.. good photos too


the drifting was awesome JDM Allstars laid it down good, cant wait now till wembley


The headlights are 22lb lighter than the stock ones, and I smashed the old ones drifting, THATS why they are changed, I couldnt give a damn about its originality- Its not as if it was a super sucessful car or anything- its there to be used, and the more internet drifters it offends the better, lol.

TBH as they are east bear lamps the JDM fanboys should love it, lol.


Some awesome looking rides,great to see this event getting bigger and better in the UK!


VIP style cars are lame, just lowered with retarded rims and cambered wheels. How is that something that is considered special? Most of the time it's not even a custom paint job.


ryanaldo said:

finland , sweden and norway = scandanavia not europe .

might be part of he e.u but not actually in europe same as russia


Ehm all the Scandinavian countries is in Europe, they are European countries


need car spotlight on that WRX Brat!!!