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The weather hasn't been too good to us since Rod and I arrived in Sydney yesterday. To cheer me up I looked at some of the shots I took last week down at the Daikoku Parking Area during the monthly meeting me and my friends have. It's always nice to get together and chat with like-minded people but I was far more interested in testing out my new camera that night, like a kid and his new toy. 

Since the ISO capabilities of these new Canons are simply amazing I purposely left the tripod at home armed only with my trusty cheapo 50 mm lens. I was blown away at how clean all the shots turned out to be and the ease and speed the camera seemed to focus in every situation. 

This is one very special R34 GT-R. It's a pre-production model built before the BNR34 went on sale in January 1999. This was one of the original press cars that Nissan handed out to the media. Most of the car is hand-built, each engine part carefully selected to make sure that it would perform to its fullest. Rumor has it these cars run more boost thanks to special turbines, producing a little over the 280 PS that Nissan quoted. The car is still 100% stock but sounds nothing like a stock R34! The engine revs smoother and has a deeper tone hinting at just how special it really is. A collector's car to say the least!

This little group of Mugen RRs really grabbed my attention as it's not every day you see a gathering of such a limited edition car.

Joining the four double Rs was a J's Racing Super Taikyu endurance car replica and a regular blue Type-R.

I was treated to a test drive of this monster! Running 1.3 bar of boost and tuned with a very special ECU map this R35 GT-R really impressed me for its face-ripping acceleration throughout the gears. It was also recently fit with custom built Bilstein track-spec dampers, far too advanced for a quick assessment out on the wangan.

This S14 drift car had a very cool black on black look. I'm guessing the bumper will get some paint soon!

One way to stand out!

As if the Mugen RR didn't have enough carbon parts from factory the owner of this particular example fitted a carbon trunk and has probably decided to save ruining the original Mugen wheels by replaing them with these chrome AVS 5s.

Ok time to go and do some shooting in Sydney now!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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damm the best civic ever!!!


A+ coverage. Thanks!



Your camera gives little blue flashes to the details (i.e. GT-R badges) Nice!


Damn, that red fd2 is nasty


love them mugen RRs.. only ever seen one here in England, think the owners lives in my town


ill trade my s2000 cr for a mugen rr...only 300 were made + i love red


wow, those RR's...


What a gathering of RRs


Please, please give us a background of that first picture. I'm begging.


The Yellow R34 GTR was interesting... Thanks for that info.

Daikoku Parking Area is such a great place for pics + it is so well lit up.


I love the chrome Advan AVS T5s! I have a set of the same in 19" on my RX8. It is heartbreaking when stone chips gouge the chrome out though...


seen a few of them RR's in NZ, never imagine I'd see one modified though! seeing how limited these things are


You mention a new Canon, what kind? I'm looking into a Rebel T2i right now, so I'm hoping you're not referring to something like 5D, lol.

As for the shots, love them all, but that last red and carbon RR is absolutely delectable.


i like how the s14's bumper gets ziptied before it gets painted. lol.


My R-32 GT-R is the same color. I can't wait to come down there to Yokohama in a couple of weeks.


Altezza tails on that RR? C'mon MAN!!!


Francis...that would be the 50 mm lens I used. It's not high end so there are some trade offs LOL


RR look insane stock,but seeing those with carbon fiber... I just jizzed in my pants.


yeah mugen RR! that first one would look great on any desktop.


There's also something intriguing about the pair of minivans with big wheels.


I'm pretty sure every RR there has stock tails, the light is just hitting the last one weird.


Nice pics and cars.

What happened to random sightings in Japan?!


Welcome to sydney man! I'm sure you'll love the weather we're having! full of nothing but cloud and rain.. wanna go to the mountains??


top notch photo's and covergae love the Mugen RRs - pity we don't get them in the UK.. thanks!!


AWESOME hondas , loved the meeting, thanks dino

wtf is 'replaing' though


lol Civics


ahahaha ugly ass civic... its japan though so it can slide.


"Your camera gives little blue flashes to the details (i.e. GT-R badges) Nice!"

I think it's actually chromatic aberration caused by the "trusty cheapo 50 mm lens". With a high-quality lens, the colour flashes wouldn't be there.

Cool pics anyway, as always :D


The camera angles you used make all the cars look as thought they're miniatures?! Damn cool none the less!


Dino can I ask what canon you got?


Yeap, that's chromatic aberration.

Dino, is that a 7D?


Epic carbon Civic!!!


WHY would anyone put chrome wheels on a Mugen RR???


What wheels are on the S14?


Japan, Japan . . . Japan


Bendoe: In the EXIF: Canon 1D Mk IV!

As always, nice coverage ;)


********** 1st pic wallpaper PLEASE! :D


those AVS 5s are so fresh on that last RR


You don't know how much I like these posts about the Daikoku. I think I have said that before. :)

You can see Dino's camera information by right clicking the images, atleast that's what I can do in Opera.

>Canon EOS-1D Mark IV<


EXIF data in the photos is saying they were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV.


I believe it is a 1D Mark IV


The S14 must be owned by an american... LOL


The S14 must be owned by an american... LOL


Seriously I can't stop drooling over these civic.

It makes my si look like crap :(