Builds>> Rtr-x Progress: Part One

Here is the current state of what is to become the RTR-X.

Our brand new Dynacorn body was delivered boxed up and on a flat bed.

Once unloaded, the guys at Steen Chassis opened their present; a hunk of beautiful metal a.k.a. a '69 Mustang body that will without a doubt be keeping them busy over the next couple of months!

The first thing they did was get the car in the air leveled and measured out. Then they chopped the front end off the car since we won't be needing it, as it will be getting replaced with a custom Art Morrison front subframe.

They then cut the factory wheel-wells out plus some to make room for the custom tubs that will be built.

The entire body was went through and all of the miscillanous holes and imperfections were marked up. A circle means it needs to be filled in and an X means it gets cutout.

Did I mention EVERYTHING was marked up?

I am very excited to see what this exact shot looks like just five months from now!

In the mean time, I have been looking through classic Mustang restoration books, schematics, and other references like a mad man. By time we are done, I will know every part number ever to a '69 Mustang. It's kind of sad when you notice a pattern to the part numbers!


Parts have just started rolling in and the progress of the RTR-X should start moving quite rapidly over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! I will leave you with a clichéd saying: "You will see nothing but the taillights." Wait… we don't have any!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Introducing the RTR-X



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Can't wait to see this melting Falkens!


I became very excited when i read (at your previous post) that this car will also participate in drift shows etc!

I reckon that its TRUE destinarion is to be a driven by a skillfull driver like you mr.Gittin...and not just be a trailer - show queen!

Please keep us informed as frequently as possible!

Sorry for my bad english!


Very cool! I'll be watching intently! I love how as soon as it showed up it got cut up.


hells yes

cant wait to see finish product


MATTE GREEN "old school army" with MATTE BLACK wheels with that GLOSS BLACK DEEP LIP!!! DO IT son... DO IT!!!


That black looks pretty good. It would be cool to see it stay that colour.


cool nice rendering in the introducing


Very interesting and exciting build. Will be waiting in anticipation for continuous updates


love it already!


awesome project . We are currently busy with a resto mod of a 69 mach1 so I can fully relate to the part numbers bit


J'ai vraiment l'impatience d'attendre , un projet qui seras magnifique good game :))


great car,,,,,, awesome,,,,,,,, congratulations JR


Epic build is about to be Epic.


If the end result is like the rendering, it's going to be a badass Stang.

I really like it, and will be following this build closely.


not a massive fan of american cars but judging by drawings the this will insane!


shread it BOSS !!!!!


God, I want to run around the corner and take a look at this!


Those dyncorn bodies look brilliant


looks like it's going to be a solid build! good luck JR and i'm sure you'll keep us all posted ;)


Sorry...what i meant was...its' destination is to be driven...


its all coming along nicely.. looks like its being built ot last too..


Yeah Rise Against !


Feels like Deja Vu...


Yay, a build blog. This will be very interesting =).


mate, im not normally a muscle car bloke, but seeing some of the 'stangs you have been involoved is turning me quick...

this one looks to be a stunner, no question!