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I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project which I have been working on since December of 2009. Most of you have seen the Mustang RTR, which will be heading to select Ford dealers in early June, and also the extremely-limited all carbon fiber Mustang RTR-C; both of which are my vision of a new generation of Mustang.

I have now taken the RTR brand full-circle back to 1969 – turning a ‘69 Mustang into a radical street\drift-styled machine to debut at SEMA 2010. I am so pumped for this project, as well as the fact that everyone will be able to keep up with the build from the current concept phase to its completion here on Speedhunters is simply awesome!

Upon its completion, I am hopeful that the eyebrows of the automotive culture around the world will be raised by the Team Need for Speed RTR-X and that it will not only look unique, mean, and aggressive, but it will be getting nuts on tracks and star in multiple Speedhunter’s film projects with me screaming behind the wheel!

Not only am I overly-excited to drive the car, but I am equally excited for the entire world to be able to get behind the wheel of the RTR-X virtually in upcoming Need for Speed video games.

The conversations for this project started at SEMA 2009 when I was chatting with the Speedhunters crew while looking over the RTR-C and RTR. They all really seemed to feel my vision and passion for the cars. It was decided that for 2010 they wanted to build a unique, functional, street-drift-machine as a part of Team Need for Speed, and I was simply flattered when it was decided that they wanted me and my RTR brand to head the build.

Initially I was thinking to do a 2011 Ford Mustang, but after a lot of thought and discussion we felt that taking it back and building a classic Mustang would be amazing – plus I have ALWAYS wanted to build a ‘69 Mustang for the street. The vision was pretty simple: build a badass ‘69 Ford Mustang that was aggressive, slammed, functional, unique, and would perform on both the track for drift and the street as a daily-driver. Oh yeah… and had the potential to put some decent times down on a road course. Easier said then done. Especially the “unique” part, as people have been adding their own personal flair to classic Mustangs for a very long time.

These concepts are a result of five months of hard work between myself and the entire Need for Speed team at EA. EA resident Andy Blackmore ( and I have worked tirelessly for months to get what you see here on paper coming from my brain, then through his brain, and out of his hand on his Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet (damn Andy is talented!)

The inspiration for the RTR-X has come from a mixture of things I have grown to love from custom Japanese nostalgic car styling.

Late ‘60s and ‘70s race cars.

Some very cool current machines.

I spent a lot of time scouring the interweb and other references for examples of what I wanted meshed together with regards to exterior styling and performance for the RTR-X. Fender blisters, aggressive front-spoiler, and a tasteful rear-spoiler were all a must. Andy then attacked the first renderings with his superhuman design skills and we worked very closely to successfully mesh everything together to where it would be acceptable from a design standpoint while staying true to my vision.

While he was massaging the design options, I was planning how to take all of this awesomeness I had just compiled and make it a reality! The real “nuts and bolts”, if you will. I was determined to get the entire RTR-X built on paper and timelines planned prior to Long Beach Formula Drift, so I could be focused on the Gold during the entire Formula Drift season. I almost made my personal deadline…This picture of Andy and I going over everything was actually taken the Friday evening after qualifying for FD Round 1. Maybe I need to do more car-build-planning prior to game day. ;)

I decided to start with a brand new Dynacorn 1969 Ford Mustang fastback body. I decided to go this route for many reasons including the amount of time and flights it would have taken to find a very clean ‘69 that was affordable. The Dynacorn bodies are exact reproductions that use the original Ford tools and they are very affordable. Not to mention most Mustang owners love their cars. Like seriously LOVE them – especially if they have a clean ‘69. I really would have felt bad taking someone’s baby and hacking it up… well, at least a little bad.

Now I had the plan for the body. But how was I to slam it, have 50 to 60 degrees of steering angle, and retain decent suspension geometry? After some research, I reached out to the highly-recommended Art Morrison. I had the pleasure of speaking with Craig Morrison and he was all about the project and was very confident he could do everything I explained to him I needed done by building a custom front sub-frame for the car.

Taking inspiration from old-school race cars, I really wanted a cantilever rocker-style type of shock setup for the rear. It would be functional, as well as different as far as a street car, and it would also easily allow us the extremely low ride-height we were going for as we need to notch the frame outback. I reached out to the family at Maier Racing; they make an incredible rear suspension setup that lined up with my vision.

Now that I had the basics of the chassis laid out on paper it was time to decide what drive-train to go with. I decided to go with the brand new Ford 5.0 liter V8 that comes in the new 2011 Ford Mustang GT. Over 400hp stock and capable of over 7000RPM coupled with Kinsler individual throttle body injection and the brand new Ford Racing Boss 302 R1 six-speed transmission, seems like a good recipe for fun and incredible sounds!

The goal for under the hood is to be extremely clean and the only thing you will see is the coil wires, tubs, motor, and plumbing. I am hopeful it makes you second-guess whether the car is fuel-injected or carbureted. The Kinsler ITB fuel injection and wire tuck should help this happen! Only time will tell how good we do at this!

Now with the basics of the chassis and drive-train on paper, it was time to figure out the brain to keep the cylinders flowing with fuel and the spark firing with pure precision, all while keeping track of the other vitals of the engine. This is one place where skimping could leave me on the side of the road or on the side of the track for that matter. Being that the RTR-X was obviously riding the line between a full-blown track car and a daily driver, I decided to go with arguably the best ECU out there – the Motec M800 coupled with the Motec Sport Dash Logger “SDL” digital display. The Motec crew will be doing all of the engine wiring and tuning as well. This is the same ECU and display setup that runs my Formula Drift competition Mustang.

What’s that about wheels and brakes you ask? Insane wheels with huge lips and proper fitment were a must for the RTR-X. I opted for a set of timeless Work Meister’s with the lip and offset charts maxed out. 18×10 with 5″ inch lip in the front and 18×12 with about 7″ lips in the back – to be wrapped in Falken RT615-K’s of course. The front sub-frame and rear were specifically designed to fit the insanity. All of you that don’t love my competition car stance will all be proud. ;) For me it was a no-brainier to work with the genius’s at Wilwood for the brake system. They designed an insane setup for the RTR-C and have saved me on more than one occasion on the track. More on this setup soon!

On to the interior, I wanted to take it back to the late ‘60s, early ‘70’s, and add a splash of modern times. Like my first real street drift car, I decided to have a full interior up-front and everything behind the seats raw and unupholstered.

Once again taking inspiration from older race cars, I decided on the classic diamond shaped upholstery on good quality black leather, as well as everything to be controlled by old school toggle switches. On the modern-end, I went for a little bit of carbon fiber, a taste of Alcantara, and of course, kept it clean and simple with the Motec SDL. I am still blown away by how well Andy was able to put our vision down to get these concept drawings of the interior. You blow my mind man!

Now that the most important basics were on paper, it was time for me to decide who would be responsible for what with regards to actually building the RTR-X. While I like to think I have a good vision, building something of this magnitude far outweighs my bolt-on mechanic skills and backyard fabrication capabilities. The teams’ I had to rely on to do the actual build and fabrication had to be chosen very carefully, as everything had to be perfect the first time due to the actual build timeline based on the SEMA 2010 debut.

I reached out to the Kozeluh Twins, Eric “Grim” and Marc “Koz”, of Twins Turbo to see if they were interested in the project. I have known these guys for a while and one walk through their shop you know they don’t really play when it comes to getting cars done. Once I explained my vision and sent them the inspiration presentation, they were all about it. After a flight out to California for a meeting with them, I decided to make them the team to work side-by-side with me managing the project, as well as handle the plumbing, chassis wiring, some miscellaneous fabrication, final assembly, and about a million other things I’m not going to ramble on about. The Twins really get it; they are very passionate about what they do and they have a great team of people they work with local to their shop that they trust and can accomplish anything.

Speaking about accomplishing anything, once the Twins and I were done our meeting, we headed over to the chassis shop they trust with all of there projects, Steen Chassis, where I met Gary and his son Jayson. We went over the entire vision, timelines, what I wanted as a final product chassis-wise. Gary and Jayson were all about it, and they had some incredible ideas too. I walked around the shop, checked out what they were working on to see the quality of their work, and even called some of their past customers that I have a relationship with to find nothing but good things about the guys at Steen. We discussed some business shortly after the initial meeting and I was confident that they would handle the job with the same passion as I have. I am happy to say that they will be building the chassis for the RTR-X including mounting the Art Morrison sub-frame, fabricating wheel tubs for both the front and the rear, and building a very tight cage, just to name a few things.

We are still finalizing some paint scheme\colorway options and they are all pretty sick. I would really like to reach out to all of the Speedhunters readers and get some input to help me decide the final scheme. I plan to have them posted this upcoming Monday morning, so please check back and let me know what you think.

It has been awesome working with everyone over the last few months to get to this stage. Thanks so much to Andy Blackmore for understanding my ramblings and really getting my vision while adding his expertise to the overall design. There is no possible way I would have ever been able to nail this so well with out your help; I am hopeful the final product does your artwork justice. Huge thanks to the Speedhunters crew and everyone on the Need for Speed team at EA for giving me this opportunity. Rod and Rachel, high five! Now the real insanity starts. SEMA 2010, here we come!

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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Wooooooooooooow. Incredible.

2 rad. A little Trans-Am, sort of G machine but minus the old hot rodder reliving his youth. I stand by this. I might rock 17's instead but maybe more rubber choices in 18?



wow wow wow NICE JR!


omg...this is no doubt the best looking mustang i've ever seen, To me, its a combination of DREAM and PASSION! great move in using ideas from two very different car culture, and made them work together so well!!!! This is LEGEND!!!!


man and i'm really jealous about that tablet u guys have! i only have a Wacom Bamboo Fun....


that thing makes the batmobile look like a popemobile!!!!


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeet son.


A well selected shopping cart of previously created automotive styling cues.


What an awesome concept, I can't wait to see this actually completed. Loving the cantilever rear suspension and ITB's!


Amazing, JR. You keep one-upping yourself.


I want one now!!!!


this will be epic.


You had me at Kinsler. This will be a beast and I can't wait to see it.


I am studying to become a car designer...and I ust say it would be faboulous to work with you!!


Im soooo in


Was like ehhhh... until i saw it should actually get used! Nice


This car DOES no exist Andy..........until they build it.............agent 47 does not have the STYLE ASPECT 2 cent.


Beautiful looking machine! Props to Twins Turbo for being involved in this amazing build.


seriously can't wait. this things gonna be epic


definately needs too be black with bronze wheels and accents like the raugh welt natty dread and scottys rocket bunny car!


Holy f*cksticks ! Awesome guys !


Will you be using the headlights from a 2011 Mustang. Fabbed in to work with the old school Mustang. If so that would look awesome.


This is going to be AWESOME! And to make it even more awesome would be to paint it deep blue with black/white/carbon details!


I love it. Great job you two.


Youre just insane!

I love the Ideas on the car, its just so awesome :D

Something like this would fit in too:


This is mindblowingly awesome in too many ways! But I think maybe 18's will end up looking a little bigger than the render? Anyway I hope so because sick as they are they look a bit small in the picture when compared to the rest of the car. Not a gripe just an observation; Good work Vaughn, Andy, and everyone else involved in the build. Vaughn you are really making a big name for the Mustang man props where props are due, I remember just 5 years ago it was a girls car with the white and pink paint trim option to boot and now look where we are. Thanks for reviving a classic!


Nice - one to watch for sure


While I think the lips on the wheels are way too damn big, everything else looks like its going to be sick; although the engine could do with about 300-400 more horsepower.

As for the paint, how about a design based on your current Formula D competition Mustang, just reinvisioned in a "classic" kind of way. Not as radical so it looks like it came from the late 60s/early 70s.


At the last picture the middle part of the grill looks like a '67 Camaro :D


yeah jr!

awesome plans


Wow this car will be one to watch..... jdm pro touring !

Cant wait to see the final product




Better get my ass to SEMA, then ;)






this is very, very beautiful work... :):) Great attention to details and overall impression.... :)


Doin it big time! Nice man


inspired by RWB? lol


Props JR!

I know how much work goes into those renderings - from the inspiration to concepts to changes... Quality vision by you and quality work by Andy.

Good luck- excited to see it in the flesh.



Very cool! Can't wait to see the finished pics!


Wow and cheers

Can I have a drive please lol


Holy Crap! A-mazing! This is SICK!

Color? I think dark grey or Ti silver with a matte hood or stripe(s). Would make the wheels pop and front airdam stand out too.

Just wow!


This car is going to be f*ckin bad@$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this car is gonna be tits.


Agent 47 is OK. The RTR-X is way better.


This guy is like the Jay-Z of drifting. Congrats on the new project and good luck!!


Wow, this project is mad, and yet totally right. Good luck!


Black on matte bronze all the way (Just like those damn lovable Rauh porshes!

you can change the black to an all white on bronze with shades of gt-500 blue


JR, can't wait to see this complete


FLAT WHITE would be my choice


Are you kidding me? It's going to be soooo good!


RAUH Welt!!!!


The black/gold concept drawings look sick as ef. I say stick with that scheme.


kruslu - come back on Monday, when you can be involved in the livery design choice!


Good god are you a lucky man, JR.

Awesome choice on fabricators and frame guys, I would say you are receiving the Dream Come True.



JR..White is good..and.It would be great if added old school style blue racing strip from the hood to the trunk...


freakin awesome. i am about to run my '40 drift rod for the first time this weekend


i dont like giving props... but jesus. P-R-O-P-S


I love just every single idea mentioned here. Taking everything together is even better.

Damn if I lived in US, I'd like to buy a ticket just to see that car.


hey you should design the bodykits for the cars in need for speed, i might buy it then.

but seriously, put an RB26 in it and roll it on stilts 'n' volks


What a nice project. Reminds me of a Chip Foose show hehe [am I allowed to say that?] LOL

The Kinsler ITBs on that V8 just makes me smile =) I really hope we get a chance to hear those open trumpets on WOT. Maybe facing a random Apex with lots of smoke from the rear? =D




Absolutely fantastic. This is gona be amazing.


Wow! A mustang I would actually drive :O Hope it turn out as good as the renderings....


Thank you all very much! I'm glad everyone is as pumped as me!

We have not 100% confirmed going with the graphite and bronze. I will be posting the optional colorways on Monday and I look forward to everyone's feedback!

@justdavechillin- we were planning to make custom covers to work with the factory lights. Great idea on the 2011 lights though. ;)


I've been watching Andy work on this for the past few weeks and months, and wow, the final product is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. I love the stack injection on the 5.0L Ford.. going to be a beast for sure.


Epic build to say the least. And for the color livery I like the classic look of the Spoon Hondas or maybe their new CR-Z on blue wheels. Or I have seen a couple red R32's on gold BBS LM's. But looking at your past builds a solid color on the car with a bright accent from the interior onto the wheels would hit the spot!! I'm positive that anything you (and that killer team) come up with will be really sweet !!!

Can't wait for SEMA 2010 !!


Hell yeah! should be awesome. good luck.


Going to be Awesome! also nice that your not using a original body for this project ;)

71 face just exploded....


this will be a amazing car when done, i love the inboard suspension! I am sure the people involved will do a top notch job, Knowing the twins they will do a outstanding job


Part of the reason why Ford should get the respect it deserves is your efforts V. Nice job!


Gitten it DONE!

I love the concept ,love the suspension design , LOVE the styling!

I've got to say to big Up to Gitten on hooking up with Twins Turbo Morosports. These guys do the sickest machine on the planet! You could'nt have done better than those boys from what I've seen from them.

GO JR !!!!!!!!!


it looks the part lets, build it.. quickly - before anyone notices... no really... build it!!


seems like an awesome plan. One correction. those wheels on the Natty Dread are SSR SP1 Professors. You can tell by the rivets stopping at the spokes which the meisters go fully around the whole wheel.


this looks beyond cool, hella dope car, first amercian car ill droo over without remorse, hope it does perform well, specially sideways, im very excited for the films already :D


UNREAL!!! cant wait to see this thing!!


by far my favorite blog post of yours Vaughn. the step by step process, inspiration references, proposal sketches, etc are super interesting. can't wait to see how this projects unfolds. good luck to everyone working on this.


@Robert: exactly my thoughts! haha


JR, how do you find shaved interiors looking just like the engine bay of that red S2k? I bet that a smoothed-out, Euro style interior with a full cage would look great, in stark contrast with the hard-hitting exterior of the project.


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this is going to be sick!!! Top 5 posts on SH easily....subscribed


Dope! I think white or off-white (like Championship White) would look good with matte dark grey or smoke black lower parts of the bumpers and fenders.


i remember the days when you came up with the 2 seater McLaren GP car and all the pit equipment. Great to see you doing well. Car looks fantastic


That SR engine bay looks very familiar......


The rear suspension. Please tell me that's a pull-rod style. Otherwise there's no way the setup could be a cantilever design as it is.

Other than that and not being hot on the body I think it's a great car for drifting and I'm sure it'll bring hundreds of hours of enjoyment to players across the planet.

I'd have gone with an Eaton TVS supercharger, T56 transmission and a Haldex IV pair of LSC's for a differential but then I'm more of a supercar person.


Oh my God, can´t wait for first shots of the real car, it looks great because of the awesome mixture of 60´s Racer, Drag and JDM styles. Great Work!


Olive drab with gold meisters. That would look awesome.


This is gonna be EPIC! so far it looks like the RTR-X heavilly inspired by the Rauh-Wely Cars.Looks legit


Amazing car man. Its kinda like the american muscles cars in my dreamz. And im not realy an american mucle fan lol,


Awesome project JR! This may be THE Mustang of the 21st century. Amazing.

And leave it to you to team up with the likes of Twins Turbo Motorsports! Better than aqny I've seen at bringing someone's dreams into reality!

I'm watching THIS one !!!!!!!


will you bring it to ebisu? :)


WOW! Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm glad everyone gets it! a few answewrs and comments below

@Dirge.exe fixed your comment.....I would say you are working hard to make a Dream Come True.AGAIN.

@ Danny- the reference to the Natty Dread was to just show some Inspiration for solid color huge lip multipiece wheels. Work offers a larger lip then the SSR's and that is why I went that route. nice observation though, most people would not have noticed.

@TOny240z- the interior will be cleaned up, not really a full shave but it will be clean!

@NAthan- Yes it is Push/Pull style. if you look close at the picture above you can see the rod....

We will be posting optional colorways up on Monday. There is 3 I LOVE!!! please check back and give some feedback if you have a chance!


love the car Vaughn. ther only thing i would change about it is the location of the old skool switches. instead of under the steering wheel maybe try them in the center console just below the radio. or up above like some nhra door slammers. just ideas as i have been wanting to build something like this for some time. love love it. can't wait to see the progress of this machine. soooo cool


surely one with the insanity could only do this combining Japanese colture with American muscle.About the colour scheme if the rim's gonna be gold in bout taking some bosozuko style colour scheme? Or maybe make it a two tone with gloss black on top and flat black on the bottom and by making a stripe of some kind using those colour's.Also would be great if those sponsored decal's were in chrome sticker's ,well this is only a minute thought of an idea ' ^'


This is mind blowing! Like someone said above, flat white is sick... but it seems a little too JDM for this O'skoo American Muscle. Everybody has flat black and such. MATTE "old school" Army GREEN would be sick. The wheels would look sick on MATTE BLACK with GLOSS BLACK LIP (never seen that yet). Damnit V.G. Jr. you better sell some badass posters of this RTR-X so I can post it on my son's room! BTW Jayden Ace... remember that name. He's only 3 months old but in about 16 more years he will have mad skills both 4-wheel and 2-wheel racing. Good luck for the rest of the FD season!


dam that so sick stang :D


Loving how your bringing the old 69 look to it


You have to do "RTR" decals on the wheel spokes, just like RWB homies.


jr this is a very nice concept , hope you get it done the car looks awesome


well done lucky luke jr!


Holy shit!


you lucky lucky man!!!!


I thiiiiink this is gonna be incredible.


another great article. Amazing pictures and beautiful drwaings, thanks for sharing.


This looks so hot! Good luck! Can't wait to see it finished.


@nomnomnom that is on the dream list! working on it!


Here is the current state of what is to become the RTR-X. Our brand new Dynacorn body was delivered boxed


Awesome!! This guys are crazy!!, very nice car, very good thinking


Wow! This is going to be one very, very, very sick build! Great vision, great renderings, great parts selection. With the Koz twins involved, this car is destined for greatness! Can't wait to see it unfold...


as far as colour scheme goes, i think a gloss black and gold wheels looks pretty good, i'd make that pathway for the side air intake matte black though


The RTR-C was really amazing, but this one is gonna be a killer, i can't wait to see the result!

Will there be an XX version only for the track? Just kidding.. or am i?


Can I dream about it? coz I sure will! \o/

I wish I could understand 1 per cent of what you guys know about cars...

But even without this knowledge, I love Mustangs with all my heart and your RTR is fuc*** awesome. And I just want to wish you luck in the project and give you congratulations for what you've already done! =)


Flat black with gloss orange wheels, stripes, and other accents. BOSS-style striping, perhaps. Orange stitching on the interior.


This should be brilliant, great concept. I'm sure theres a lot of of us with equally as cogent visions who would love the backing and opportunity to make them metal, myself included.

Why the constant 'streetdrift' guff though, seriously...the cars you suggest influenced it aren't drifters, and the idea of street drifting itself is more than passe.

Love the idea of the engine bay with the wiretucked, Kinser injected bent eight...evokes the old mechanical injected F5000 and can am cars for me. Personally I'd cover the intakes along the lines of the Moffat mustang's scoop though. Open stacks out the bonnet screams "Hotwheels" and looks toy.

Will be watching.


Although I am (self-admittedly) a bit of a purist when it comes to American Muscle, I have to confess that this build is very unique and interesting. I look forward to seeing more updates. I also have to give you kudos for using a Dynacorn body instead of using an original for this undertaking. All the best!


Finalizing the livery, one of the most important aspects of the RTR-X, has been a challenge to say the


Was wondering too... are the rear quarter vents for a rear mounted radiator? Would open up a whole new world of possibility re clean engine bay, not to mention weight distribution etc.


I believe i have a new favourite car. i always have been a Mustang lover,but the most favourite of them all was the original 67' shelby GT500.. and when i saw the original RTR i thought that they could make RTR from an old Mustang..

So my dream has come true:)



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