Here’s a great shot of Millen Vs Gittin and the PIT maneuver  that happened post finish line…

Tx to “g” for the link!



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a slightly better angle here ;) Gittin deserved the win, great job man! And good luck in ATL


Karma pays back in full.


While yes, I do think that Rhys is an ass, I also think that he's not completely at fault. It just seemed like Rhys was powering heavy on the exit and it seemed like JR might have misjudged a little and got into Rhys' line a bit. But ehh, what can you do, doesn't change the fact that Rhys destroyed his rear end afterwards. Awesome shyt, Vaughn.



thats some bull

grassroots>pro anyday


vaughn gittin jr bumps rhys millen in the last hairpin, thus losing his lead so he pits him. nuff said.


What did the windshield brake lights show??? Rhys running a lot of brake to "slow rotation" right..... JR was applying Pressure, dished it out fully, It pushed Rhys off his line, Jr took over, Rhys got but hurt. nuff said.


So much WRONG going on in this video....karma is a bitch! Nice job, Gittin!


It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning.


The brake check light is essentially useless when its light out, people taking pictures of it in the day time had to use super weird angles to get it show so at nighttime tracks like Atlanta it will be more useful imo. But I haven't seen it in person so what do I know? JR deserved the win and Millen didn't just tap the brakes, he slammed them. Then he pulled some Carl Edwards type shit which was uncalled for... Be sure to call the waambulance when he starts complaining too.


Damn, rhys millin is a child. I didn't put his name in capitals for a reason. I love how Jr. Shook it off then whipped his ass.................. Then did a big boy burnout, while making Rhys watch in his newly busted up ride. FD is getting real circle track. And I Love it. Who's going to be the first driver vs driver fist fight?


JR is such a smoke show...

Really good battle though they both did really well, JR was stuck right to his door coming into that hairpin and then pulled a perfect transition to get on the inside. That was art in motion my friends. Just gorgeous.


Looks like an accident to me. You can clearly see his front wheels turned to the left.


lol the crowd "Awww.. so sad.. i betcha he's pissed" ;D


Rhys dove into the hairpin to cut off Gitten...resulting in a flat sideswipe bump at very low speed resulting in neither damage nor loss of line, Gitten forced his way through and floored it out. Either way it doesn't matter. A million videos will not take a trophy from anyone's hands.



Linhbergh ur the best.


mr. gittin congratulations for your win!

i hope you visit Greeceand bring your mustang in order to compete with Thomas Papapaschos and his yellow s14.5!

you might want to check this video where he wins Nobushige Kumakubo at Athens Motor Show!


Haha nice fast & furious quote, linhbergh.


sorry for that...i meant you might want to check the video above!

this is a greek drifter!

you can also see another video of him winning kumakubo at a national event...

congratulations vaughn!i think that you won rhys...fairly!


haha, thanks for the credit Rod. wish i was there to have taken it. that was the best quality of the three or so video's i found however Keith showed us a better/closer view.

It just really sucks that a guy can't beat someone 'straight up' as Rhys attempted to do by slowing Jr in the first turn. Some of these guys have no self respect. They don't respect themselves and they don't respect the other drivers. Rhys I do not respect you. You and Sam have showed us time and time again that you will do whatever it takes to win, including making yourself look stupid. And more often than not it doesn't work to your advantage. But congrats, now everyone has seen the truth.

Jr keep being who you are, a balls to the walls, in it to win it, never backing down maniac. And thats why people will now make Monster the number one selling energy drink in the US. Thank you Jr.


Monster vs. Red Bull-totally forgot about that....I'm thinking Mad Mike would be the better "franchise" driver over Rhys. Let's see if he steps his game up.


I think y'all are making too much of a big deal out of Rhys' move. The brake check is part of racing and the tap after the finish line was probably unintentional as he had the throttle wide open on the run to the flag. Respect them both as they're professionals, and either of them would do ANYTHING to win. JR won, good for him but show some respect to Millen. He competed hard, tried to win and lost - no shame in that.


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