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I don't know about you, but the idea of a BMW M1 based off the 1 series coupe is pretty enticing. I especially like the 70's style wallpaper on the side of the car, I hope they offer that through BMW Individual.

- Carl Jarrett



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I hope you were joking with the wallpaper. It's purpose is that the body lines are harder to identify. I think Opel was the first one to use that method.

Secondly, the name M1 will never be used on a 1 series, because of the original BMW M1. The name BMW M1 is rserved for something different, that is also the reason there hasn't been a M 1-series, only the 135


man o man - I can't till I can afford one. Probably in ten years or so.

RWD + Turbo = FTW


Why mask the shape of a car that everyone knows the shape of!


... What happened to Mike Garrett. He has taste.


Actually, the idea of a BMW M1 based on the 1 series is, to me, pretty bad.

The M1 was great car and built for homolgation purposes. I sure as hell would like to see an M135i or an 1xxTii. But not a 1 series badged as an M1.

BMW should bring back a car similar to the E31 8 series and then create an M1 of that version....


Carl was joking!


Huh?! what do you mean by "I especially like the 70's style wallpaper on the side of the car, I hope they offer that through BMW Individual." That's just comedy. Like Renntorte said, it's a vinyl camo that BMW applies to almost all of their upcoming car so they can do some real world testing without revealing the exterior lines and contours of the car.


Yes, joking.. whatever they end up calling it, it will be a beast. Even the 135i with a hot N54 is a beast!


Hmm...I doubt it will be called M1 like Renntorte said. There is too much hostory behind that name to befoul. Like Citroens naming of the DS3, which I frankly find sacriligious to the DS name! The 135i has smitten motor journalists and has plenty of power. I wonder what this one will offer.


i think it's an 135iS thats more lightly like they took the engine from the new bmw z4 2010 sdrive35is i think an M1 is a bit xtreme


haha ok that makes more sense. I hope the car get's released by end of this year or first quarter of next year. Our lease is up and this would make for a great DD.


From what I hear BMW will never use the M1 name on the 135i... It might be more of a 135i M Package or some other tag. I also hear it might have +350hp from the same 3.0l turbo I6 used in the regular 135i. I hope it is more special then that cause with a chip and bolt-ons the regualr 135i can be pretty close if not do 400hp easy.


I still think calling it a 135 Tii would be a nice homage. It's possible they might call the next M6, which might go mid-engine an M1. Oh BMW, you and your silly whoring of the M moniker.


there is no sidevent no rear difusser and no vents on the bonnet, not even a bit of wide body,i doubt this is an M1, they are problaby testing a new powerplant or the new m1 predecessor


The 1 series seemed so promising when it came out with its perfect tuner albeit expensive tuner components. But the truth of the matter is that the 1 series is almost as expensive as a 3 and from what I have read the performance is not even much better than the 3. Just buy an M3 sedan or put a few parts in a normal 3 and call it a day.


y'all stupid.


probably not an M1 but a 135is like the 335is.


Not done any research, but BMW are partial to releasing 'si' models with a little more power and less weight than the 'i' models. The wheels look like lightweight models, which hints slightly to that. . We'll see though.


if i well remeber this is not hte M1 the M1 was cancelled by bmw CEO it is going to have another name. i think the best name should be bmw135tii.


I'm confident it will be a 135is iteration of the 1-series stepping in for the place of an M model.


Hmmm?? spy shots of what?? i think BMW's stance is that the 1 series has run its course.. i think they'll do a decently sized engine(s) including the usual M Sport options.. but what you've shown me here, i see and drive everyday.. 'nowt spesh' as we say up north.. in Yorkshire that is..


Pretty exciting... but I don't think that the "M1" badge will be used but rather a kind of "135si" designation, maybe with the beefed-up N54 they have in the Z4si. Would be very nice.

Concerning the "wallpaper"... Individual doesn't have to release it. They do make anything for you as long as you pay enough money for it.


Yeha, the 135i was already a kind of a M3 Killer, so now this one can own some really serious cars.

Oh, and the "wallpaper" is made for that guys who make spyshots have problems with Autofocus ;)


I imagine its going to be a throwback and will be the 135tii or something similar. like the 2002tii I heard that they were going to be shifting the focus on the M series away from performance. that's just the word on the street


nice except it loks as if a truck ran into its back,,, cant wait to see what it can do


that think will probaly have some sort of crazy turbo inline4 cylinder engine. that's at least what bmw has that about a 1series made by the m-gmbh, if they ever build one for the showrooms.


This is a one series coupe with some m3 csl wheels and tires. BMW were developing a grippier cup holder for their whole range after many scolded crothes were reported. RWJ