New Cars>>the 2011 Scion Tc & Iq

Another big unveiling at the New York International Auto Show this week was from Scion – who debuted two new 2011 models. For the ’11 model year, the tC sports coupe gets a much-needed redesign, and the iQ compact will hit the US market wearing Scion badges.

Full details haven’t be released on the US-spec iQ, but the car will be powered by a 1.3 liter four hooked to a CVT trans.

From what I can tell, it looks very similar to the Toyota iQ, which has been available in other countries for a while now.

I’m not sure if it would be the best car for a long road trip, but it seems great for urban commuters.

Now we are just waiting for someone to find out how to wedge a 2ZZ in there…

Moving on to the tC, although it’s not a huge change from the old model – the car does get dramatic new rear quarter windows and a more aggressive front fascia.

Under the hood, the tC gets a 2.5 liter four that makes 180hp – about 20 more than the old model.

It also gets a pair of new six-speed transmissions, manual or automatic.

Naturally, we can assume that the various Scion Racing teams out there will eventually be switching to the new body style.

Expect both the new tC and the iQ to hit dealers later this year.

-Mike Garrett



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That Tc looks like it has a chop-top. Well done Toyota. Well done indeed.


New tC looks great. It's cool that they upped the HP a bit too. The car really needed it.


Very good job on the back end. Mediocre job on the front. Very poor job on the rear quarter and the stance and the roofline.


Is it me or does the TC look like a 2008 Honda Accord front?


oh mann. the iQ is cool to see. but TOYOTA WTF DID U DO TO THE tC?!?!?!?!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!!


That Tc looks like it has 2008 Honda Accord headlights do you guys think?


Seems as though Toyota put too much of their typical design style into the tC. Looks more like the body styling of a mid-size sedan than the sporty style that the tC has been. The new interior looks great though.


I own a 06 tC and was looking forward to the new re-designed look, but this is just a big disappointment. I thought Toyota was going to come out with something better than this. I like the look of the iQ though. Want to see what the little iQ does when its super


The new TC's front end might be a tad too common, but that rear end is appalling, Those stop lights look like somebody made an almost random cardboard cutout without even seeing how the rest of the car would look. Then, when they built the light housing, they stuck it into a block of melted cheese to get those horrendous creases around the light. It honestly looks like a bad 3d model made by a beginner who has no idea of how surfaces should flow on a car!

This is what I hate about lower cost cars: manufacturers think that just because a car is cheap, it's ok to design it using an art college dropout. I think they are doing it on purpose to get people to buy their more expensive cars, which sadly, are Toyotas. There are somewhat better as they look like they are designed by people who finished car design design school but barely passed classes. Seems like all of Toyota's design team talent was used to build they FT-86. They were sooo happy they actually came up with something interesting, they decided to throw a monster party and in the process of getting hammered with tequila and beer, they drew the TC...

This is what I feel about this car. Seeing it in person might change my mind, but that won't happen soon, I'm from Europe...


iQ would sound great with 2 15's in the back and murdered out.

ANd instead of a 2JZ im sure a engine from a Hayabusa would be better, thats what they to on smart cars.


it was about time for a restyle, but I am not feeling the TC,

the IQ is cool though :)


I don't like the new tC. They leveled the shoulder line...


Judging by the C pillar the new Tc is still using the 2nd generation Avensis platform....which makes it pretty dated.


They should have discontinued the Tc, nobody is gonna buy it when the FT86 come's out in 2 years!


yikes, the new tC makes me miss my 2006 tC.

it went from cute to Honda Accord-ish. meh.

the iQ is awesome tho.


never been a fan and nver will that car wack


dont wory guys, Toyota will give a special dealears option for the 1st 1000 buyers,

They will install a front RADO-STYLE wing for free.


the tc looks like the GT-R


def not likin the new tC... its as ugly as the xD now


Still waiting for the FT86.


is this what toyota thinks of as sporty cars now? whatever happened to toyota actually making cool and high performance cars? back when the MR2 came turboed from the factory, and when Celicas had a turbo/All-Trac option..


well at least the tC used to look good...


The iQ looks like a shitbox. I miss the old Toyota... and Nissan.


tC rear reminds me of the old Elantra.


is it still front wheel drive?


The front of the 2011 tC reminds me of the BZ-R Levin


am lovin it!!


I agree with Sid its got total GT-R characteristics from the rear quarter windows to the straight and high hips it just screams mini GT-R. Too bad its FWD =(


Just wait, guys.... Have patience.

When the FT-86 arrives, and (like me) everyone buys 2 of them, Toyota will change it's tune.

Nissan will pull it's head from its arse and bring us the silvia we've always wanted. Mazda will kick down an RX9 coupe. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi will probably be DOA by then.

Just hope Toyota can weather the recall storm.


The new tC?? looks a bit dated already with those blocky lines.. interor is typical.. the iQ is just what its mean't to be...


The roofline on the TC looks a lot like an FT