Event>> Mooneyes Street Car Nationals ’10 – Pt2

I've put together another collection of shots from the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals picking some of my favorite cars from the hundreds of rides that were on display, not to mention what was around in the parking lot! Like I said yesterday it is probably the variety that makes these events so unique from your Americana…

…to the unavoidable VW's…

…and a very strong and rare showing from the JDM side of things. I managed to spot an R34 and R35 GT-R but it was this almost stock looking R31 that really looked the part among all the customs.

The burnout show got going again in the afternoon where cars that had signed up to show their stuff decided it was best to just kill their tires putting on one hell of a smoke-fest. This driver of this Camaro showed everyone how a proper burnout is executed…

…followed shortly by this Cuda.

Lots of chrome means lots of polishing and every owner was trying to make his/her car look it's best. The only people chilling out were the owners of cars going for the rusted out rat-rod look, definitely a low-maintenance approach to this hobby!

If you guys remember we already saw this Kustomstyle built '49 Ford at the Custom Show in Yokohama back in December. The semi-gloss paint on this thing looks incredible under the sun and was getting a lot of attention. I still think the windscreen is too dark!

I've never see so many Crown coupes like I did yesterday in Odaiba. Not too sure the big wheel look will be appreciated by all but the work that has gone into this car's restoration can't be ignored.

Take a look at what was under the hood…

…yep those are six Keihin Flat-CR carbs!

View from the back.

It's all about style at these events, and there are just so many different schools of thought it is very hard to get bored. Check this lineup of very colorful rides..

…both sporting hand panted matte designs.

Best of the bunch had to be this seventies Nissan Gloria. Even the insides of the wheels were color coded in brown.

You just don't see cars like this Corvair in Japan so I took my time to check this 1962 Monza Coupe over.

Chatting to the owner I found out they even made a turbocharged version of this rear-engine coupe, one of the first production turbo cars. You learn something new every day!

I spotted these guys zooming around all day on their electrically powered coolers on wheels. Definitely an easy way to check the show out, and when you get tired you can always stop for a refreshing beverage! These "Cruzin Coolers" sell for $750 in Japan, a pretty pricey way to keep your beer cool!

A pink Chevy custom!

I thought the Mooneys look really suited this little Subaru R1 Kei-car.

The Mitsubishi Minica RS, who needs a 911 when you got one of these!

Another rare one, a Toyopet Corona 2-door. The cap on the dashboard reads, "I love my Corona," most definitely referring to the beer rather than the car!

The car next to it is another Corona coupe, equally cool even if a little rough around the edges.

Mitsubishi Debonair with a customized mini-me. 

One of you guys mentioned that some of the shots in the first part of the coverage looked like they were taken in the US. Well I really got this feeling at times yesterday, especially while grabbing this shot of one of many imported Hondas. Like the Prelude in Part 1, simple and clean.

I wasn't aware these old Nissan Glorias were exported but judging from the position of the steering wheel I guess they really were. I wonder if there are many in the US or other countries?

A lot of you were correct in identifying the little Mazda Familia TSS rotary, a car that was also made in coupe form in the early seventies. 

The little drag racer was fitted with a tuned 12A motor, just managing to fit in the tight engine bay.

View from the front. Would be interesting to see it in action, I wonder what times it can put down at the strip.

Don't miss the next selection of cars from Odaiba, as I have a lot more to show!

Mooneyes 2010

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Nissan Gloria and Mazda Familia!!! *drool*


That skyline is a DR30 not an HR31


Moon Racing Cams sticker on the back window of a rotary Familia? lol


Corvairs are definitely rare in Japan. The '62 Monza coupe above has had its rear wheel arches flared. Maybe the fronts too. Also, all the "early" ('60-'64) Corvairs had four-lug wheels, so that one has been converted. Odd that the hubs were changed, but the original generator is still in place. Pretty much everybody that isn't going for stock class trophies has upgraded to the '65-'69 alternator. I did on my '63.

There was also a four-carburetor engine offered, but not until '65. Two of the carbs were primaries, then when you stepped in the throttle, the two others opened, acting as secondaries. Those engines also had bigger intake valves and dual exhaust, among other tweaks. I've had a few of them, and they're pretty quick.

On the Gloria wagon, what years were they made? I ask because that one may be an Okinawa car, as the island was LHD until 1972.

Great coverage of the cross-section of this event. Will there be a part 3? I hope it will have more coverage of the air-cooled VWs. *hint*hint*


Mm mazda familia??? that's how they called in japan.funny with the names game

From where are from.came badged as mazda 1200(with a piston engine)or r100(with a 12a rotary)

Like i said before see plenty of coupes(some with short trunks others with the long.fastback style trunk)

Until now never see a four door


Dino, GASP! Didn't you attend those Skyline Daikoku meetings??? P.S. http://blog.retro-classics.co.nz/?p=2685


pic 15: more pics of the vette in the background on SSR SP1's!!!!


love it! - some rare cars there too.. plus some that we never had in the UK.. love the Corvair and the Beetle (we need more "Dub" coverage on this one please!!) and the Kei-cars - wouldn't harm to do feature on those too - or have i missed that post!?! great pictures


Oh yea, I love the old school. Corona Coupe, Gloria wagon, Crown Coupes, Familia SS. All awesome.


they sold a handful of those glorias new in New Zealand


WFT is a "Debonaire"??



Dino, great photos!

The Nissan Gloria was RHD, it is a swap. It was featured in Kousoku Yuen magazine before. The body rests on a Pontiac chassis and innards, thus the GRRRR lic.plate

That last pic, it's so funny how Japanese love the 5mph bumpers AND on Z cars. That's USDM!

D1RGE.EXE: Debonaire. adjective. Confident, stylish and charming.


Mooneyes Camaro and Cuda = WANT WANT WANT