Event>> Dtm 2010 – Hockenheim

British driver, Gary Paffett brought Mercedes back to the top step of the podium last weekend, winning the opening round of the 2010 DTM season in Hockenheim.

The McLaren Meredes test driver, driving a Salzgitersponsored AMG Mercedes C-Classe lead a 1-2-3-4 Mercedes star finish.

Earlier in the weekend, Paffett had claimed Pole in the final Qualifying shoot out. Martin Tomczyk in the Red Bull Cola branded Audi  A4 was justy 0.076 seconds behind. 

Jamie Green was a surprise in fourth position despite running a 2008 specification C-Classe. Green helped by the technical development freeze for the 2010 seaon.

A classic sight, the Start line at Hockenheim, complete with heat haze, debris flying, cars touching.

Pole sitter, Paffett would lead into the first corner…..just!

Tomczyk  would take the lead, later in the lap. He continued to lead until Lap 10 when the Audi driver suffered a puncture.

Paffett would take back the lead and remain in 1st position to the chequered flag…..

….despite some pressure from Mattias Ekström who had to made an additional spot after he had earlier taken his stop one lap before the pitstop window opened.

Canadian, Bruno Spengler finished second after defeating Jamie Green in a close battle. An impressive performance for Green considering the age of his machine.

Force India Test driver, Paul di Resta finished fourth, in front of the first Audi driver, Mike Rockenfeller in the S-line Audi A4

David Coulthard made his debut in the DTM, qualifying in 17th, finishing in 12th in his Deutsche Post Mercedes.  With little testing in the close season and a late announcement, DC was happy with to finish and build on the future. The deal came late as DC is still a Red Bull driver, but Red Bull sponsor Audi in the DTM.

A number of F1 drivers including Jean Alesi, Ralf Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen have competed in the DTM in recent years. Only Hakkinen had moderate success.

Round 2 takes place in Valencia, Spain at the end of May.

Andy Blackmore

DTM Official Site

Photos: Audi, Mercedes-Benz



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Curious... What does the I "heart" logo at the license plate area stand for?


needs more opel, bmw, ford, and alfa...I love Merc's and Audi's, but Its not really a good race when the field of cars is so, dare I say it, drab?


i am posting this here for 'RALLYMON' the topic has been locked on the rmr hyundai . YOU ASKED FOR PROOF YOU GOT IT FROM A RECOGNIZED SITE ASWELL :)

http://www.rallysport.ca/performance/quaife.htm" rel="dofollow" target="_blank">http://www.rallysport.ca/performance/quaife.htm . now read all of this article and you will find that my point is correct , especcially note this sentence. 'quaife is proven in scca rally to formula 1' .

oh and why did you list all of those companies lol .

in quaifes case they sponsor the british msa rallycross championship because that particular sport / part of motorsport uses or could use a product they make . thus getting there company name in a scene that is useful in their part of making products suitable for OFFROAD purposes .

i will re-itterate this whole point , i didnt go into the technical side , all i said was that quiafe make some sort of product suitable for racing wether it be an ATB or not . so i urge you to pick YOUR game pad back up step back into YOUR couch potato life and most importantly admit that my one point is valid . if you do that you will gain some of your lost dignity and pride back from your not needed and franckly embarrasing posts . SO ILL GIVE YOU THAT PRECIOUS LINK AGAIN .

http://www.rallysport.ca/performance/quaife.htm" rel="dofollow" target="_blank">http://www.rallysport.ca/performance/quaife.htm SO I WAS CORRECT AFTERALL HUH . PRO !!!


Typical DTM race. Far from exciting.

Alesi won 3 races in his first 2 seasons and Hakkinen only one.

I can't imagine Coulthard doing any better.


I cant beleve this is still a two horse race... BMW.. comon?


rumours to be joining one new rules are sorted for 2011 or 12 or whenever. I find the current cars much more interesting than the actual racing.

btw- I'm sure Mika won three races in his DTM Career


Screw DTM. For real, i couldn't care less. NASCAR is more interesting than this crap.


that be some crazy spoilerage!


Nicely quoted Monk3y. You could be a Politician.

Hakkinen won three races in 3 years (and 3poles), finishing 5th, 6th and 8th in the championship – one of the 07 races were half points.

Alesi won four races in 5 years, finishing 5th,5th, 7th,7th and 9th in the 2002-2006 championship.

none of theme are great, but I think Mika has the edge

They need to get the new rules out and make it more interesting,It si the cars and how technically advanced they are which keep it popular.

Naga_Ten - you have not seen a DTM race live? Nothing like NASCAR


The Audi's look mean with those LEDs.


ah yeah, Mr Alesi...what a great driver....not


why did he do that?


joe h is the Deutsche Post logo as in I love Deutsche Post


@joe h

That's the logo of the German postal service I think. Germans love their post apparently.


love the 'debris/haze' shot... i wonder what that bit of 'killer debris' is?? i too love the Deutsche Postal system and DTM... on pain of death from all others 'posting' - it is a pity there isn't more variety though.. the black Audi looks tough


yeah right. ist the logo of the german postal office (deutsche post). but i don't know why they're doing this "i love" thing..


BMW has confirmed that participate in 2011 DTM and rumors say that Lexus also be considering joining with the IS-F 350 similar to the Super GT.


DTM aero is so insane. You have to see it in person to really appreciate how intricate it is. I agree that the cars are why the series remains alive, basically spec racing. No its nothing like NASCAR but surely not as exiting as even BTCC. Great post, thank you.