Behind The Scenes>> Jdm Allstars Observations Pt.2

You've seen the on track action, now it's time to take a look behind the scenes at the event. The round took place in the grounds of the Trafford Centre in Manchester. The centre is pretty much the biggest shopping mall in Europe, which means it has a huge amount of space around it for parking and even more some skiddings. Both mornings saw the tire changing crew in action from the get-go, the teams and drivers went through a lot of tires on the abrasive surface.

This was the first event I got to lay my eyes on Alan McCords supercharged V8 S15. It looks even better in the flesh than I could of ever even imagined.

Driftworks have altered the guise of they're 2JZ powered S15, the car just constantly goes from angrier to angrier with each revision. Gone is the BGW and in with a simple duck tail wing, some new dished Rota wheels in black and a new livery scheme completes it's look for 2010.

The show and shine area had some nice motors parked up, including this S14 with unpainted wings and overfenders.

This R34 GT-R was also very easy on the eyes.

The 350Z owners club had quite a foothold in the display area …

… with this example being a particular favourite of mine.

The carbon badges, rocker cover and orange detailing finished off the bay nicely.

A perfect examply of how stance and fitment can make pretty much anything look good. This Nissan Micra on Ronal Turbo wheels turned a few heads.

This was one of two awesome Eurozone cars that broke up the sea of Japanese imports. It's a Citroen C2 …

… with a stripped interior, racing wheel …

… a full cage complete with helmet nets. Simple ideas executed tastefully.

This Renault Clio was another head turner, I'm nearly certain it was a 192 variant. 192 as in horsepower, in a car that weighs less than a crisp packet.

Ultralite wheels were a popular option amongst the Chocolate Pistons Subaru Owners Club.

The kit on this S15 was very aggressive, with the carbon spiltter and side skirts.

This R32-4 needs no introduction to Speedhunters regulars. Unfortunately, it does need a wash. Bryn get to it !

The level of comraderie in the paddock was awesome. When Luke Finks turbo started to pull away from the manifold, so many people got involved in helping out, it was inspiring. This wasn't the only case of this, as the paddock joined together to help Martin Ffrench straighten his loan car after a coming together with Mark Luneys Supra.

This was the unfortunate banner that was placed below the clipping cone. I'm sure it's seen better days.

Severnside Imports have christened their PS13 …

The Driftworks S15 retired due to clutch problems, a tough break for the guys but I'm sure they'll be back in full swing for the next round.

Halftime entertainment was provided by men in leather jumping motorbikes and a monster truck crushing cars. Monster truck gets my vote.

- Paddy



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Id agree on the monster truck, 4 wheeled entertainment everytime


I love silver S15 and R34 with same wheels. They both look so beautiful...


best fitment award goes to the last car for sure.


Do none of these people realize that it's bad form to crawl under a car without jackstands... Crush-o-rama...


Thanks for such an in depth behind the scenes look. Loving the "Little Bastard" Nissan!


Nice shots Paddy!


Id love 2 know what coilovers/springs that micra was running as i was think of doing the same, been toyin with the idea 2 months. anyone got any ideas?


omg...just WOW at what cars they crushed...:\..I mean they're kind of youg for this..only what's left of the 1st white car look's like it's very old and still..i like monster trucks :-s


Thats what happened to my banner lol


The new livery in the DW S15 is really menacing but it was prettier before =P

NOTE: the clio ain't the 192, it's just dropped with green OEM wheels ;)


I need me one of those trailers w/ a tire mounting system ASAP!!!


wow @ that silver s15


Sick cars for sick people like to speedhunters from Italy


OMFG on pic 15 please oh please make it desktop! Behrman FTMFW!


The R34 GTR looks great, the yellow R324 is looking tuff and the S14 is mean as!

Some fantastic cars here!



looks like it was a well received event - with some tatsy metal thrown in - wish i'd have known about i'm only 20mins away from the Trafford Centre.. love the shall i say 'Nugget'.. R32-4 and the Nismo influenced grey R34 GT-R.. nice post - wish i'd have known :-(


That S15 is incredible! However must correct you here: Firstly the recent Clio sporting history goes: Williams, 172, 182, 197 (not 192, confusing I know!). The Clio pictured is unfortunately not a 197, the spotlights in the front grille and the slimmer hips are sure signs. In fact it looks like the dynamique s which has a 2litre 138bhp lump.


I didn't know James Dean was into Japanese cars! (The "Little Bastard" S13). James Dean had that painted on his Porsche. As the story goes, he requested an audience with someone, and when the message was relayed to them, they replied "What does the little bastard want now!?" James Dean caught wind of it, apparently liked it, and had it painted on his car.


in regards to the slammed Micra, it has coilovers up front with a strut brace and cut springs on the rear. And the '197' is infact a 1.4l.

Awesome pictures tho! Epic event aswell



Hi guys awesome feature, having been linked to this by a mate who was also there he was mega chuffed to see my clio featured on it.. I apologise massively for the confusion caused the car as mentioned by brawler661 is not a 197 nor a 192 as they dont exist thecar is infact a dynamique S, Check narrower hips, different front end, no exhaust exit.

The car is infact a 1.4 mucho fail, with 100bhp, i still think thats better then a 2 litre with 138bhp, regardless thanks for posting the picture and it did indeed get a lot of attention everytime we walked back to the car people were taking pictures.

The micra is on coilovers on the front and cut springs on the rear.

The C2 is a 1.1.



Hey Speedhunters. Just want to say thanks for the write up on the C2, great shots! Overall was a great show with some awesome driving skills put to the test, Fink and Chapman were more than definitely on fire when twinning with one and other, shame about the problems with the cars though, especially Morrison. Swings and roundabouts hey.


Haha, Nankang NS-II's and Neuton N5000's, good quality tyres right thar. ;D

Love that Kouki-14 though! :D


Hi! I was wondering if any knows what body kit that s15 was rocking (The one with "The kit on this S15 was very aggressive, with the carbon spiltter and side skirts.") I'm particularly interested in the chrome accents in the overfenders, very sexy. Also wondering what rims its sitting on and the size. If anyone has any idea please email me at Much appreciated.