In the build up to the 12 hours of Sebring, our friends at BMW Motorsport North America have just released this video entitled “Joy is Racing”… I’ll agree to that!…




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That's cute, too bad the boys at Corvette Racing are going to stomp all over the compeition.


This was a little too much like an advertisement shoved in my face for me...


Thats because Joy is a big big Marketing Campaign for BMW


Love it... Can't wait to get my M3 this year.


@Logan, ya beat me.

Joy is knowing that not only are you going to get stomped by Porsche and Ferrari, but Chevrolet has decided to come done to GT2 to join in the stompin.

Joy is quitting from F1 so that you can focus on making SUVs and hybrids.

Joy is having Audi beat you in three Car and Driver comparisons, and then they make a clever ad about it.

Joy is having only won once at Le Mans, while Audi has won 7.

Joy is not employing Chris Bangle anymore.

Joy is knowing that Audi won't compete in GT2 unless they can use AWD.


@Walfisch: Wow, that time of the month? Half the things you bring up are completely irrelevant.

At least I can see there are some passionate fans here. I think I'll root for the underdog. :p


Nice one Walf. :D


@Apex Dog, I actually have an IV drip hooked up to a bottle of Haterade. Mmmmm, cherry flavor.


@ Walfisch: lol

@ Rod: I love how loosely you use the word "friends", associating with them just because you guys have a measily sticker on their car.


Alex a harsh and unfair statement. If you understood exactly how our company has worked with BMW in the past then perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to cast your judgement on us and nitpick the story. The Speedhunters sticker that RLR ran at PLM last year was just the tip of the iceberg for the various programs that were run last year. Remember BMW Month?

There will be more behind the scenes coverage coming soon too.