Readers Ride>>jacob’s Fto

Reader's Month might be over, but we are always looking for cool reader-owned vehicles or guest blogs to post up.

Here we have a JDM-spec Mitsubishi FTO GPX that belongs to reader Jacob of Australia. The FTO might not be the most popular platform around, but you have to love the 2.0L V6 that revs all the way up to 8250 RPM.

Cool car, Jacob!

-Mike Garrett



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Never heard of it


"you have to love the 2.0L V6 that revs all the way up to 8250 RPM"

Have you ever been in one? Doesnt drive half as good as it looks.

For a 200hp car they are slower in a straight line than my old jdm na6 roadster and understeer like hell!


The Hair Dresser Called , She wants her car back .


always liked driving the fto in gran turismo. didnt know they revved up to 8k rpm!


Shame its FWD.


horrible fitment, but i really like it anyway, id like more fto spotlights, never seen one done up right

but keep it up jacob :)


lol how did this POS make it here


psh these things are cool as hell! or at least they look cool as hell, i dunno much about them from a technical standpoint


@ Ryan.

LMAO! That's harsh.

Can't say I am a fan of FTO's either.

If this was RWD it would have had a chance as it seems the EVO ruled over everything, even the 3000 GTO, with it's 3lt, V6, Twin Turbo, AWD.


FTO! Not so much exposed Mitsubishi. But love it!


Sorry but it's a no.


Ah I remember these from Gran Turismo.


pathetic, i wouldint let my grandma drive this...


this is bad, real bad, micheal jackson. worst car ever to be on speedhunters...


seriously? these are common as muck in the UK and none of them are cool.


A bit harsh people, maybe not to the standard of other cars on this site, but its a tidy example.


The FTO had a great moment in Jackie Chans movie "Thunderbolt" (1995).

Never was much of a perfomance car though.


Love the style of the FTO. This one looks nice for a mostly standard ride.


bit harsh guys... I hope one day an FTO comes and beats your asses when you're with your girlfriends (or boyfriends) at the next traffic light stop. Preferably an FTO that looks like it's been to hell and back finished in a matte shade of black. Tidy example this one... You can't diss a guy that just happens to enjoy his ride!


TXR series? That's the only place I swore I've ever seen one... hahaha


jay said: "bit harsh guys... I hope one day an FTO comes and beats your asses when you're with your girlfriends (or boyfriends) at the next traffic light stop." HAHHAHAHHA well we ALL KNOW thats never going to happen, the FTO is a performance nightmare, a total dude and an ugly $#@!^& too. No problem with the owner, I just feel a little sorry for him if anything at all.


Failure To Overtake.


Sweet ride Jacob...


i'we allways thought the FTO looks cool eventhou its not a serious sportscar.

To bad the world is full of haters, that all want's us to drive the same cars and do the same modifications.

I like this car, and i understand why u do to Jacob! Don't listen to these negative guys.


damn, people have something against FTO, although considering the amount of submissions people posted this is pretty poor.


There not a bad car (but ive never driven one), if you wont the rwd looks (a little Aston matin-ish, in some ways), but keep to a fwd :)


I love the Mitso FTO B)


LOL all the gran turismo references! yeah i remember the castrol FTO used to kick arse in that game


Of course, another one of the greater Mitsus. My brother owns one of theese. And no LS1RX7owen, it isnt a preformance nightmare. You just have to drive it properly. Jeez, his FTO and my Starion make a great match :P


I used to love the FTO. They've never got enough recognition in my opinion.


Yes FS!! that black beauty was amazing!


they should have made the limited edition from gran turismo 4wd and turbo, gt-r killer!


Whoa.. you don't like the FTO?? we have plenty of these in the UK.. we get a National Holiday when one of these gets written off by an insurance company.. i'd like to know what owners like about these cars.. i mean actually like...


someone already said it, but how did this car make it onto speedhunters??????


Wow, so much hate. I'm from NA where this car was never sold so I have no opinion on how it drives but I've always loved the way they look.


Thats not just a 2.0 V6. The GPX has the Mivec 2.0 V6. So it has VTEC power !!!!

They go pretty good for what they are, seen a standard one on a track and it was faster than my S14 Qs with coilovers and modified intake. Outbraked me too.


I have to do some more homework on this motor. Very cool regardless if it is fast or not.


@ EvolutionVII

That was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw FTO in the article


Why is this on speedhunters? They are on every street corner in the UK, and aside from sounding good at high rpm they suck ass.

This one isnt even noticably tuned aside from an average set of wheels and lowered.

I know you guys like keeping things new on a daily basis, but some of these random snaps lately are just pure pointless, this and the EK Civic Type-R one in particular.

People use SH to see some amazing stuff theyd not normally see, not just boring normal stuff.


So much ignorance on here in regards to the FTO considering many people regard themselves as sports car enthusiasts. Im not sure what people class as poort performance but considering a GPX with manual gearbox has the same if not better Power/Weight ratio as a CTR then id hardly say they are slouches and would put many if not most hothatches to shame.

Its the GR/GS models + Autoboxes that really let these series of cars down and totally overshadowed by the Evo and tuners preference to investing R&D time and money into Honda's. Same storey with the Celica Gen 7.


Ok sure its not the greatest car ever but there realy not bad at all. Why is it that everyone seems to be sipping on some haterade lately. Dont hate apreciate. At least its not a pacer with GIANT WINGS AND WALLMART RIMS AND SPOLERS!!! relax =]


Jez- I have owned 3 FTOs now, one by choice and two because I know they sell well and its my job, all mildly tuned, and samw P2W as a CTR or not, they are NOT remotely fast or sporting.

Gen7 Celicas are nowhere near in the same league as CTRs either.

And TBH even CTRs are nowhere near the best hot hatch around anyhow.

Simple fact is, this is a almost standard example of a average car most of us see everywhere, and have owned or enountered in real life so know they are very average.

Speedhunters is about interesting stuff, not things youd see in the street on a daily basis.