Random Snap>> Amuse Carbon-r

The last time I was over at Amuse I saw, probably for the last time, one of the most legendary cars that the late Tanabe-san had every built, the Carbon-R. Tanabe-san wanted to create the ultimate time attack R34 GT-R by taking inspiration from the Super GT R34 GT-Rs. This meant a very responsive and torquey engine and a lot of weigh loss which was achieved through the full dry carbon body and the conversion to rear-wheel-drive. I only saw the Carbon-R in action once at Fuji when Tanabe-san took it out during an Option Magazine track session in 2004. I was always supposed to do a proper shoot on this car but Tanabe-san asked me to wait until he had time to finish it and achieve the times he believed the car was capable of. Other projects ended up taking a lot of his time and the Carbon-R was left on display inside the Amuse shop for years. The Carbon-R has now been sold off to Europe where I'm pretty sure it will end up being properly used. A great car and idea from one of the greatest men in the tuning world.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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lol i went back and this page was gone. that was odd.


so much WANT!!!


Fantastic r34 , just how much does it weight?


If I built something like that; I would never want my family to sell it.

I can't belive that they never tested it.

I hope whoever has it now, realy understands what they have.

RIP Tanabe-san. You wove the fabric that dreams are made of.


:"( sold to europe... thats terrible. they are going to make it lame somehow im sure


i hear darth vader music in my head when i look at this thins...so evil i love it


I would love to see more pictures of this amazing creation!


This car is comming to Norway!


I remember driving that thing in GT4, HORRIBLE handling.


It's a disgrace this car was sold.

This R34 should have never been sold. The only place it belongs is Amuse, period !


Bjornstadbil in Norway!!


truly epic.


for kerb weight, in Gran Turismo 4 it was said to be 1123 kg


Awesome car and nicely done pics. Found the article was poorly written (found a few errors) but still felt the writer's enthusiasm.


Talk about Wide Body!

This R34 GTR is a monster!

Any more pics?


@Absolution: I think you sir meant - GETTO!!! xD Nice find though.


my favorite 34


desktop of this bad boy


Please, more pics and article please.


hmmm? car looks serious none the less - a great creation from those at Amuse.. i hope its used properly to its full potential where ever it ends up - beautiful..


The most awesome R34 IMO. Can we have a car feature in the near future?


This car is sold to a tuning company north of Norway! I bet you gonna see it a lot this summer @ Gatebil.

http://forum.200sx-ogn.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=441929 pics!


@Naga_Ten - lol, yeah, but I wanted to get straight to the point cause my curry udon was waiting. Hawaii's been cold lately, so I wanted to get in, post the link, and get out and eat. Hard to believe the suspension's not fully tuned.


That thing just looks flat out evil!


Man I loved this car, still my favorite to use in GranTurismo lol! WTF sold off to Europe??????

Should have kept it on display. At least you really got to see it in action!!!!! It's like one of those once in a lifetime happenings, and if you miss it, you will never have another chance to see this wonder on a track again!


This car is now in Norway.

We will take the car to the racetracks in Norway this summer for testing and show. We think the car is fast as it is, but it can be made even faster...

First thing we have to do is welding in a crome molly roll cage and other parts to make the car legal to the Norwegian race-tracks and racing licenses in Europe.