Guest Blog: Cheryl Tay>> Malaysian Super Gt Style Skyline R34

I saw this car for the first time at last year’s Formula Drift Malaysia.

For some reason it stood out from the line of black mod cars on display, and finally I managed to get the opportunity to see, smell and touch it up close.

Belonging to the son of a traditional Chinese medical specialist in Malaysia, this JGTC-inspired matt black 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T is a one-of-a-kind custom build and not any kit that you can just buy off a shelf.

The exterior is entirely custom-made by Monster Garage of Ipoh…

… in the style of the GT500 wide body kit, along with the bonnet hood, GT
wing, headlamps and rear diffuser.

His mechanic from Onward Motorsports revealed that the owner of this car spent about 36,000 USD just to modify his engine. 

Housing a RB26DETT Nissan engine block that has been bored and stroked to 2,700cc (87.0 x 73.7mm), it is capable of delivering 700bhp of power and 800Nm of torque at max.  It can power up to 100km/h in 5 seconds from rest, and can hit a top speed of 320km/h.

Replacing the standard ECU with the popular Apexi Power FC that plugs straight in so there is no need to cut any wires and upgrading to the OS Giken twin plate clutch, the car is fitted with a GREDDY T88-33D turbocharger modified to 34D and mated to a GREDDY exhaust manifold and Trust 44mm wastegate.

To beef up the internals, the owner has banked on HKS for the job. It has the HKS 87mm forged piston coupled with HKS H Beam Conrod. As for the head, we have the HKS Step 2 (264 x 2), HKS cam pulley and the HKS Step 2 valve spring. To endure higher levels of stress and heat, HKS metal head gaskets
were used, as well as HKS intake and exhaust gaskets. Continuing on with
the HKS trend is a GT Specced HKS intercooler to cool down the intake
air temperature.

Using a Tomei 4:3 2-way (full lock limited slip differential) final gear to give him closer ratios during gear shifts and higher revs, the car is also fitted with a Titan fully-adjustable suspension.

Inside, there’s a Cusco six-point rollcage with a Recaro Racing seat rail and RaceCraft semi-bucket seat.

There’s also a Monster Garage custom-made meter holder with a Defi boost meter, Defi control unit, Defi exhaust temperature meter and Pivot turbo timer, amidst other things like Momo gear knob and Elevo offseat steering.

Like many performance cars that are not tuned to go racing, this car was built for the pleasure of owning and driving such a extreme vehicle. It won't be to everyone's taste, but certainly makes a powerful visual statement.

 – Cheryl Tay

Super GT Style Supra



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"It can power up to 100km/h in 5 seconds from rest"

So it's SLOWER than a stock R34? Yeah, that makes sense.


This would be sooo much better if it weren't for the headlights. Otherwise it is sick!


This thing is waaaaaaaay to crazy. im at a lose of words


36k on engine mods and can't afford a catch can? Will be interesting when the engine breathes on the rear housing of that turbo.

Hot car otherwise.


if its from malaysia can a still say JDM TYTE :D


It ain't a GTR, this Skyline is a RWD FYI.


I love the rear radiator air inlets....NOT. Something I would have designed when I was 13y/o. Too many dollars not enough sense.


Finally, I have the chance to find out exactly what this car is all about.

A R34 GTT with a GTR engine.

Atleast it has a RB26 to back up the looks.


@ Stanley Carter --> Despite it being a RWD car i think 5 seconds is slow. There are plenty of RWD 500+ BHP cars that can do a lot better then 5 seconds.


Wow, what is up with all these crazy JGTC inspired cars.. their awesome!!!


Very extreme! And definitely very different. May not be for everyone's taste but you have to give the man a thumbs up for the effort put in. Putting 700 BHP on a RWD during a launch is not an easy task.

Anyway, people keep comparing 0-100 times which is pretty comical.

0-100 km/h - for kids

0-200 km/h - for guys

0-300 km/h - for men

0-300+ km/h - for THE MAN

There's a reason why Smokey Nagata is THE MAN. And this Skyline is really different. Great stuff. I amy not agree on it completely but the work on the machine is something to be admired.


@ Stroker, traction control and driver talent are also factors in that number.


that 0-100 time is way wrong, lol. it has to be...

my chaser is faster! (not likely!)


epic 1-off build, but that last shot... wow that is dirty inside the fender flare! and i was wondering, why would anybody kill the multi function display??? but the responses show the answer. still cool tho


its a GTT skyline. I own one, they don't come with the MFD or AWD. they're RWD and come standard with an RB25DET. The 0-100 has to be wrong, It should be arund the 3.5/4seconds region.


Im sorry but this car is really pointless. JGTC inspired, full weight and volk gt-c wheels (i think)??? Money wasting accomplished.


Man that engine does not look like 36k usd at all. Please don't stretch the truth and if it is not a lie tell this kid he got his money jacked. Give me 25k and i will go out of my way to make sure every nut and bolt in your engine is either cleaned of rust and known to hold or be replaced with one that's new. Sorry but yea man this is the first post I have ever made here and it's saddening how it had to be on this pile. Speedhunters personnel... please don't do this again




no way it only goes 0 100kmh in 5 seconds


Why do the people that get these crazy wide body kits for their cars never have the car low enough or get the wheels right?


crazy sda nuud veeee

shaagaad avaach

tom bogs we sda gej alaanz ym aaaa skyline fuck



Your crude usage of the English language on an English-based site is a lot more embarrassing to Malaysians, IMO.


what a shame that a car all "tuned" up like that will never see the track ever....seen some other cars done up by this "monster garage" before...


I wonder what's with the fuss with a 0-100km/h timing? Who cares if it does it in 5 seconds with all the wheel spin from 700 BHP. What matters is that it goes up to 320 km/h!

The MFD can be mounted in a GTT. Similarly, a GTR can be a nismo tri guage if the owner wants it. It's a matter of preference. And the Skyline GTRs that took part in LeMans were REAR WHEEL DRIVE.

People should read up more on Skylines before they start posting. LOL. Bet most of them don't even own one.


Nice car. Why so many hate? Car is pretty cool. Body work is really awesome looking. Cant imagine seeing this thing come down the street or ever in the rear view mirror. Wasnt there a JGTC Supra with a SC430 front around some place too?


Rad. I'm feelin this. It might not have extreme low or offset because a lot of the roads are... Not the best in Malaysia. Highways are great, but too low and you'll break your ish trying to get anywhere.


36,000 USD in engine work for 100km/h in 5 seconds.

IROC looking chrome rims.

The new ExtenZe JGTC car?


did anyone mention this is actually a ROAD LEGAL car...


did anyone mention this is actually a ROAD LEGAL car...


Section09, Yes, the same company monster also built that crazy widebody supra with the sc430 front end.


yea...this is a road legal car.....n y this car look rather awkward if u compare with the real GT500 skyline, it's because the real one is not using the frame of original car, n the real one can go as low as they want with tubular frame, coz they want to make the engine as low to have a better center gravity. u cannot achieve that kind of lowness as u couldn;t cut n mod ur frame for a road legal car.....

i appreciate the effort of the owner!


heheh... 5 sec? did u test it on the road? coz it would be more resonable if OTR coz that son of a rich man can hardly control the gas pedal properly


ROAD LEGAL?.. should be ILLEGAL, its hidious looking! .. 36k on engine?.. obv der is a mistake there on the 0-100, or the mechanic is living it up in las vegas now after robbing the owner!!


This is a major fail... I demand speedhunters to remove this from their blog.


Disappointing. Not being a GT-R just makes it even more of a pity. =( Yes, the JGTC cars were RWD but this car just doesn't hit that mark, not even close.

The aero kit is 80% OK. The front is spot on, the rear is alright, but the c-pillar section with the vent near the door just doesn't look right. Same goes for the side skirts.

The idea was there but it was too "Fast and Delirious" inspired. =P


this car looks good from the front. when you ignore the details.

but the fenders....the wheel is so low in them.

alll that work, why not just cut some chassis and remount the subframes higher in the chassis dropping the chassis to the ground. giving reason to the bulges in the hood and the high rear fender arches


nice looking1? - but a contradiction in so many terms... and on so many levels - it sure looks 'pretty' though..


proud to be in malaysia and the garage is just a block away from my palce :D


More money than sense.


More money than sense.


the car is dope! look at the work that went into it. But, what's up with the performance? 700HP, $36k spent on engine work, and it can only do 0-100 KM/H in about 5 seconds? A USDM Lexus IS 350 with a 3.5L V-6 making 306 HP can hit 60 in barely over 5 seconds and it costs $36k lol


man this is a super ugly car...

super gt body work with sunroof?


Hey the guy got the hard cash for it , stop your bullshit if you dont like it ,


@ T4VR-ralph: You dimwit, its owned by the shop owner not some punk rich kid, And have you seen the road conditions here in Malaysia? Uneven resurfacing, sand everywhere, and potholes. Do come down, take a look around then comment.

@ Johnny and Rodolfo Izquierdo : And here we go, more brainiacs. Did you ever consider that Malaysia the parts are more expensive than labor? Here its expensive to buy stuff but installation is partially free. Come here and try buying some stuff, then comment...

@ Teamsleepnine: Yalah maybe you should give your "Better GTR's" in since you can talk so much, Lala beng's like you only have the creativity to put bkits and led strips everywhere on your citys and vioses and then create some gay car 'club'. Dont diss if you dont have money + or a car worth interviewing. And like adib say, you sound retarded lah, you failed english in school or what?

You haters should really consider every factor in builds overseas here in Msia. Not every city in the world is the same, we have our styles, our prices, and our retarded roads.

I personally dont like the bodykit that much but haha kudos for creativity :)


@ Swerv13: In Malaysia youre not allowed to mod any engine mountings, subframes, or cut any part of the chassis, Heck even SPOT welding is illegal if you get caught. There are alot of ideas, but not alot of us can carry them out due to legal issues, haha :D


well.. awhile ago, this gtt was a drift car and it retired from the scene and the owner wanted something different from the rest.. You're surprised why he spent that amount on the car just because you don't know how much does a GTR cost in malaysia.. 36k is merely a fraction of the car.. ;) Also, the owner had took it to a next level.

In your defense, i think the rims has to go. :p


Like the others already said really, waste of money imo. Should have at least gone with the GT-R, but the car looks just so ridiculous anyway. I mean it's not a JGTC car, then why does it have to look like one? Now it's just more of a showcar with a shitload of money spent on the engine and it'll just sit there spinning the wheels till the tires pop.


Ebay wheel and what appears to be a re-trimmed Gias. Terrible car. A gt car with a sunroof? This is just a foul mix of cheap parts and even worse offset.

Money cannot buy taste.


malaysia... =D


all these idiots make me laugh saying 'not even a GTR so not worth the effort' or whatever. haha.


RULE NR.1 : ONLY put a widebody on the car when the origional body is not wide enough to fit the wheels...

PS, everything onder 11J is no reason for a wide body!!!


Amazing piece of kit and overall car.

I'd still take a Mine's R34 with that kind of money :-P


Lots of wrong, but the worst crime: the Elevo steering.


That is the ugliest thing i ever seen, and just built to drive around, and slower then stock. WTF


I think its a pretty impressive build! Cant see what all the complaining is about. Alot of skill gone into making it.

One day I want to buy another DR30 and do something similar to a super silhouette racer =) So I find this very inspirational.

If I am back in Malaysia again hopefully I can stay longer and check out monster garage.


Thats horrid and looks terrible. Its about as cool as that fake lexus or supra race car posted a few months ago. This stuff is worse than the cars in Fast and Furious.


Is this Cheryl Tay a dude or a chick?


We have loads of kids here. All saying it's slower than stock. Can't tell the diff between GTT and GTR. Stock GTT does 6 seconds to a hundred so it IS faster than stock. And with a 320 km/h top speed, it is faster than a stock R34 GTR.

Volks GTC rims are called ugly and ebay rims? Man, more kids here.

Bunch of cry babies can't even afford a Skyline in real life. All seeing green!

To Speedhunters, great post. Generated loads of interest. Much better than any FWD rubbish, most recently, the FTO.


The body kit work is Awsome! I don't think that there are many GT-R owners who are willing to

do something like that to their R34. BIG BALLS Man!!

Now, about the 36G's USD = 700whp.

That would initaly sound crappy: but de-tuned and on bad roads clears some of it out.

Not much though.

If you were shooting for 700whp whoudn't a HKS Stroker kit or N1 motor, fuel system upgrade TT upgrade. stand alone ECU, get you to the same mark? Yes you did some of that.

But dude you GOT RIPPED OFF!

Fo that money you could have sent your R34 to Top Secret or Sumo Power.

Half of what is said is budget hate. but the other half is honest concern that you have been ripped off.

For 36G" USD; you could have flown to Japan baught all that stuff and a happy ending. LOL!

You are missing:

Moton suspension. 1200USD per corner

Single lug, Wide ass GT style wheels.

But it is probably still a work in progress.

So BIG UP!! for the bad A$$ body Kit. Your R34 is right up there with the Titan R1 in visual impact.

I am glad that "Malaysia Style" Imports are getting recognition.



I love how all the haters clearly missed the point of this car. Just to requote the last line:

"this car was built for the pleasure of owning and driving such a extreme vehicle."

Who cares if it has a bad 0-100 time, ugly wide body kit or spending a lot of money on the engine. As long as the owner is happy with his car (I'm sure he does) nothing else would matter. At least appreciate the work and dedication that was put into this car.


wow at 320km/h those wheels will burst into flames and fly like the deLorean time machine

one point twenty-one jiggawatts!

damn you Ricehunters


@birdey: Cheryl Tay is a chick/girl/female, check out her webby at


That's just crazy. I looks like something from a video game. I like.


to 'ian lo' the road looks fine from the pictures in this article . and in the supra-sc430 articlee the road looked in good condition . so theres no excuse for the wheel fitment to look like this . is weird tho cos the supra -sc430 had poor fitment aswell . anyway , i do appreciatte this car , the body work looks well done and solid and the engine mods are good if not spectacular . all in all i respect the car and its owner for carrying it out , people forget this is not a time attack monster built by a multinational company . it is just a owner who invisaged his dream car and had it built whatever the price . and for that respect ....


Look at this!

Even the Drift King himself has seen this car. Like it or not, it's got a sticker stuck on by Tuschiya himself! Woo hoo!

This is one hard core JGTC fan man!


nomnom's got some lolz


Cheryl Tay = Miss Universe Singapore 2005 (interesting)


@Andros: i don't think it's the same Cheryl Tay.. the Miss Universe Singapore one is older :X and they don't look the same, hmm.


This car is a laughing stock in Malaysia. I heard from his peers that everytime they go out, it's so slow that they all have to wait up for him. It spends most of its life in workshops either from repairs of accidents or mechanical issues. USD36k? Use your logical senses. Will a person who spent 36k USD which equates to more than 100k RM on cheapo ELEVO steering? ELEVO are used widely on local made cars i.e WIRA and stuff.

What's with the photo editing? The car looks shittier than this in real life. I've seen it during one of the SuperGT shows, the finishing is rough.

Disgrace? Disgrace is not even the word to describe this, more like a product from a joker who's blinded by his ego bragging about how much he spent on destroying a perfectly engineered car. Seeing this car on Speedhunter really made me laff my head off.


I guess each has his/her own taste. This may be wild, cool looking and attention grabbing but it might not work for everyone. At the end of the day even if it's packing so much bhp it's still a garage queen and only sees the sunshine during car shows.

I own a R34 myself albeit just a ER34; I kept mine clean and tidy with minimalist exterior mods to give it that clean tidy factory look.

Cheers from


IMO the car looks great but only the wheels has just gone really wrong. Hope it can get better wider rims..


Oh and if I have USD36K, I would spend half of that on the car for both engine, exterior, interior and footwork. The other half I'll keep it in the bank. :)

Horsepower claims aside, I really doubt the car can even remotely come close to the claimed 320km/h,

TheJoker, why is the car slow? Due to it's heavy bodyworks; and too low for the roads?


lol all monster garage cars (and i mean all), have wrong offset tyres. they may be the pioneers of the "JGTC thing" here in malaysia but when it comes to offset they dont know shit. at the very least ud wanna match up the kit with rims. plus this car has been in a major crash so ditto on it being a mint beast.

shame on you speedhunters for posting such a classless car, should have reviewed the carbon amuse r34 instead of this eye-cancer.




not digging tha body kits..


Daddy, you have a lot of money since you're a doctor. Can I spend a bunch to build a poser car? Please daddy? What a waste of cash.


i like whats under the hood, but other than that its pretty lame IMO.




Alot of haters... why are people complaining??? people have different tastes and this is no crazier than some cars in Japan. Props for building such a unique car and the engine must be a delight, crazy for a street car.


I think its pretty nice looking. But the sunroof...?


uhh... horsepower but no seat harness? this guy... cool car and everything, but imagine how big of a phony this kid is.


"certainly makes a powerful visual statement"


the proton drift sedan with SR20 engine swap is cooler than this tamiya kit car


definitely not my flavor of choice but to each his own. gtu's are soooo 2006


36,000 USD on the motor but couldn't put in a proper cage?


seeeesh.. some guys are just jealous. he can do anything he wants with his money. its not yours anyway.


@ Mistaken: Cages here are illegal, go do research before dissing. Even with the cusco cage in he could get his car impounded/crushed already.


You guys really known as losers and i felt extremely ashame with you guys who criticize... lots of Complain yet nvr even turn back and look at yourself...everyone has their own perspectives and if you doesnt like it dont view it and criticize.. Pity Cheryl doing her great job end up with criticized by those jealousy ppl.. Respect Cheryl Respect the owner and DO respect yourself...mind your own business dude..stay cheers


Look . . . It is obvious someone put a lot of time and effort into this thing.

I respect that.

However, it looks like a caracature of a JGTC car.

I would say, tone down the kit alot.

Lower it alot, and add some decent offset rims.

That would help the car look alot better.

As for the 0-100kph time, that must be wrong.

yeah he may have paid alot for the engine and work, but last time I checked a RB26 wasnt cheap.

Remember guys, he had to buy the engine as well as parts and labor.

overall, I think this car is too over the top and not to current tastes.

But props to the guy who did all the bodywork.


And I really hate to criticize.

I definately respect the work that has gone into this vehicle.


Yay! Another Malaysian featured in SpeedHunters.

Congratz to Crazy Kid.



hello all, it's me Cheryl Tay here.. appreciate all the feedback on this story.. erm i just wish to clarify that all specs and info was provided by the mechanic, thanks:)


Guys, have u ever thought that Cheryl's 'facts' could have been fed by the car owner's sources? a writer cant 'change' the facts given .... just have to work with it.. so, please leave her out of it.. we should thank her for bringing us this article... be it as an informative read.. or to some, an entertaining one.. as it gives them materials for a 'joyful' flaming session.. hahahaha



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