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After the R32s and the R33s it's now time for the R34, my favorite model. Once again I wanted to start with one of my personal favorites. I know that the R34 has been made with one thing in mind, performance. But these chrome Work Meister S1 wheels looks so good on this white R34.

The black accents like the wingstays and the carbon spoiler on the trunk really make it pop. These wheels look huge from this angle. So maybe it's not the best performing car with these wheels but there is no denying it looks good, at least to me.

Inside the engine bay we have the almighty RB26 with its twin turbo setup still intact. The owner did however opted for a Greddy hardpipe kit.

This HKS Kansai built R34 also has chrome wheels, this time a set from AVS called T5. I love this machine, everything looks so purposeful and mean. Behind the wheels we see the signature green from the Project Mü brakes

A full HKS catalog went into this engine bay, including bigger turbo's, stroker kit and the HKS strut brace. Just compare the pipes with the previous engine bay, they are so much bigger.

With a R34 and BBS LM wheels you can never go wrong. The car has a full Nismo bodykit mounted to make it look even better. The R34 without this piece of kit looks a bit naked.

The engine bay shot reveals the T78-33d Turbo from Greddy, the rest of the bay looks surprisingly clean.

What would a R34 post be without one in Bayside blue? Well it wouldn't be a true R34 post. Haha j/k. I really like the contrast with the black Nismo wheels, behind them are a set of Endless brakes.

This is something special, a Nismo F-sport engine, number 461 to be precise. This is also a turnkey engine like the ones that Tomei makes.

Whoa, this Nür spec rolls on 18" Nismo LM GT4 wheels and Potenza RE-11 tires. The owner also treated his ride with some Z-tune goodies like the carbon front fenders and the carbon hood.

You can see that there are many ways to reroute your pipes for the Turbo and intercooler. This engine has smaller turbo's. This in turn results in smaller pipes and a shorter route to the intercooler.

This R34 has been painted in a darker hue than MP3 like the one in Dino's post. It still changes color from every angle. The black TE37 wheels fits this sinister looking car like a glove.

The engine has been treated with a Greddy inlet plenum and T88 turbo for those fast late night Wangan runs.

The Top Secret front bumper dominates the look of this car. There haven't been many aftermarket bumpers that I like for the R34, but this is one of the best looking.

A V-cam system from HKS is the first thing that I noticed besides the T51 turbo. The car is running close to 700bhp thanks to a 2.7 liter stroker kit and the afore mentioned items.

Didn't realize that the Work XD9 wheels could so good on a R34.

The engine has had some minor modifications that include the rerouted pipes and mushrooms from Greddy.

This final R34 I have for you is rocking a set of 19" CE28n wheels some Nismo bits, like the front splitter and sideskirts.

The Nür engine has had a single T78 turbo conversion and has been treated with lots of HKS goodies. It now puts out almost 600bhp.

That's it for the R34s, tomorrow there is one last go with a nice R35.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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The first one is PERFECT


The first pic. Droollllllll. To bad those Meister S1 2P's are discontinued in 20".

That's some sick fitment too – 20×10.5 +6 (T-Disk) F & 20×10.5 -7 (A-Disk) R, with a 245/35/20 all around.


I swear, this is the GT-R shrine these days... Other stuff please :-)


Weird, there must have been thousands of R34 pics on this site by now, and I've yet to see one decked in the C-West kit, that's my favourite kit for the R34.


Those Meisters on the first cars are SEXY!!

6 do realize this IS GT-R week right? Connect the dots man....3-1, 3-2, 3-3, and 3-4.


Yeah uhhh I absolutely love the onslaught of epic GT-R's. Keep em coming!


Also, I'm glad that first one showed it's face. I was wondering what those rims in that coating would look like on my 08 AW STi. I'm liking it! Might snag those as show wheels down the road.


su juego esta bien padre


I fell inl love with every single skyline in this post


No doubt the R34 is the sexist body style out of all (IMO).

The white with chrome Meisters is HAWT ! ! !


The Nür one is so so beautiful!!!


There have been many great blog posts on the internet in the past, but THIS post will go down in the archives as the most drool-inducing. Bravo!


I want him...


Wow that 1st cart is amazing, so damn good looking! I wouldnt worry too much about the weight penalty for 20" wheels on that car, the R34 is a hulking beast and big power as well, nothing like seeing 20's on an S2000 or RX8 you know what I mean? Awesome shots, just want even more info on every car and detail, long live the R34 love!


Almost all of these are 100% awesome.


Dam that first GTR is gorgous!!!!!!!how much forthat?lol.


I had finally been able to come to terms that i cant ever have one, until i saw this post. somebody help!!


Wow the first skyline is pure sex I want one!


All so clean.... So sic !


the nur R34 rocks.

and XD9's look great on anything. :D


i like how you put the best looking one first hahaa


Millenium Jade is really starting to grow on me.


*moans* each is better than the last.....arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh WIN


Work Meister S1 wheels on the White R34 GTR looks spectacular!

The Bayside Blue R34 GTR with the F-Sport GT engine, from memory it is a Nismo Tuned RB26 but stroked to a RB28, the Nismo tuning before the Nismo Z-Tune.

A special engine indeed!

The Nur is a perfect example of how I would have one, in Millennium Jade with Z-Tune aesthetics.

The Top Secret Front bar on the Silver R34 GTR looks tuff!


Thank you Speedhunters!!

You just made my week.

GT-R always.


I've seen every single one of these cars for sale on cineactionjapan a place where they sell japanese cars internationally!


1st and last = class


you know seeing these GT-R's makes me really want to own one... but theres so many variations... Global Auto's seem to turn out some monsters... great post.


God that white R34 with the chrome Work Meister S1's looks soooooooo hot!


Last GT-R! wow! This is awesome post, Jeroen" Global auto FTW!


Nice GTR R34 collection.