Event>>redline Buttonwillow Pt.2

Alright, time for some more scenes from the 2010 season opener of the Redline Time Attack series at Buttonwillow Raceway. As you saw in the last post, while some of the familiar faces of the scene were missing, the teams that did come out were as focused as ever.

Based out of St. Lous, MO James Elterman and the Takata Impreza haven't been seen much here on the West Coast – so it was nice to seeing the car running at Buttonwillow. The trip paid off, as James took second place in the Modified AWD Class.

And first in the Modified AWD Class? Brian Lock in the Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R. Brian hustled the 800hp beast to a 1:48.897.

Also running in Modified AWD was the RobiSpec Evo 9, complete with an extra passenger hanging onto the rear wing…

Here we see the World Racing guys make some adjustments to the tC before heading out for the first of two afternoon time attack sessions.

I still can't get over how crazy Rado's car looks, nearly a year after we first saw the front wing.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this Volvo Wagon competing in the Enthusiast Class. Run what you brung, right?

Tri Point Engineering brought out their Speed World Challenge Mazda3 touring car to run in the Super Modified FWD Class. Obviously the little Mazda couldn't keep up with Rado's machine, but it didn't look bad out there.

GST Motorsports brought their GC Impreza to run in the Super Modified Class, but engine problems kept the car in the pits during the competition. Bummer.

Actor Paul Walker competed in the Street Class in his AE Performance E92 M3. I was going to put a witty Fast and the Furious quote here, but maybe I'll leave that to you guys?

This S14 was another competitor in the Drift Class. I'm not exactly sure how you determine what fits into this class, but it's cool to see cars like this running for time.

Ah the variety. From nimble subcompacts like the Fit…

…to the thumping sounds of this 'Vette Z06. It's all there.

The Evasive Evo, looking as mean as ever while taking second place in the Super Modified Class.

Looking a bit just like that internet famous Storm Trooper Lotus, AJ Latteri took third place in the Modified RWD Class. I love this car.

Another one of the many BMW's running, the BERK Technology 135i driven by Mike Bonanni. Mike drove the compact Bimmer to a first place finish in the Street RWD Class.

The Easy Street Motorsports Impreza was running in morning practice, but didn't get out on the track for the time attack sessions. Mechanical trouble I'm assuming.

The sticker was so cool that I had to snap a picture of it.

One more shot of the new Buttonwillow record holder, the SSE Evo.

That does it for part two. I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up my coverage from the Redline Time Attack season opener at Buttonillow.

-Mike Garrett

Redline Buttonwillow Pt.1 Coverage

Redline Time Attack

-Mike Garrett



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more pics of that R35!!


lol going to race wars


volvo for life!


FYI: the etterman takata car is now based on the west coast. that is the ex-LIC Motorsports (my major maintenance go to guys) vehicle. LIC is run by track junkies and they really know how to make a car move. they're also pretty much the best shop in the greater sf bay area. if i don't do my own work, i go to LIC.

you guys should do a feature on that car. it's actually still world rally blue. check out their site for deets.


volvo for life!


He did pretty good out there for a noob though.


Nice to see James Elterman and Takata recognized for their accomplishments. James has been kicking butt for three or four years without a mention. Let's hope the spotlight finds him often. If the new LIC car can keep up with James' driving ability, it will be hard for him not to get mentioned in every single event report from here on out.


I thought pushrod motors weren't legal in Redline events? Or maybe it was Super Lap Battle, idk.


If Paul Walker drives anything like he acts, his lap times wil be slower than that Honda Fit


Awesome article! You really touched on just about everything going on at the event. Good stuff!


everytime when i looked at James Elterman's Takata Impreza, i wished them the best of luck' and gave a smile....but it really was cracking my heart. Why? u may ask me, i am the 2nd place winner of their car's livery design competition, being just less than half step to reach what most of the game car painter's higest desire, or even dream...i rather to get a 3rd place, seriously.

If anyone had seen my design of that competition, tell me how you feel.

NLR Kaizer


"Amateurs dont use nitrous oxide, ive seen the way you drive, you got a heavy foot"


Sierra Sierra EVO doesn't offically hold the record. That record lap was during the pratice round. Pratice make perfect, but doesn't officially count.

HKS still holds the record here and at Tsukuba. It'll fall someday, but not this time.


that gc8 had a cali license plate on it.... ummm is that thing street legal or no???


liking the coverage - keep it coming..


SSE holds the record now. The time was recorded during an official session of an event hosted and organized by the North American Time Attack sanctioning body, Redline Time Attack. We consider the record valid and official. As the sanctioning body we are solely in the position to make official determinations with regard to records. The record stands.


@Esses design:

You're partially right. LIC Motorsport is located in Novato, (North Bay Area)....they're great people and know what they're doing.....but call them "the best in the greater Bay Area".......that's a stretch.


paul walker doing time attack, now ive seen it all


Nikolas, out of curiousity, are the cars teched/impounded after a practice session to determine legality? If so, there is not reason that the record should not stand. But if the practice sessions aren't handled in the same way as a competition session......


Paul Walker is a car guy. Has been for a long time. I have known him since the first Fast and Furious movie, and when I was at Motorex, we sold him an R34. He has a lot of cool cars, and he drives them on the track.

Some pictures of one trackday at Streets of Willow Springs - http://gtrusa.blogspot.com/2009/04/streets-of-willow-springs-photos.html


danger to teh manifold !


WTH is "The North American Time Attack sanctioning body, Redline Time Attack." and since when are practice times ever able to be accepted as track records?


As we close out the month of March, things couldn't be any busier. I'll soon be heading to Las Vegas to check out the "Viva Las Vegas" rod and custom show, and after that it'll be a whirlwind of activity as we head into Formula Drift


Sean Morris is correct. Walker has indeed been a car guy for quite awhile, and does own cars most e-haters would be jealous of. He's out there in a clean E92 M3 having fun, and kids are hating like he's in a neon green blitz kitted eclipse.


I don't understand this "drift class". Do they drift around the track? Why not make them run in a normal RWD class? Is it some kinda money thing?


Don't underestimate the volvo. That's an R Type it has about 300 hp if it isn't tuned.


hahaha..as slow as the fit. haha