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I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in SoCal it seems that summer has already come – in March. As soon as we changed the clocks over to daylight savings time a couple weeks ago, temps have climbed into the 80s and pretty much stayed there. And so, from sunny Southern California, here's the final part of my coverage from the XDC season opener.

For this post, I'll kick things off with some more scenes from the car show. This DC2 Integra is as clean as it gets, built by Autofashion out of San Diego if I recall.

Interesting show car-meets-circuit racer look on this EK Civic. Love the wheels.

I remember drooling over this panda Levin coupe at the Nisei Showoff last summer. A street-going AE86 can't get much better than this.

The most environmentally-friendly car in the world has never looked more sinister…

If you've ever followed The Chronicles blog then I'm sure you recognize Big Mike's Prelude.

That is one hell of an engine bay.

An S14 with a sprinkling of VIP style, and a good old batch of GM V8 power under the bonnet.

A little love for the DA chassis Integra at the Bowls LA booth. A perfect example of the retro street racer look, complete with a set of Enkei Big End Rodders. Yes, that's a sweet name for a wheel.

The Toyota Matrix was never as popular for customizing as its Scion siblings, but the little wagons certainly have potential…

Interesting take on the Lexus GS here, with quite a bit of custom body work involved.

OK, back out on the track now. There's Forrest Wang climbing into his S13 before a practice run. Forrest kept us all entertained with the steady stream of Eurobeat music pouring from his speakers…

And one more shot of the black beast in action, because really, who can get enough of this thing?

Mark Manasala pulling some nice angle in his Greddy-sponsored S14.

Chelsea DeNofa and Sammy Sritongkham facing off in the Top 16.

Andrew Hateley has been drifting his 350Z since seemingly before the 350Z even came out…

Quoc Ly blinding people with the pink Gramlights on his S13. Don't stare at this picture for too long.

Speed-wise, Mike Pollard was one of the best out there. A lot of his runs would have fit right in at a Formula D event.

One more photo of event winner David Briggs, who repeated the following day with another win at the Top Drift event at Willow Springs. Talk about a good weekend…

That will do it for my coverage of the XDC event at Irwindale. If you want to check out this new series for yourself, plan on being in Las Vegas the weekend of May 22nd – that's when the next XDC round will be held.

-Mike Garrett

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Big Mike's 'Lude ftw! I have only see photos, if I relocate to SoCal I will see it for myself :D Yet...I might get a job in the Bahamas, so I guess I'll just have to see what their car scene is like, eh?

Any info on that Hydrogen powered DC2? I wish someone would do a write-up about it, it looks so dope and I want to know more!


^ Agreed, if only for the fact that it'll piss people off. Also, every time I see Chelsea's car he has it painted a different color. New digs, always fresh.


the work wheels on the EK9 were sick as hell... id like to see those wheels on the matrix :O


No hate. That was one of my favorite cars at the show. The Prius was looking definitely sinister.

Did I just say that? :)


Hey we sold those wheels on the EK =)


That EK made me fall back in love with Hondas.


Last pic wallpaper please?




Seriously who the F**K painted a Prius in Flat Black, can GTFO!

Selling out the colour is not good.

That S13 in the last pic is EPIC!


sorry. as much as I and everyone else like the flat paints (especially black). It is safe to say the trend has achieved saturation. Don't get mad. Just be the first to start a new trend.


pshh that matte black Prius is probably vinyl wrapped, #1, aggro. #2, since when are you the color police?

i'm down with a sexy daily Prius.


But then isn't that S13 selling out it's colour?


hey any more info on the s13 in the last pic with rpf1-mexipoke?lol.it looks pretty crazy.

Forrest Wang's s13.4 looks pretty sinc but his s14 before the s15 front end makeover was to die for!!!

any one know why he painted hes cars black?


That EK is the epitomy of new rice. Throw as many random track parts on a car that never sees the track. DUMB if you ask me.


prius is vinyl matte blacked, tein ss with bag


love the black DC2 and even the concept of the Toyota in matt black.. some great coverage of the sideways action too - thanks once again..


The Prius, from TWCompetition, was wrapped in matte-black vinyl. We spoke to the guy who did it as he rolled in a day earlier (Friday) and he told us what he did.


Hello from RUSSIA


It would have been sick if you would have gotten a snap of the V8 in that S14. Great pics.


Way to GO Briggs! Proud of you man! Reppin' CANADA!


Very nice cars! The DC Integra is ALMOST as clean as it gets; it's missing some ultra rare fogs... As for the 'Lude, he should have completely smoothed out the bay... More info on the flared out Range Rover if possible!!!


Nice coverage big mike thanks for parking with us amd thanks for the comments on my DC btw what fogs are u talking about mdeezy


lol i love my New aged Rice EK =)


that orange civic hatch is hideous, bunch of bullshit home depot aero parts mixed with every trendy thing going on. what a huge sellout.