Event>>formula D Tech Day @ Uti Pt.1

Well, I'm officially pumped for the start of 2010 Formula Drift season. With less than two weeks until the cars take to the Long Beach street course, Formula Drift once again held a preseason tech and fan day at the Universal Technical Institute campus "way out" in Rancho Cucamonga.

There have been some tremendous developments over the off-season, and this event gave us the chance to catch a glimpse at some of the new cars we'll be seeing this year.

While some teams brought out all new machines, others have updated old favorites with new changes. Ross Petty's S15 for example, is sporting a slightly redesigned paint and graphics scheme.

Without a doubt it's still one of the most stylish cars in Formula Drift.

Meanwhile some completely new cars were on hand for tech inspections, like this Mazda RX8 that will be driven this year by Charles Ng.

Yes, that's a four-rotor that powers this former time attack car turned drift car.

I imagine it will take some time to get this thing dialed in for drifting, but it will surely be fun to watch.

There were also many former pro-am drivers there to make sure their cars are ready for Long Beach. Here's Jeff Abbot's turbocharged NB Miata.

As well as David Blunt's E30 BMW. Can't wait to see this guys tear it up with the pros in the LBC.

Speaking of the grassroots, Tommy Roberts brought out his freshened up S13. I really don't think this car needs any introduction.


Here's the new 350Z project done by our friends over at Wrecked Magazine. Check the sick 4×4 stance (just kidding Joey!).

Apparently those HRE's are 13.5 inches wide in the rear…

The off-season "makeover" that impressed me most was the one given to Dai Yoshiara's S13.

Introduced as a rush build last season, the V8-powered S13 has been fully redone – now sporting a new wrap AND a Rocket Bunny aero kit. Awesome.

Another car that's received some exterior changes is the Tanaka Racing C5 Corvette, driven by Alex Pfeiffer.

I'll finish with this shot of the Supra driven by Fedric Aasbo – one of a few international drivers joining the FD roster this year.

I'll be back with tomorrow with more from the tech day, including some shots of Michael Essa's radical BMW 335.

-Mike Garrett



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Suprrrraaaa!!!Hell, yeaaahhh!!Go, Fredric! ))))


FIRST!! oh and i wonder how long unti the C5 becomes a C6


i wanna see a vid of that rx8 drifting


That Corvette still looks bleh.

But hey, the other cars are pretty cool.


mean photos


My friend dropped out of UTI because he said he didnt learn anything, he went to UNOH instead.

But Boso's S15 looked better before.


Some FD cars continue to hold the title of ugly! I love BOSO, the E30, and Tommy Roberts cars though, very nice!


woah dai yoshiharas car looks alot better now.


Whoo! cant wait for the V10 BMW shots!


Awesome! Ross Petty's car is definitely one of the best looking pro cars in America.

While that's not very difficult considering the abundance of UGLY cars, Boso still deserves credit for building a tasteful car!


YEA cool to see the BOSO car bck after hearing it night be retired.can't wait for POWERS and FOBERTS going up againts the BIG timers together.

And that road race RX8 looks cool but not sure about the wheel fitment?????


that rx-8 is horrid


the c5 looks way better than it use to.


Thanks for the love Mike. Yes, we are going to be featured in Four Wheeler Magazine soon I hear! haha


Any chance we can get a wallpaper of Jeff's Miata????? I love a fact there is an NB in Formula D!


is the first picture not powers' s14...did he re do it???


That dude's bowl cut in the first shot is WICKED!


Formula D does have ugly cars. Long live D1!

Four rotor? =P'''''''


I miss Dai's LS1 Lexus...


soem awesome looking machines.. loving the Supra & even the little Mazda.. (miata) - those wheels outback on that 350Z are epic!! - nice intro!


I'm a rotorhead but damn what the hell did they do to that RX8? front fenders are just wacked on with oversize rivets etc...

Ok, these cars get beaten but still...


does any1 know wat rims is Ross Petty s15 boso running on ?? n wats the offset .... any help out there ??



is that a glimpse of joon maeng's *new* rx-8 behind the corvette? looks miles better than charles'


Fredric Aasbo FTW :D


Fredric Aasbo supra and tanaka racing vette are wuuuuaaaaaatt???!!!


btw any body what front bumper is on fredric aasbo supra??


a J flag on a vette is wrong. Idiots


Haha, finally, an E30 in a major drifting competition. And what makes it even better is that its not an M3 but just a 3-series which looks so much better. Only things that need to be done to it is a different set of wheels and a lip spoiler on the trunk lid. Regardless, I just hope David doesn't smash it into a wall at Long Beach.


what about my car? it was by far the best looking there.


great event but UTI doesnt deserve shit..im a UTI graduate from the Norwood,MA and it was the biggest mistake i made.i learned shit and employers dont give a crap about your diploma and the school doesnt help get a job cuz im still unemployed after millions of dealer and garage interviews...i love drifting but seeing UTI there jus pisses me off.DONT GO TO UTI !!get a degree instead.besides all,nice cars and fun event..


Thank you for putting my car up here. Thank all of you for the kind words. I hope you all enjoy the new look of the Miata...


Abbott is going to melt your face


More info about e30 and miata maybe? :)