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As I walked through the pits at the March Meet last weekend passing drag cars of all shapes and sizes, I spotted an absolute monster of a vehicle.

Was that an old school ambulance? Indeed it was. From the time when they were made from fullsize passenger cars and not from vans. 

And it wasn't just any old ambulance, but one of the fastest in the world.

Meet Nurse Ratchet.

Built out of a 1968 Oldsmobile ambulance (amber lamps?), this former medical transport now finds itself being hurled down the quarter mile to the tune of high ten second ET's.

Even cooler is the fact that it's owned and driven by Shannon Speer – an actual registered nurse of 19 years.

Obviously you need some serious power to get a 5,400 lb vehicle down the track that fast. Sitting in the middle of the car is a 496-cube big block Chevy with a healthy dose of nitrous, hooked to a Turbo 400 auto trans.

It's amazing that even with a tubbed rear end and fat Mickey Thompson slicks, there's still a TON of room back there.

A quick view of the cockpit. You wouldn't expect an ambulance to be lacking in the safety department, right?

I always like seeing builds that have a sense of humor, and this one has plenty.

Unfortunatley I didn't get a chance to see this thing on the track, but I'm sure it's one hell of a sight.

For more, check out the car's official website.

-Mike Garrett



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That thing is Massive!


all that room under the hood and they put the engine in the rear? it's a little weird but I like it


Hmm Joey, I'd imagine height is a issue to get it to fit while keeping the stock hood.


The probably moved the engine to balance the car out, since it's a wagon there would've been little weight in the rear.


Mike, you didn't get to see it in action, here's a little video I found of it in action:

12 secs.... interesting...

Love the idea behind this car!!


haha could you imagine this thing pulling beside you...Freekin cool!


that thing is AWSOME!!


haha i saw this thing on the freeway the other day!


did this actually save peoples lives?? i love the graphics.. it looks like it can actually tear up the tarmac (thats asphalt to you US boys)..


wicked ride! for those who didn't pick up on it, the name is a reference to One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (the major antagonist's name is Nurse Ratched)