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Did any of you watch the F1 race today? I'm a bit irritated to be honest, as I think the new "no refueling" rules have really spoiled the show and made F1 even more processional than it already was. Ergh DISAPOINTED!!!… Anyway moving on, I wanted to share some photos with you that I took a few weeks back in the UK.

All of you now know that the Top Secret Drag R II Skyline R33 is alive and well in the UK with its current caretakers: G Man and the Skyline specialist shop: TR Racing.

When I shot the car in Essex at the end of February I also took the opportunity to photograph the TR Racing shop too.

Before I arrived at the facility, G Man gave me a some background history: "TR Racing was founded by Tweenie Rob (hence the name), who was killed in a car accident in October. Rob was famous in the JDM scene all over europe for his mapping skills and for building "Gaijin" which is the ex-Duke R33 and current 1/4 mile 4WD GT-R record holder, which has now sadly been sold as the owner, Mick Begley, didn't want to carry on without Rob."

As you are likely gathering, Rob was immensely popular in the UK Skyline scene and is sorely missed.
So the visit to his shop was perhaps a bit loaded, as everyone involved
are likely still processing this big loss.

Upon arriving, I was met by several clean examples of the subject matter at hand: the GT-R. This particular R33 is sporting a Do-Luck body kit.

R32s are also a common sighting where I live in Vancouver, but very few of them are as clean and polished as this example.

In Canada, we have a rule that only JDM cars older than 15 years can be imported. So R33 GTRs like this V-Spec machine are just starting to appear in our country.

TR Racing on the other hand was full of these cars…. ahh the UK has it good when it comes to JDM grey market machines!

So you've seen the feature we recently published about the Drag R II, but I have a second drag-focused Skyline monster to show you.

This is the current TR Racing demo car and will likely represent Tweenie Rob's legacy for years to come.

A street legal 1000 hp? You betcha!… in fact the R32 is capable of generating a whopping 1200 horsepower with all options turned up.

I can't really imagine what it would be like to try and control this much power on the street! Santa Pod drag strip is perhaps a more natural environment for such a boosted up car. I'd be interested to see what this car would do in a Standing Mile event too. I'm sure 200 mph could be easily attained.

A shot of the cockpit. The transmission is a Hollinger sequential if anyone is interested.

Here's the heart of the beast. Looks pretty tidy. The engine has been stroked up to a displacement of 3.1L BTW.

Quite a hardcore example of a R32… Ok now let's have a look inside the shop.

Walking in, I was met with this partially assembled, race prepped R34.

This ex-NISMO machine was built to a similar spec as the original Falken liveried R34 Nurburgring racer.

It's currently being reworked in preparation for the upcoming UK Time attack season.

Looking around the R34 you can see all sorts of GT-R goodness.

Here's another mint R32. Check out the width of the rubber!

My host G Man was quick to point out the screamer wastegate pipe. Nasty.

I don't have any specs on this whited out Godzilla…

… but judging from the detailing (roll cage, semi-slick rubber, intercooler, hood fasteners), it looks like a serious track day car.

Looking down the other side of the shop we can see that the Drag R II keeps some pretty serious company: the Jun Hyper Lemon.

The car is just undergoing a bit of a rebuild.

The engine has been pulled and is currently being rebuilt.

Can you feel the legend? In this shot you, can get a sense that there is some metal flake in the yellow paint…

Interestingly, the same guy, Tim Webster brought the Drag R II, the Hyper Lemon and the Duke R33s to the UK and owned all three cars at once. Must be nice!

Aside from the single R34 race machine, all the other Skylines in the shop were of the R33 and R32 variety.

Looking around the TR Racing, you get the sense there are enough spares kicking around to build an entire GT-R from scratch!

Check the Nismo carbon fiber gas tank for the R34. That's a pretty rare item no doubt.

As the back of the shop I checked out a pretty serious R33 project car. Looks like a ground up build.

You like how the brake calipers match the valve cover? It's a nice use of colour.

Check the low style Do-Luck wing. It's a bit of a trademark for Do-Luck.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this car turns out. Judging by the build quality I've seen in the TR cars, it'll be a real showstopper once complete.

Hmmm what's this little guy doing in the corner? It reminds me of the first time I ever saw an Evo. It was in 1996 and I was at a family reunion in Jamaica. My uncles had a couple of these cars they were rallying at the time… Anyway that's a story we'll save for another day.

Judging by the sticker on this machine, you get the sense that TR Racing are surrounded by a culture of hardcore enthusiasts who play hard with their performance machines. This R32 has obviously been flogged around the greatest track in the world: the Nurburgring Nordschleife. No doubt it was but one of many similar cars at the track that day.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at TR Racing. I'm not sure that I've done justice to the reputation and achievements of these Skyline builders, but perhaps we should more think about this story as more of an introduction what the UK scene has on offer.

Now I really need to hear what Martin Brundle has to say about this new F1 formula…. Hmph!




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Agreed on Formula One... the new rules have made the races LESS exciting, not more. One pit stop races for the rest of the season with drivers having to deal with enormous fuel loads and tire management? Not my idea of how to make F1 better.

Awesome post btw. Those Skylines are phenomenal. I especially like the white R32!


I LOVE THAT CELESTE R34!!! great piece, idk about the "trademark" do-luck wing though


this place is so sick! skyline auto salon right there :drool:


Yeah the new rules about fuel are a little strange. I watched the race... too bad about Vettel. It was good to see Schumacher near the front, and Ferrari back on top (although for once the two were separate)!



Some high end GTR's here.

The 1000 HP R32 GTR is mental!


I want to go to there.


"and for building "Gaijin" which is the ex-Duke R33 and current 1/4 mile 4WD GT-R record holder"

I take it you mean in the UK? what's it's best time so far?


the nismo spec rims in the 4th pic make my soul smile, amazing post, thanks Rod!!


yeh theres alot of evos in jamaica and as many sti,s but evos usually dominate street races in these deuls


H05TYL... Now that I think about this some more wasn't it a NZ car that is the overall world AWD GT-R Champion? not sure as the quote is from G-Man


I think I am in love!


correct heat treatments racing r32 skyline as far as i know still holds the 1/4 record at 7:57 @ 190 mph

i believe that is the record for both gtr and 4wd machinary any were in the world


Massive thanks to TR-Racing if you read this guys.

The Silver R33 with Green engine covers above is my car and a testament to Rob's knowledge and skills in the Skyline tuning scene.

ps Gaijin is the Euorpean 4WD Record Holder.


Once again, glad you enjoyed your afternoon with us at the workshop Rod.

As Matt has said, Gaijin was the "EUROPEAN" 4WD Records holder, not world, I think there was some confusion there between me & Rod.


World Record Holder = Reece McGregor & Heat Treatments Racing R32 GTR 7.57@306kph


I was just angry that the bloody Sauber failed on Kobayashi... Webber also ran into his fair share of bad luck and I was really disappointed to see Vettel lose his win. Frustrating race to watch to say the least~


Pictures And Write Up = Fantastic.... Well Done :)

TR Racing FTW :D


very good coverage thanks for share, i hope ROb can see all these , once AGain, just wanna say RIP

we do miss you Rob


Hey nice to know it was Jamaica ....whows your uncle


Actually, Tweenie didn't build the Duke R33, he simply refreshed it and put bigger turbos on it. All the design, preperation, and building was done by Duke when they owned the car, not TR Racing. Also, TR Racing aren't rebuilding the JUN Super Lemon, it is just parked there. Ron Kidell @ RK Tuning is rebuilding it. Please get your facts right before posting.


more on that evo plz :)


Looks a good set up there. Never been up there to be honest.

You still got gaaijin (spelling) Mick? Something gone on between you and TR?


Amazing. I wish I lived somewhere where ANY skyline is a common sight!


these guys have always got some nice metal in there shop.. plus they have a reputation of knowing what to do with GTR's in all it's many guises.. - great post..


I love how all these "tuners" in the UK get praise for importing fully tuned cars from Japan and rework them to make them their own, when in reality they were still built by someone else. The most notable cars in this post used to be demo cars for shops in Japan. I'm seeing this a lot more over there, so I'm wondering, is the UK capable of building cars of that caliber from the ground up on their own?? This applies to all the drift cars you guys are gobbling up too..


Latenights; my car/engine is being fully built by TR-Racing along with many others and the spec is very high even by Japanese tuning standards. Rob built his own car with Justin in the UK from the ground up and it is extremely powerful, even running better times than some of the ‘legendary’ Japanese cars have managed in the UK to date. Don't be misguided into thinking that because the owners found a tuner they can finally trust in the UK that the tuner is then claiming to have built the car. How long do you think these ex-demo cars from Japan ran before they needed a major overhaul or completely new engine? Before my current engine, I had a hand built "Top Secret Tuning" engine imported from Japan and I can assure you "Top Secret" didn't display this 'caliber' you speak of...


Latenights: Well even my white GT-R33 with sporting Do-Luck body kit is build from the ground from the engine side. HJA & TR racing did get all the parts for the engine and build the engine. Putting the Big Dady turbo (T88-38GK) which can push around 1100 hp and they are finishing with the Fuel systems and then the car can RUN. So please dont talk things which you don't know nothing about.


To the person who commented about tweenierob and posting as Mick, be very careful in what you say as your words are very misleading. Rob did build the Gaijin most of the parts were developed by Rob.

Great pictures and write up.

Mick Begley.


nicely said matt, ero and mick. TR is a superb tuning garage and a testament to what rob and justin and harry worked so hard for and built together as a team! i doubt any garage in the world has built such a dedicated customer base and following in such a short amount time. i would wait a year for a service from these guys than go anywhere else. R.I.P tweenie



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great cars, I wish I could be there to ride those beasts

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great cars, I wish I could be there to ride those beast.