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I've been shooting time attack events in California for a while now, and at each event I always find myself gravitating towards the cars built by Evasive Motorsports. Part of it is the fact they are usually at the top of their class, but another was their perfect resemblance to the Japanese time attack cars we love.

Needless to say, when Evasive main man Mike Chang asked me to come out and have a look at the shop, I couldn't turn him down.

Tucked away in an industrial park in La Puente, California is where you'll find Evasive Motorsports. If you can't find it, just looked for the tuned JDM machinery.

This story was actually only half of the reason for my visit. I also shot a feature on the the Evasive street class S2000 time attack car, which you should keep an eye out for.

The shop itself has been for some time, first starting as an online parts retailer several years ago.

After a couple years later the shop moved to the current location and began the transition to a full service facility.

As of now, Evasive's primary focus is on suspension and chassis tuning. While I was at the shop, this customer-owned S2000 was spending some time on the alignment machine.

And of course when the guys aren't working on customer cars, they are working on shop cars like the famous Evo IX time attack machine.

The guys were hard at work getting car the ready for the Redline event at Buttonwillow later this month. The 2010 edition of the car will include revised aero, re-valved suspension, and a new clutch setup shipped in from OS Japan.

As you'd expect, there are tuning parts spread around every corner of the shop…

…along with a healthy selection of tires.

I also took a peek outside in the parking lot, where the employee's cars can be found.

A tuned Evo X and a Ducati make for a good combination, no?

This Civic Si sedan converted to JDM Type R spec serves as Mike's daily driver and track toy. You can also expect a feature on this car coming up soon.

Back in the shop, we have an NSX customer car that was undergoing some minor maintenance.

As you can tell by now, Evasive works on some pretty serious machinery. No cheesy show car builds here.

This Evo X is one of the shop newest projects. It should be appearing on the track very soon.

Meanwhile, in the office you'll find framed magazine articles featuring past and current project cars…

…along with countless trophies from time attack competitions.

I also found myself checking out their collection of diecast cars. Cool.

Big thanks to Mike and the rest of the Evasive crew for letting me come out and snoop around the shop a bit.

We'll be looking forward to catching up again with them at the Redline Time Attack season opener later this month at Buttonwillow.

-Mike Garrett

Evasive Motorsports



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Amazing! More of that Si Sedan please?


I can't wait to see what #'s they turn around the track. Stinky tofu and Rob are great drivers !!!


Why do you never feature euro shops? i'm getting tired of all this japan stuff...


Evasive is the beezneez. Super fast shipping and no BS at all with these guys.. Good to see them on speedhunters...


"Why do you never feature euro shops?" This is simply not the case Jason. If you look down the front page right now you'll see plenty of American and European content.


I think the White Evo X next to the Ducati is the guys that also has the JDMEgo blog


Lovin' the Ducati Sport Classic in the 2nd pic.


tired of japan stuff? no one.. and i mean no one wants to see euro shops.. such ugly taste... i say quadrouple the jp!


Same here i'm from europe and i can say, most euro tuning sucks! They just ruwin JDM cars with ugly body kits and rims here in Europe.


all this shop does is win win win. sorry for referencing a terrible song it's stuck in my head. evasive still is a winner though.


What I don't get is why you would break down cars between Japanese and Euro... there are great things to uncover in all worlds. Why get so stuck on labels?


I'm pretty sure anyone here would drool over the stuff at the Gemballa. I'm partial to anything driftable though.


"As you can tell by now, Evasive works on some pretty serious machinery. No cheesy show car builds here. "

I do have to say this gave me a little chuckle. I appreciate all types of cars, styling as well as purposes. But I have a soft spot in my heart for GRIP machinery. Keep em coming Speedhunters!! Waiting to see more on that Si, s2k and heck....everything else!!


I have just a few problems with most cars showed on Speedhunters. Sure they are nice cars, done up properly and they are clean and they are built to standards, none of this 400 horsepower with stock suspension and wal-mart rims. But the problems I have are the huge fart cannons most of these "tuners" put on. It ruins the entire car, why spend $50,000 and then ruin it with a fart cannon? Sure most exhaust systems suck, flowmasters are pretty much the top of the terrible list there. None of these cars run supertrapps? Or even just open exhaust? And my 2nd beef is what is up with all the V6's? Why not some inline 6? Hell, why not go with a real engine and show off V8's? No one runs V8's yet all these "racers" want more power. A old pushrod V8 can do 9,000rpm if you use the proper parts and don't go cheap on them. Sure that's about as much as you will get but it's not like the V6's wind up much more, and they have way lesser displacement.


I've ordered parts from these guys and although I havent had the pleasure of having them service my S2000, they are TOP NOTCH. Lots and lots of respect for these guys and the work they do! Thanks for an awesome feature on a top class shop and bunch of guys!!


The EVO X looks nice.

I spotted the NSX with some serious brake calipers, must be fast!


Ohhhh new Weds on the EvoX, Look cool.

People have been bitchy of late, whats going on here? Settle down.

Nice work Mike, great article + imagery.


holy shit those i thought those die cast models were real!


Love the NSX


These guys are great. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from these guys and got my stuff in a reasonable amount of time at a good price. They keep alot of stuff in stock that alot of companies would have to order. Big ups to Evasive.


I had my Integra aligned here and will have my EVO X done shortly. The guys at Evasive know their stuff and if you're serious about going fast then they are the go to shop for suspension tuning.


wery good foto i love you <3


That evo x front for a seccond looks like a r34 front


Pretty pretty please please. Make the picture of the Evo X and Ducati abv the Civic picture a wallpaper!


Got more excited over the FD2 Civic Si with the CTR conversion than I did over any of the other cars featured. Makes the head hurt knowing that Honda is putting more effort into bringing the CR-Z over than the FD2 Civic Type-R.

Getting parched. Gonna need to hit up the Haterade if I keep talking about Honda management decisions.


pretty sick man


When we talk about time attack cars, we usually find ourselves focusing on the monster that run in the higher classes of competition. But as impressive as cars like Rado's Scion or the HKS CT230R are, they bear little resemblance to the cars that


When we talk about time attack cars, we usually find ourselves focusing on the monster that run in the higher classes of competition. But as impressive as cars like Rado's Scion or the HKS CT230R are, they bear little resemblance to the cars that