Here’s a new video clip of Conrad Grunewald doing some preseason testing in the new Hankook drift Camaro at Laguna Seca.

Looks like the car is coming along well, and boy does it sound nice…

-Mike Garrett



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Car only got tuned a week or so ago and they're deep into testing now. Proud to be a part of this project, and boy oh boy does that car have sweet electronics! Go Conrad!

Jeff / Jordan Innovations


looks killer. only thing i dislike is those two air intakes on the hood


I agree with HeadBanger. Maybe a flat hood or a regular cowl-induction one would look better? Looks like a nice ride though, good luck Conrad!


car looks good, even sounds good. someone needs to do suspension work, it was way too bumpy. and practicing without a helmet??? even if its in a parking lot with midget cones that just makes our sport look bad.


Sweet burnout dude!


that car is lame! gm is poopy and i will not support any manufacturer given bailout money. ford does it right, and chev/gm does it wrong. sorry conrad but your new ride is crap! i predict you losing to everybody, especially the falken mustangs...


These guys are awesome, glad to see the project finally completed, i know the whole team worked its ass off these last few months


It's hard to watch drifting go downhill...


cool car, i dont like that ugly bowtie though, should really get rid of that, it sucks. cant wait to see it after testing, ill bet ill be good if Conrad can work on those sloppy transitions


is there any chance of getting some hankook camaro desktop wallpaper?


Thanks for the comments. We still haven't modified the steering so its not Formula Drift ready by any means. The suspension was on the bump rubbers so we will need to raise the car an inch or two which sucks but it has to happen. Win or lose I would love to get matched up against a Mustang, that's a 40+ year old rivalry which is sure to be entertaining. As far as the helmet issue, I have been working out there for almost 10 years and we never use helmets on the autocross unless we are in formula cars so the thought that a helmet was necessary never crossed my mind. Next time I will be sure to have one on.


dude, they need to stop making muscle cars into drift cars..... just stop. too fat and too much power. theres no skill in that. but like the guys above me, i do agree the car needs more suspension work!


boat!!!it looks like it transitions from turn to turn like poo


I agree with s30...

Smoke machines on wide Nascar styled tracks are boooring to watch.

Conrad is a rad dude, wish I could say the same for the car, or American drifting in general...


not really my thing but hey good luck Conrad and get used to the haters


another american muscle which is gettig smoked by the japanese. :D


Love how they edited the final pic. Did you see that when taking the pics said Cooper tires, and at the end says Hankook ;)

And I agree, car looks hot, but I really enjoy watching japanese cars doing drifting. But I guess is all marketing… Good luck!


I totally agree with S30 and Ae86 Jimmy comments.

This thing is way to big and ungraceful.

its like a NY Giants linebacker trying to play offense for Manchester United. Way to FAT and SLOW!

Drifting is about grace, precision and angle all of these Muscle cars have none.

But hey I guess that's were my tax dollars have gone to sponsor the new fridge on wheels. To bad Toyota wasn't an American manufacture excepting bailout cash.

I definitely would have been proud to see my money going to the rebirth of the AE86:-)


@s30folife : To much power? Is that why people drop LS-engines in there japanese cars? Can´r wait to see it chase and kill the Falken Mustangs. Wallpaper?


what is soo different between big engine muscle cars and high revving small disp jap cars??? by nature you always want more power, more power equals more smoke right??? so why all the fuss? big and ungraceful blah blah bah, bs. if you're link a series of turns thats graceful in my book.

s30 fo'life said:

dude, they need to stop making muscle cars into drift cars..... just stop. too fat and too much power. theres no skill in that.

again, bs. drifting is all about driving, you have to drive your ass off to make it wk. if it was as easy as he says everyone would be pro. its hard and the best drivers will and do win.


Really awesome ride Conrad! Just wish the haters would know the time and effort put into this car! I mean, not everyone has Taste for certain cars, but hey! It's still driftable, and many of us do have different styles of drifting. Lastly this sport is all about fun, American muscle prolly is conrad's cuppa tea;) all the best dude!


def looks better than that ugly corvette. but, still dont think it looks like a competitor..just doesnt slide like other cars. Good luck though man, hope you can get everything worked out.


with the amount of drift haters (the I hate America crowd), it is no wonder "professional" drifting in the States is limited in appeal.


...I wasn't really impressed.... car looked better sitting still than going sideways imho


Sounds mean!!! doesnt look like it turns sideways as good though, like it looks heavy. Now i wana see the R35 drift




me like!


Let's see it tandem with a serious drifting machine and look stupid with it's horrible angle.


some of you "grassroots" drifters (haters) are ridiculous. if it were up to you, F1 would be racing flat head V8s with bicycle tires and no aero. corporate sponsors ($) make motor sports more competitive (better). thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

and if you even say it is not about competition, dont call it a sport. its a motor hobby.


haters: nothing you said means anything. this car is in testing and this is his first time driving it. for the few of you who own a car and maybe even drift, your best day wont match up with this car, which needs fine tuning and more steering angle. all of which is on the way.