Video>> Mad Mike Drifting On Ice!

So where has top kiwi drifter Mad Mike Whiddett been lately? In Onuma, Hokkaido – the northernmost tip of Japan that’s where – and he’s been working on a secret film project dubbed "Red Bull Drift-n-Ice".

In a freshly built replica of his MADBUL Mazda RX-7, engineered by Japanese drift tuning shop Magic, and rolling on skinny WRC style studded snow tyres (with 275mm spacers!), it’s been Mike’s first taste of sliding on ice. Along for the ride, however, was D1 star Toshiki Yoshioka, also an experienced snow rally driver who joined the project as Mike’s adviser.

Mike just sent us over the "Drift n Ice" footage for you to check out through the links below. But before that check out what Mike had to say about the whole experience;

“This project was awesome! It was the biggest challenge this year – no, make that in my whole drifting career!” says Mike. “I was able to succeed because we had the best team that helped set up the RX7, and the choice of tires was optimal for drifting on the snow and in the climate of this cold region. Although I have tried to express what it is like to drive on the ice, I cannot compare it to anything. It requires a technique completely different from drifting on tarmac. I experienced the traction of steel spike tires for the first time and four days of driving helped me get used to driving on the ice and I was able to really fly by the fourth day. I really enjoyed it and as a pro driver loved the new challenge. Taihen Tanoshikata des! Hahaa Massive thanks Arigato gozaimas to Red Bull, all the media crew you were all really fun, Kawato san at Magic total car produce for building an unbelievable car and Yoshioka for all your advise and knowledge, I look forward to working with you guys again in the near future!"



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Skinnies are the new Dish!

If only he was from Otago/Southland, snow drifting is common as heLL!


jus gos 2 show wat ya can do wif money not much smoke tho????


go mike, nz reppin


That's insane. Just goes to show the level of Mad Mike's skills.

Interesting the kind of training Pro Drifters are going through in 2010. Joon Maeng is doing K1 Karting and Mad Mike is drifting on ice. Wonder what everyone else is doing to tune their skills.


@wadusey. No smoke but the rooster tail is pretty badass!

awesome vid


funny shit good old kiwis doin us proud


so this guy has a million cars now lol


275mm spacers? that doesn't even make sense. must be 27.5mm, that would work. someone fix that!



I do this pretty much everyday in winter. doesnt really take much skill or technique lol..


I'm sure at not at those speeds however....


On ice?? looks fun - as well as funny!!


Like Matthew said, this is like my daily drive to work in winter.

I've had better snow tandem with a te72 and chevy s10 haha. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?



talk about slo-mo.

this is nothing new. people have been ice racing for decades. that's wheel to wheel road racing ON ICE.

just cause it's drifting doesn't make it special...


Nice vid, but I don't think there is anything special in it. Some people with rwd cars here in Finland drive like that when driving to work :D. At the moment there is -20c outside and ice and snow everywhere. Thee is also 50cm of ice on the lakes. We have studded tires (not that big studs) in our daily drivers. You can do the same with 170hp standard S13:s, if you want.

This is NOT ME on the video, this is just an example found from youtube of ice drifting in Finland. Very common activity here :D

PS. Text on the right says: "Sliding with worn tires."



nice vid ,appreciate it

@ rich ,so now we should'nt look at this cos people have been racing on ice for decades?


There is another video I found of someone drifting winter beaters on ice track.

It is so much easier to drift on snow than on tarmac. Of course it is different if you have never driven on ice, but it is about the same as drifting on very wet tarmac, just easier, We actually have to learn how to cope with car going sideways in our driving schools before we get our drivers licenses...


hmm, Trophée Andros anyone?


cool video and all but, nothing special goin on there, as above posts already said, its not that impressive and the speeds arent that high. in canada just like the guy from finland said, we drive like that on the reg in the winter. it didnt look much faster than ive gone on the ice, maybe 90 to 110 kmh? its hard to tell exactly when your speedo goes from 80kmh to 150kmh and back again every time you touch the throttle.


Awesome video, I am also from the land of the maple leaf and that looks like my daily commute to work except i am driving on public roads and with an STi


someone needs to shoot this guy, ken block and the dude from rob and big in the face. they're all just rich boys wearing fitted hats throwing money at builders and manufacturers. they have no skill, no talent, no knowledge. anyone can drift a car if you practice enough.


ff_drift_lol you are a complete and utter retard and you have no idea what your talking about so I think you should shut the fu*k up. Sounds to me like you have a serious case of jealousy. And you obviously know nothing about the automotive scene and motorsport as Rob Dyrdek has nothing to do with drifting and racing other then appearing in a Ken Block video. He's a skater. Idiot.


i had no idea he was even in that video. just saying, cause they all look the same. you mad son.


Me mad? Your the one who said someone needs to shoot this guy, for what? For getting out there and trying something new in his chosen passion which is drifting, in a different part of the world courtesy of his sponsors? He's not 'rich', he was a relatively unknown grassroots drifter/car builder 3 years ago from NZ but now he's known in the scene world wide and has very solid backing from good sponsors courtesy of natural talent and drive. That is the big difference between being 'rich and throwing money at builders and manufacturers' as you say. Think before you speak you complete and utter idiot.



not because ice racing is old news, but that it's not very exciting.

i guess it's unique for this site. so it gains some credit there...

another ice racing video:


errr... I should clarify that it's the video that isn't very exciting.

ice racing is AMAZING!


Never been in scandinavia i see, those tires for that car sucks on ice. This is the thing för ice-racing:


Sounds like a 3 rotor?


Is it a 3-rotor? I know he had a 4 rotor at one point but not sure anymore what is going on with all his rotarys.


Hello Speedhunters! It may seem to some of you that things have been quiet in my corner for the last


Hello Speedhunters! It may seem to some of you that things have been quiet in my corner for the last