Readers Rides>>impreza Wagon

Reader Michael Mendoza sent us a photo of his project car, a '98 Subaru Impreza Wagon. Originally born as an Outback model, the car was in Michael's words "a two tone horrid looking thing that a grandma or soccer mom would drive". It's now sporting a full JDM exterior conversion, as well as suspension work. Future plans include a Version 8 STI swap, and a rear wheel drive conversion.

Sounds awesome. Keep us updated, Michael!

-Mike Garrett



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Rear wheel drive conversion...?

Is it for drift purpose...?


always love to see a modded wagon


that things so sick and it would be even more badass if it stayed AWD, in my humble opinion


Looks really good! A "full" JDM conversion would be complete with some rear spats! Make it rain!


very nice.. how daily driver friendly are those? i mean i live in socal, would i have to worry about heavy theft interest like i would be with a typical drift-popular car?


I am on the GM8 forum ( and they are pretty good cars, and the likely hood of theft is pretty low. I have only seen one person get there car stolen on the forum in the last year.


Very cool! Get the STi swap in so it has some hustle!


kinda off topic but i saw a Lexus IS 300 today...but it was a wagon

better yet it was dropped on stretched tires with a body kit :D

it was badass! and i had no clue they made a wagon version

how rare is this car?


This looks nice 'as is'... i valeted/detailed one of these a few days ago for a friend - man that thing can fly, even in standard form - it's loud and lairy - this one looks so cool with the roof mounted spoiler & black on gold combo.. very cool - can't wait to see it when its all done & completed..


Are these rare in the States or summin? Why post a stock WRX? As common as dog shit here.


that car is fucking piece of shit

standard wheels looks like another piece of shit suby

do some fucking mods then repost

there look 2 better looking subys for sale here in nz

speedhunters sort your shit out

don't want to see anymore standard looking cars


People nowadays, don't appreciate hardwork and personal tastes. Scottstanton, I flagged your post.


crazy clean wagon. always been a fan of those subies. imo, would look cleaner without the hatch wings, but well played and fricken savage looking!


Sorry I fail to see the hard work, the car is standard.


this shit is chent ,, this car is so frekrin ugly ... the worst shit ever


Really not speedhunters worthy imo? see about 20 of these day a day!


Sorry kiwi's we DON'T get JDM cars here. Stock GM8's look like complete ass stock. As the former owner of two GC impreza's it is very easy to see all the work put into this car. This thing looks damn good for a wagon. For those who don't know, this is what an OBS looks like stock.

Make sure you know what your talking about before you bash someones car like that. This car has come a long way.


Do you guys not fucking realize that we never got a turbo GC/GM/GF in the US?


Damn! So much hate! Why so much haters? SHEESH!

Good lookin GF IMO. Needs wheels and rear spats ASAP!


Thank you haters and the lovers for your opinions. Thank you Mike Garret for posting my Lil' Shwagon that could or couldn't to some. Look at Oz10's post at what the USA gets. We get the shortest end of the stick. I'm just happy that my car was on It made my day. Keep up the good work.



@gf8wagoneer - Sick wagon. Although it's simple, it's mosdef something to really look out for in the future, and personally, I'm anxious to see what kind of beast this car's gonna be.

All you haters is just buggin' cause none of you have the sack to touch a first gen Impreza, especially one as baseline as an OBS. I see your bitchassness and raise you the pair of balls you don't have to do it better than him.


@scottstanton: Oh yes, you have a taste for mid 90's looking wagons eh? Dullest white and silver shit ever. I'd so take the black one here any day -.-"


lame.. agree with the Kiwis on this one - don't care if this is an 'improvement' on a bad version the states gets, it's still not speedhunters worthy.


"full JDM exterior conversion" Hah, far from. Most of the "jdm" parts are stock usdm 2.5rs parts also(front bumper, sideskirts, wheels) I still see some usdm exterior parts also. (roof rack, rear bumper, corner lights, grill) the p1 lip isnt jdm either...

It's a good start but has a longways still.


my sister just got an out back planning the same thing, looks great.