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A few days back I was browsing through the auto blogs I visit daily and found a link to the Mattfresh Blog from New Zealand. It became an instant favorite and has given me many new wallpapers to stare at. Recently Matt went to a drift event at the Hampton Downs circuit. Some familiar faces showed up and Matt covered the event in his own cool way.

The opening shot contains so much win. Broken aero parts, worn tires, numerous sets of wheels and a cool AE85 in the background that’s been dropped like its life depended on it. The car belongs to Hugo and is powered thanks to a F20C. This gives the car more than enough power to get it sideways on these trackdays and the occasional street drifting.

This JZX81 looked particularly good on the track. The ride height and the 5Zigen FN01 wheels make this car stand out.

Here we have a familiar face, one of the C’s Garage brothers with his immaculate 180SX. Just checking if there’s enough rubber for another go. The fitment of the wheels is spot on.

A Chaser on his approach to the first corner. These four door saloons are the best of both worlds. More than enough power to go sideways and more than enough room to bring your tires.

A perfect looking FC with the Chaser in the background. I love the brown understated paint. The intercooler hints at the 1JZ that lies under the hood.

The car doesn’t only look pretty but the owner is also able to pull of these amazing looking drifts.

Another Speedhunters favorite, Joel’s yellow S13.

And yes he knows how to work the throttle. Would love to see these guys going stateside and make a appearance at Formula D.

Here is Adam locking up the rear wheels.

Hugo’s AE85 doing it right. I loved Matt’s description of driving the car “This Toyota’s ride was like being stabbed by a Russian drug lord after a deal gone wrong.” Purposeful and unforgiving.

And a final shot of this Toyota Carina waiting to be pulled onto a trailer.

For more cool shots and other stuff check out Matt’s blog on Mattfresh.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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haha good shit


All of those gentlemen rule.

Pretty sure this is the first drift event post in which there is a pretty car in every photo.


Chaser is owned and driven by a female, I think.


New Zealand does it best.


Matt's photos are amazing for someone who has only just started! Super nice dude aswell.


yup the jzx100 is driven by Mel


Correct, thats Mels JZX


'Gentlemen and ladies.'

My apologies. :)


Woah! Hey thanks for the feature Jeroen, hope to have coverage of the next day on the 3rd of March. So be sure to check back soon :D



definitely said it right "perfect fc"


I like the C's Garage brothers, couldn't care less about Formula D. Grassroots drifting only.


I need help. Someone knows the year and correct model of toyota carina? is a 1.8 or 1.6?


Last pic with the Carina (which could either 1,6 or 1.8, they were released with A and T engines.... I see a JZX101 MarkII being used as a tow vehicle. Awesome :)


C's garage should publish the book "how to build proper s13's!" love those cars.


the carina has a 3tgte fitted if that helps


damn! every car photographed in his post is a win!


Awesome cars, awesome pics, must have been an awesome day!

Good stuff SH!


Hampton Downs is a pretty sick track for NZ, these guys rip sh*t up!! standing on the first Marshall point with them flying past bumper to bumper 5 deep with Hugo leading, "I had to jam my hands in the air" Hugo couldn’t resist hand out the window and kooks it all of them bail but epic to watch - there all back next Wednesday which Olly will be filming so I’m sure a sick little Taupaki video will be coming of these guys in the next week or so....


Haha what the how'd my crappy car end up on here? I am the owner and driver of that Carina. Day didn't go so well for me but thats cars for you. And yeah its a TA63 with a 3TGTE.Also, check out Mike's JZ10 Soarer - this thing is a smoke machine!


this looks like it was a great day of Drift fun.. love those Sprinter/Trueno's, one of only few JDM cars i'd love to own, plus that Carina looks alright too.. but i'm looking into those Chaser too..


There is actually a really sad story behind the Carina:

The Carina wrapped its fuellines around the driveshaft. Don't think I have to mention how lucky Davy was! :o

The Carina is an early JDM TA63 model. Which means, like ryanfels already said, it has a 3T-GTE under its hood. They changed taillights with the S59 model (march 1984 to be exact) and the TA63 only became available late 1982, so this car is most probably from 1983. ;)

@7shades they were also available with 18R, 1S and 1C engines, see also this overview of models:


Anyway, I love the style and the spirit you can have with a chaser... Some of a sleeper, but drifting easily, you can run a family session! Ah Ah! Love it!


sick stuff....C's garage never dissapoints and that little HHTCHI is too sick.didn't that FC used too be crazy bright green?


Nice! More pics of the JZ and FC pls :D


Desktop of the first picture needed!!


Thanks for the help :P



Good to see some great drift cars posted here. The photography is very nice, cars look even better and they are tastefully modified. I couldn't give two craps about Formula D, with so much media and crap in between. You just need to have fun driving in the car you have prepared with dedication and love.


Always good to see the lads across the Tasman shredding it up!