Guest Blog: Claudio Jacuzzi>> Aury Design Rps13.4

Hello Speedhunters, my name is Claudio Jacuzzi and I am the owner of the RPS13 you see here. I picked up the car back in 2008 with the idea of preparing the car with a true and authentic JDM feel, something that is hard to find in Italy where I'm from. So the first thing that had to be done is get rid of the stock CA18DET and replace it with an SR20DET black-top from a damaged S14 I had found. This not only gave me an immediate boost in power but opened up a huge potential for modifications.

Since the car would become the demo car for Aury Design when completed, the work didn't end there. It was completely stripped down to the bare chassis and more S14 components followed in the way of a complete rear subframe including arms and differential housing. Front arms and stabilizer bars were also swapped over along with the S14 gearbox which had to be mated to a custom propeller shaft created by using one half from the S14 and the other from the RPS13. So now you can begin to understand why I refer to this car as an RPS13.4!

But it didn't end there. The complete wiring loom of the S14 was also transplanted to make sure everything functioned correctly.  

To unleash more power out of the SR a set of 256º Tomei Pon Cams were fitted along with a GT28RS turbo, bolted on a Megan Racing header. The exhaust system is composed of a Megan Racing outlet pipe, front pipe and de-cat pipe.  On the intake side I went with an HKS Super Power flow filter along with a custom piping kit and front mounted intercooler while the HKS SSQV2 blow off valve provides all the right wooshing sounds! I ditched the stock inlet plenum for a polished GReddy one which is great for response. S15 480 cc/min injectors provide the fueling while everything is governed by the Nistune ECU. Power is around the 350 HP mark. I also fitted a Megan Racing radiator with electric extractor fan so I could eliminate the stock pulley driven one.

Here is the RPS13.4 along with a few of my friend's cars at Aury Design. 

The interior has been kept simple and clean with some Stri gauges fitted in place of the center air vents…

…along with a Pioneer navi unit and HKS EVC boost controller. The Recaro seats are finished in leather and alcantara for the center sections.

The exterior of the car is fitted with Duraflex front aero fenders (+3 cm) and rear overfenders (+5 cm) great for housing the offset of the Work Emotion CR Kai. Side skirts are Charge Speed.

GP Sports front and rear bumpers along with a Seibon carbon hood were also fitted. The C-West carbon headlight covers give a meaner look to the front end.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my RPS13.4, which thanks to its modifications has turned out to be a fun and unique car to drive.

-Caludio Jacuzzi



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Nice name and nice car, dude. I love the interior and the WORK Emotion's!


Great work Caludio! I was expecting an S14 front end, but what you did is much more involved. Plus, pop-ups are sweet!


I love the rc cars also the rpsilvias and 180s fan of s13 im a big


Just because you changed internal parts doesnt make it a rs13.4 . If someone swaps a skyline engine, and a gtr rear subframe into their silvia does it make it a skyvia?? Nice car all the same


Very nice S13, too bad it doesn't have the optional factory Head's Up Display unit (which i might add are extreeeeeemeley rare on the S13's). My brother's 180SX had it...


I'm liking the shop space. It may not be large, or fully equipped, but it has a vibe that'll make me spend hours just siting there, staring at a car. Of course staring at your rps13.4 will definitely make it harder to leave. IMO, the only thing that I think needs to be changed is the Megan racing parts. With such intricate work and high dollar equipment going into her, I'd be hard pressed to use these parts. I'm not saying that Megan Racing is bad, it just doesn't go with the theme you were going for. Either way, still a fantastic end result. Keep up the good work.


it's all looking good.. the engine bay looks great! thats good power output too.. as a daily driver your car looks the business - nice one!!


Really nice car and shop. I noticed the radio controlled car body shells on the wall, you race those? I've been to watch RC racing and I'd love to do it but I'm saving up for my first car at the moment.


Nice RPS13...had one in japan a few years ago. Someone said something about pop up lights...I don't think this one pops up.


Good point there Scott.

That kinda' reminds me. That EG Hatch that was drifting posted recently? Had an S2000 engine in it.

Is it now called an EG2000? Or an S2EG?

Questions questions -_-


Megan gotta love that sh!t.....then people wonder why JDM companies are shutting down.


Grandi! Molto bella l'auto, ottima scelta dei pezzi, peccato che siete lontani.


awesome car. you had a big budget didint ya?


Grande e complimenti per il lavoro!!! In Italia oer fare una cosa del genere serve molto più impegno che altrove. Continua così!


It's really sweet! But why do you call it S13.4? I thought it'd have an S14 rear end when I saw the first pic.

Anyway nice ride :-)


Very nicely done mate. Car looks great!

Can we get some photos of that red NSX too though? xD


CoOl RC wall. I like.


i like the centre console!


Well, despite some others, I like that you call it an RPS13.4. It's your car, it's got a mixed bag of crucial parts from an RPS13 and an S14, so the name is making perfect sense. Excellent work!


Very clean and still has battle status! A+ all around!

And as for calling it an RPS13.4, its a bad ass car! Call it what u want, u built it you name it. All these post on here being overly critical on you calling it RPS13.4 are missing the point. Hes simply letting you know that its got an S14 SR with the .4. I own a 97 240SX with a 96 RPS black top SR. (And if your scratching your head on why an RPS black top and not an S14 or S15 notch top, big hp doesn't like the slave cam.) So would it be so bad if I called it a 200SXRPS? who cares?!?!

Keep up the excellent work MR.Jacuzzi, u sir built a Rad Ride!


Fantastic car!


Bella macchina claudio :)


i like the headlights.. i thought they were Supermade


wow the headlights


Graaaande Clà ! ! !

Rinnovo i miei complimenti !

Un gran lavoro

Ciao, Walter


I guess the blue shift boot, e-brake handle and steering wheel cover are on order?..


love the wall of rc shells. nice car aswell, if you have time drop by;

you'll see a lot of cool 1:10th drift machines.


just wondering why did you leave the abs in?


it originally was an 180sx because you said it had a CA18DET, right?


The car is beautiful, that goes without saying! It's the garage that has me speechless! An artisans workshop for certain.



no, in europe it was called 200sx, as it was called 180x in japan, despite having the sr20de(t) after 1993 or so.


Such a nice and clean garage / workshop!

Wish mine was this organised.


sooo i guess ill give the minuses first. the headlight covers give the car a riced-out look. dont know if you have this problem in italy, but rice=FAIL. plus, putting an SR20 and other S14 components DOESNT make it an rps13.4. an s13.4 is when you take a s14 headlight conversion and place it on a s13. that makes it an s13.4.



^^ True,

It's still just RPS13 but with S14 Silvia running gear.


Bellissima!! Fa troppo piacere vedere su speedhunters auto italiane. Complimenti davvero!!! sapendo poi quanto sia complicato reperire il necessario nel nostro paese... a chi ti sei rivolto? fate anche importazione di pezzi??


Muy buen hecho tu RPSS13! Me encanta. No haces caso a los tontos por aqui diciendo tonterias. Saludos desde Espana!


this car is sick!


no doubt man, thats a very sick ass ride ive seen.. great work:D


I agree with what Mr.Cid said; the Megan Racing parts, while good for the money, don't fit with the rest of the car. I mean, you have all of those expensive mods (WORK, Pioneer, Recaro, HKS, Greddy, and a slew of S14 parts), and then Morgan Racing equipment bolted on to the engine. Somehow, Morgan Racing just doesn't seem to fit with all those high end names. If I were you, I'd swap em out for HKS parts and when it comes time for the internals, I wouldn't do anything except HKS there as well; HKS + Nissan, doesn't get any better.