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Hello fellow Speedhunters! My name is Brian Bogan and I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, about an hour south of Ocean City, Maryland. OC is the home to several car shows and cruise ins a year, most notably H2O. This show has become one of the premier VW and Audi shows in the country, ballooning to over a thousand show cars, with several thousand cars in attendance over the two day show. This was the 12th anniversary of this show, and by far the biggest and wettest.

Saturday is the big BBQ and music fest where everyone can come and just hang out and get some first glimpses of the cars. Just driving anywhere around the strip is like a show in itself with modded euros everywhere you look. Its crazy how the town gets taken over by tons of low, loud, VWs. Sunday is the big show and by mid morning the rain had stopped and the cars started rolling in.

For a wheel connoisseur such as myself this was like a playground, actually it was hard to pick out full car shots, I had so many close ups of wheels.

Air suspension and shaved engine bays were popular this year, with plenty of cars showcasing coilover induced drops as well.

The BBS RS was certainly the most popular wheel with several enthusiast getting creative with how they have restored their wheels.

This matte black set with gold bolts looked amazing.

Did I mention shaved bays?

Many people debut their cars at H2O and often spend many late nights in the shop in the weeks leading up to the show. This swallowtail rabbit looked like it had just come from the paint booth.

The shaving didn’t stop in the engine bay either!

This MkII Jetta was part of the invite only Top Dawg competition, a mini show within a show for what the judges believe to be best of the best. It got a lot of attention when it drove off it’s *ahem* trailer, and the crowd only got bigger when the owner popped the hood. The VR6 was still in the final stages of tuning which is apparently why it was on the trailer but if I had a chromed transaxle I wouldn’t do a lot of driving in the rain either.

Lots of vendors are always on hand showing off their products, from turbos to tee shirts.

APR Tuning, the main show sponsor, was doing re-flashes on site and Forge brought over a new Scirocco to make us want what we can’t have even more.

Air cooled cars had their own category this year and made a strong, if not big, showing

This Jetta Wagon wearing Mercedes wheels and sporting air bags shows you what a difference just a drop and a set of wheels can do.

One blog post cannot begin to describe the experience of H2O, you simply must experience it. See you in September!

-Brian Bogan



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I'm still awed by how they can hide all the wiring in the engine bay. I personally don't see the point of it as it doesn't make the car faster, but it's still impressive.




Oh yeah I forgot the US doesn't have the Scirocco. I'm used to seeing quite a few of them now. Dare I say they are becoming a common and possibly slightly boring (in standard form) sight. I get much more excited seeing other coupes such as the Audi A5 but that's just my opinion. Great coverage of the show!


Instead of H2O,they should`ve called it euro heaven..


B3 wagon FTW!!!


lovin the old bug towrds the end, the paint and wheel combination with glossy lookin chrome just gives it a personality


so freshhhh and so cleannnn!!!


Matte black RS's FTW!

Hot damn!


When did USA stop getting Sciroccos?



This is all about show, nothing else. Do you think that air bags and excessive lowering make any improvement over the suspension of the car?

BTW, these cars are teh secks.


just to clarify the white car 'louise' (owned by a chrome fanatic) is not a swallow tail. It is however freaking awesome.


Why not a single Audi? I would say biased or partial coverage at best...




lots of niceness in here.. love the shaved engine bays, maybe one day i'll have a karmann ghia?!! BBS always look good on VW's as long as they stay tasteful.. it doesn't take long for a wheel to go from 'popular' to 'played out' as per TSW Venoms.. good write up - surprised that there's not more photo's... and yes where are our Audi stablemates??


Thanks for all the comments, hopefully I'll be able to cover this years show as well!

@D1RGE.EXE - Our last Scirocco was the second gen.

@Flash - I may be a little biased but I did mean to put at least one Audi on here, the VWs did dominate though. Here's a link to the rest of the shots from the show

Thanks to the guys at Speedhunters!


Thanks for featuring the (Forge) Scirocco in here. I'm glad we were able to bring it over, but we were saddened it was only temporary and had to send it back to the UK a short while ago. It was nice to be able to let people in the US get up close and personal with one. - Mike@Forge


That Beetle looks great with the white/blue.


the vw crowd always kills it. those bays are amazing show peices.


OH sh#t !

I love VW'S so...

In fact I have a small proyect is a VW Pointer should see some on internet they look strange, but I prefer a more like European style like big offsets and a pretty loy look

I want to upload some pic's of my car, but it's undone yet

Greetings speedhunters


Shaved bays are my favoritestestest tread evar!


Awesome post. Loving the vee dubs!