Gallery>> Hellaflush 3.5 Part 2

In the previous blog post about the Hellaflush 3.5 event, I mentioned how this event is more so of an automotive festival than a mere car showcase. Think of it like Japan’s Nismo Festival, or the Mooneyes Xmas Show in the United States. It’s a celebration of all things automotive.

Throughout the event at the Buttonwillow racetrack, there were cars that would please all manner of car enthusiasts; from people that appreciate their cars as a rolling art form, to people that practice the discipline of going as fast as they can around a racetrack, and finally the people that just enjoy burning up rubber while sliding their respective cars with their closest buddies.

In this second and last look at the Hellaflush 3.5 event, we’re going to take at gander at the team drift competition that was held.

Six teams competed for a prize of $1000 cash. The different teams’ names were as eclectic as the group people people that were behind them. There was team Wolf Reign, Dori Sau, Failed, Switch Blade, Miley Does Dallas, and the extremely cryptic team name, “#:“.

It’s quite a sight to see this early 80s four door Corolla out drifting. I just love the color!

Seeing a line up of drift cars sitting on the grid reminded me that the Formula D season is right around the corner. It was great to be out smelling burnt tires and race fuel again.

This is the NA8CE Miata that belongs to the Dori Saru driver, Tony Pham (pictured above). I was lucky enough to get a ride along with Tony for a few laps after the team drift competition. Being in a Miata always makes me want to get another one….

And I do have to say that part of the Buttonwillow track that they sectioned off for the drifters is an absolutely fantastic track. I witnessed Tony link up the whole course and even maji the straights in his turbo boosted jelly bean.

If there was one song that would describe how the team drifting competition went, I’d have to say that Herb Alpert’s “Spanish Flea” would be a perfect match!

Take the Corolla that I previously mentioned above with the Heineken
catch can. He goes straight into the dirt where the our prestigious judges start judging and a giant cloud of dust follows in his wake. His drift buddies are clearly blinded by the dust….

Its amazing to see all the drivers out there once again under zero pressure and the only worry that they have is to just have fun. That’s what it is all about, right?

The overall experience was something that is rarely seen these days in the industry. It was a relaxed and informal meet with a relaxed with very informal competitions and driving sessions. It just brought together a great vibe throughout the event. There was great cars to be seen, great driving to spectate, and most important of all, there were great people to just spend time with.

After spending so much time in the professional circles, it was great to just hang out on a grassroots level once again. I hope to see more automotive festivals like these very soon.


P.S. I’d like to extend a thank you to Larry
Chen for letting me borrow his massive lenses for a few shots. Some of
the shots in this post were made possible by his black hole sized light
capture devices. Head on over to his website drift fotos for more images from the event!





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Definitely NOT proper FormulaD spec.


Ha HA HAhaha!!!!

Rock n'Roll!

Definitely lovin' this f#*{1n' miata!!!


Here's how to have a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what a event, had so much fun just by being there.


Rear shot of the MDD roadster dropping tire is FTW!


awesome shots! just awesome!

lovin that white rps13.

lineup shot from the behind is ILL. could we get a desktop of that?


I heard the guy with the white sc300 has a ferrari?


My eyes blew up! Pure sexyness :-O


Darius on the cover pic sicccck


well i have a rockstar energy can for a catch can :D


Linh WTFFuuu. get back on aim- you were going to show me something. yes, i am using speedhunters to talk to you.

the populus will scream "desktops!"


such a fun day, aawesome !!!


Ummm, pretty sure that wolf tees have been all the rage since the dawn of time.


I want that Miata and i want Miley!




NOW, if only professional drifting was more like this, I'd be far happier with the way drifting is progressing in the US.


First pic of the 80's four-door Corolla is badasss!



I'm so glad you guys liked the Corolla...thats my boyfriends car and I actually picked the color :)


Drift pigs always amaze me!

So tuff.

LOL! @ Miley Cyrus.


coverage on that blue supra i know you guys see it PLEASE!


One good rev should send the coffee cup off of that Boso pipe like a rocket!


I love that RedS14 with those white wheels.................... Bad Ass Driver in Action..........


Thanks for the Props Linbergh! - Switchblade out!


that track was the BUISNESS.... i couldnt have had more fun that day if i tried. well besides all the dirt drops bringing a interesting surface element that happend to bite me in the ass, but after that, it was really a no pressure day.


love the 2nd shot with the starbucks cup on the exhaust. shows that this car is 'to go'


Thank you for the coverage Linhbergh, we're really stoked you made it out!


Fun all the way eh??.. nice Corolla.. - some good photo's - keep up the good work!!


blue jza70 cover it im beggin ya i need a wallpaper of that thing


a love seeing coverage of really fun events like this. it's really what it is all about in the end.


Awesome coverage!!! its crazy how much more attention my car got AFTER i put my empty starbizzle cup in the exhaust ... LOL cant wait for the next event!!!


Wallpaper of the corolla and the dirt! So rally-ish! :D


nice article man, thanks!


its good to see you guys get back to covering some events with a proper write up. this is the SH that i enjoy. i was beginning to think you guys were getting too lazy to get out in the field and "journalize"... it was starting to just look like a bunch of readers rides around here and in my opinion that was a few steps back. anyways, awesome coverage... thumbs up! lets see less of the barrage of readers rides and more of this